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Review #1, by PaulaTheProkaryote the courage of the stars

26th August 2017:
OOH. Okay, I've been reading a lot of Regulus lately because the whole idea of him being so young when he did his rebelling (and never really getting proper credit for it in the general wizarding world) is just too tantalizing for me to pass up. THIS WAS TOO.
Again with the descriptive writing.

I feel like the entire paragraph describing his anxious thoughts and questions and worries might be the most succint, accurate description of what having an anxiety disorder feels like on a day to day basis. I loved it. Except i mean obviously he's at risk of putting himself into some serious situation so that's probably not the best thing to catch myself relating to. It's just really well put.

Also not to sound like a total ravenclaw (as if I could ever turn it off), but I relate so much to the feeling under the stars too. I always blew up the romantic notion of the sky and the stars and all of that until I took astronomy my sophomore year of college and then sitting out there forever looking at the stars just made sense. Like yeah of course his mind went quiet then. My own troubles seem so insignificant in the magnitude of the stars.

I really like your characterization of Pandora. Luna is a character that I've always struggled to connect to, but her mother is characterized just Luna enough for me to see it and unbelieve it, but she seems grounded enough that I really like her as a character and can relate to her. I particularly like her teasing, but her encouraging him through the stars is just as nice.

I hate to be the person that ships everyone with everyone after very little dialogue but at the same time in half a second of conversation she broke down all of those walls and I can't help but think that if things were different...

AGAIN I LOVED IT! pressure...but I hope you write more stories on here soon for me to stop by! :)

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