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Review #1, by Dirigible_Plums Picking Flowers

29th August 2017:

I'm here to (finally) review your entry for The Classical Fanfiction Tropes challenge. If I'm not mistaken, you had the prompt 'fake dating' and I think this is the most unique twist I've seen on it. Usually, it's a convuluted, last-minute attempt to get one of the main character's family/friends/exes off their back, but this time it's Lily's way of making sure that Scorpius doesn't go around being a git with all the girls. I was pleasantly surprised by this twist, especially because of how crafty the idea is.

I saw that this was also written for the Not Your House challenge and I'm assuming the house is Slytherin. I really liked how both Lily and Scorpius are in that house, but they embody the traits differently. They're certainly crafty, but Lily's blackmailing here is done for a good cause (i.e. to stop Scorpius from doing what he does) whereas Scorpius is really manipulative in a bad way. You didn't just portray them as evil characters as might've been tempting.

Speaking of Scorpius: what a little - grrr. *Insert mature language* The disrespect he has for girls is unbelievable! I don't know how Rose managed to fancy him - although maybe it's to do with the charming persona he has on. I'm surprised Lily let him approach Rose after their argument, especially since she's finally realised what kind of person he's like. And I'm surprised Rose started dating him eventually. I do like the mentions of how none of it came about easily though with Rose being really paranoid and Scorpius struggling to get rid of his bad habits. It makes it a lot more realistic. I'm still not sure I want it to work out between them, however, even though it does say he changed. I probably would've warmed up to it if we'd seen more of his change - but that would probably be a full-length novel haha.

That being said, I strangely liked the honesty of his internal monologue. He was so matter-of-fact about his lack of care for anyone who wasn't Rose that I was equal parts frustrated with him and equal parts glad he at least knew what he was doing and didn't try to excuse it.

Anyways, this was a really original twist of the fake dating trope and I enjoyed reading it a lot. I haven't read Scorose in a while so it was nice to get back into it again. There were some typos here and there, but those can be easily fixed.

Thanks for entering!


(P.S: I absolutely love the title! What a great play on words.)

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Review #2, by MargaretLane Picking Flowers

23rd June 2017:
OK, I'm getting around to reading this.

Your Scorpius seems an interesting character. It's clear the Gryffindor/Slytherin divide still exists to some extent and yet he is attending a Gryffindor party.

His motivations don't seem entirely benign though. For one thing, he is dating Lily but still hoping for something to happen with her cousin and he also seems to have little respect for Rose's wishes as he is hoping to take advantage of the fact that she may not be fully compos mentis. Not exactly how one treats somebody they purport to care about.

"I mean, I wasn't going to pass up the chance to see Rose Weasley would be there, presumably drunk." I think this line is missing a "who" or something.

I like the fact that Lily is a Beater. It's not a position I've seen a female character play before.

*laughs* If the N.E.W.T.S. are anything like the Leaving the Lily has NO IDEA. But who does until you face into it? Nope, you really don't notice anything else that year. My sister wasn't speaking to me for who knows how long before I noticed my Leaving Cert. year and I still have no idea why. You just get to a point where you're so exhausted anyway. And obviously the N.E.W.T.S. matter a whole lot more than who your 15 year old cousin is currently dating. The latter probably isn't something that would matter to most 17 year olds (unless the boyfriend or girlfriend was somebody dreadful) anyway.

You've got an extra paragraph break in this sentence: "If the name Malfoy hadn't already made me well known at Hogwarts, I was
now. I was known to every girl at school as 'that boy who just uses his girlfriends to make Weasley jealous'."

And I hope he learns his lesson about his behaviour. He REALLY needs to learn some respect for girls. He owes a whole lot of apologies - to Rose, to Lily and to all the other girls he used to make Rose jealous. He also needs to do a bit of growing up and maybe stop dating until he's mature enough to do it for the right reasons.

"Yes, Lily was a bit different from all my previous girlfriends, but in p end," Think that should be "in the end".

I guess at least he apologised and meant it and realised what a horrible person he was.

It is kind of concerning that Rose thinks it's good enough that he would never leave her for somebody else and MIGHT even love her. We haven't heard of one positive trait he has, just that she doesn't think his negative traits will be directed at her. That in itself doesn't make him worth dating.

I do think the ending seemed a little abrupt because we didn't get to see how Scorpius changes into a person she could like, let alone love. At the end, he seems to be beginning to realise his behaviour was wrong, but there is still a long way to go from "meaning it a little bit" when he apologies for taking advantage of her when she is drunk, almost causing a serious rift between her and her cousin, using her cousin and other girls and showing no respect whatsoever for her or Lily or any of the girls at Hogwarts to being somebody she isn't just willing to forgive but would actually fall in love with.

She mentions that he has become the person he was only pretending to be in order to manipulate people in the past, but we don't actually get to see it.

It is realistic that she would feel somewhat wary about their relationship. If he could use other girls without their noticing, for all she knows, he could well be using her too. And it also makes sense that he would still have some of his old habits. People don't change completely and certainly not without working really hard on themselves.

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Review #3, by hedwig1751 Picking Flowers

21st June 2017:
Hey Marshmallow :) I'm here to review for the Random Prompt Challenge!

First of all, I'd just like to say that your description and your application of it is pretty much FLAWLESS. I love how you set the scene using it, as opposed to just jumping in with all that Scorpius describing his crush on Rose.

I think that how you made Scorpius chase after Rose like James did after Lily is a really nice touch, because most would put that element in with a James II or and Albus Severus story, so this is a brilliant twist, especially how Scorpius is so desperate for her, and he nearly gets her, but gets interrupted by Lily, who happens to be his girlfriend.

I LOVE LILY. She's literally hands down my favoutrite character (ok, that's it, I have confirmed that you are better than characterising her than anyone on the planet ever so now you can take over 'Forbidden'. Thanks! XD) and her sassiness and Gryffindor traits are so well introduced- especially when she decided she wanted to continue dating Scorpius to protect others :) Despite that, she's extremely wise and insightful in the way that even though she likes him a lot, she knows that he doesn't feel the same, and will only feel that way towards Rose, and I think it's really brace to admit that not only to yourself, but to the person who's causing you this much pain, instead of just shaking it off and saying 'ok, forget about it, it was nothing, let's just keep dating as we did before.'

The ending wasn't abrupt at all- stop doubting yourself! In fact, it was one of my favoutrite parts- instead of her agreeing to go out with him back at Hogwarts (which would be unrealistic- and something that was so stereotypical that it was something that I actually subconsciously expected to see...I'm glad that's not the case though ;)) and the methaphor with the birds was really heartwarming. I love how Scorpius doesn't freak out at the mention of children, as most guys would, which emphasises his character development from the beginning of the fic, which I think was really effective :)

There are a few tiny spelling/ spacing mistakes, but I'm sure they were just typos, since you do everything on that dodgy phone of yours :)

Thanks so much for entering- it was such an amazing read!
-Hedwig, sorry if the review was too long...😇

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Review #4, by Romana Picking Flowers

19th June 2017:
Lilys my hero ! I did not find the ending that abrupt, it is a one shot after all, it has to end.
I enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it (and yeah, Lily's pretty awesome) :)

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