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Review #1, by quill2parchment Parisian Scars

25th June 2017:
I'm so glad you chose to write about Lavendar, and her story after the battle of Hogwarts.

"She knew the truth but it took a while to admit it to herself that she didnít have a good enough personality to be ugly..." This was one of my favorite lines just because it's such a humane reaction to her tragedy. She felt so dependent on her beauty, and once that was taken away, she didn't feel like she had enough left to offer. I think it also aligns pretty well with the Lavendar we knew from the HP books.

I'm also glad to see that Parvati stood so strong. It must have been incredibly hard to see that Lavendar had survived (thanks to her from what I gathered) but that she wishes she hadn't.

The last lines were absolutely beautiful. The imagery of Jasmines blooming in darkness and admitting she wanted her... It made the reader be able to sympathize with the hope Lavendar was beginning to feel.

This was so beautiful! Great job :)

Author's Response: Quilly!

It was such a lovely surprise to get this lovely review! thank you so much!

I'm really happy that you picked a few of your favourite lines. I'm happy about your thoughts on 'she didn't a good enough personality'line because that's what I was trying to go for so I'm really pleased that came off properly!

Parvati is very strong and I'm looking forward to showcasing parvati more in some of my other stories in this series. Lavender is very much the focus of this one but I'll be exploring both of them more soon!

Thank you for all your comments!! :)

oh, if you get the chance it would be really awesome if you could transfer this review over to hpft archives as I know you're on them too! it's my first home over there! :)

- Abbi xo

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Review #2, by marauderfan Parisian Scars

9th June 2017:
Copying this review so you have it here too!

Brax recommended this story so here I am. It says this is the third story in a series and what I want to know is where are the other two so I can read them ASAP because I love this ship and this story and I want more.

But anyway back to this story. Omg this line: Lavender was ready to die a hero, but she was not ready for a life as a martyr. -- This is perfect. It says so much about her just in that one line, and really sets the tone for the rest of the piece. Lavender is in such a rough place here, and you write her depression very well.

I'm especially glad you chose to write about Lavender because she's such an interesting character. All we see of her in the books through Harry's eyes is a somewhat vain, shallow girl, and here I love that you don't actually try to make her seem like a less shallow person, instead you build upon that, and it adds to the growing she has to do to overcome her current situation and makes her story so much more dynamic. To Lavender, as a shallow person who was concerned with her appearance and put a lot of importance on outer beauty, it comes as a huge blow to her that her appearance is changed in a way that's out of her control - she has to change a lot to realize that it's okay to have scars. Her misplaced blame and her self loathing here are really heartbreaking to read, but also so very believable for someone in her shoes.

The line about how emotional scars are easier to hide is a really telling one as well, as it hints about how scared she is to be vulnerable (at least how I interpret it) - she doesn't like having her faults all written across her face for everyone to see, and in that sense, she believes that emotional hurt is easier to cover with a fake smile and and act. And here in this story I feel like she's at a crossroads having to learn to think a different way, because who she was as a carefree young teenager isn't really compatible with her current life, and in that struggle she has walls up emotionally but she can't hide her physical scars. Which makes it all the more symbolic when Lavender opens the door and finally lets some of her walls down. The ending is so hopeful, with 'jasmine blooming in the darkest of times' and it's such a perfect end to this piece, hinting that this is at rock bottom for Lavender and everything else will get better from here, because Parvati's unconditional love has finally gotten through to her and Lavender is beginning to internalise that she is still loved, and it gives hope to the idea that maybe Lavender will eventually understand that the scars on her face don't define her. A perfect touch of hope to lighten the angst.

You did such a wonderful job handling all of Lavender's various emotions in this story, the buildup of this emotional and physical wall she has aroud herself, and and the moment with her and Parvati at the end was so beautifully cathartic as she finally begins the process of emotional healing. Parvati is so good for Lavender, and I'm glad she persisted until she was able to get through to Lavender. It gives me hope that someday they will indeed go to Paris and live out their dreams. :)

I'm sorry I got a bit long-winded here :P but I can absolutely see why Brax said this story was so good! Reallly well done and now I know I need to check out some more of your work. This was beautiful writing.

Author's Response: I don't know what to say about this review apart from I feel so lucky to receive it?

I really love Lavender as a character, I like to build upon what we see in canon about her but explain it as some of her behaviour seems plain crazy at points which bothers me. I think she's got so much scope as a character so I'm glad you enjoyed on my take on how she copes with that.

Parvati was always going to be part of Lavender's story but I knew she was going to be on the other side of the door but it developed quickly into a romantic connection but Parvati's love is amazing for Lavender.

I'm a sucker for a happy ending but this piece was me trying to write angst but I found it challenging so I couldn't resist having a hopeful tone into the story because I love her too much. Her experiences can't be washed away so easily though but I'm glad that the balance worked. Meera is too kind but thank you for checking out my story! I'm still squealing over your thoughtful comments!

- Abbi xo

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