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Review #1, by Felpata Lupin Good Mourning

12th May 2017:
Hi, Jenn!
Here with your review! Sorry it took forever...
This surely was interesting, your stories are always very peculiar and with many unexpected twists and characters' interactions.

I like the first introduction of Lyall and Andromeda and how they clashed a little at first. I loved your characterization of Lyall as a quiet and old-fashioned man, it made total sense to me.

I really liked Hope's backstory, too. Well, I say liked, when it was actually quite painful. Cancer is a bit of a touchy subject to me... But I loved that she was an art teacher and the part about Jakub and Chiara (btw, I might've got a bit too excited when I saw you had an Italian character named Chiara in here... :P)

I liked that you included Newt and Tina as well. Poor Tina, Newt must not be simple to live with... but he's so adorable at the same time. :) That must've been quite an experience for Andromeda, eheheh!

I was a bit surprised by their intimate moment, it did came quite suddenly. But I guess it was nice that they could find solace in each other in a way... later, when she burst in tears and he said that it was normal to hate them and took her to the cemetery... oh, the feels... :( But then you made me smile when they shared memories of Dora and Remus as children. I can totally see little Remus going around stealing food and leaving notes asking for more!

I really like that in the end they decided to marry and share Teddy's custody. Also, Teddy seems such an adorable, little kid (well, he's his father's son, I'm not surprised... :P)

I really enjoyed reading this, nice work!
See you,

Author's Response: Glad that you liked it. The intimate part was more of a reaction than a response. I didn't want to elaborate too much on Hope, but I thought it was important see was explained. The cemetery scene - it's something that I drew from personal experience when my grandfather died. I'm glad you liked the memories and reconnection.

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Review #2, by lovegood27 Good Mourning

8th May 2017:
I apologise for this late review, life was taking over a little more than usual :P

Okay, so I thought this was a cute story, and it was certainly very fun to read. I really liked the way you portrayed Lyall and Andromeda as friends, then a couple. There didn't seem to be much chemistry between them before, so Andromeda's kiss was rather unexpected. But afterwards, they were great together (I was so happy when they got married in the end). What I thought was very good was the fact that they didn't seem like your normal romantic teenage couple; you actually acknowledged the fact that both of them are old. Lyall and Andromeda weren't overly mushy with each other but you could still clearly tell that they loved each other, so well done on that! :)

Lol, I found the bit when Harry's helping out with Teddy's really funny. "This is disgusting"...yes, Harry, he's a baby. Deal with it.

Alright, moving on! I loved the part with the Scamanders. Your characterisation of Newt was totally on point, with him clearly being used to all the animals. Their Niffler trying to steal Andromeda's jewellery was a nice touch, which I thought really helped to enhance the whole scene in general.

I was a tiny bit confused by the beginning? Remus and Tonks (I loved how you depicted them, just saying. Also Lyall and Andromeda's memories of them both...:D) were clearly still alive then, but afterwards you mentioned that they were both dead. Did you have a skip in time that I missed (because I'm dumb)? Or were the beginning scenes somehow memories? I just thought it was a little vague and could be explained some more. I only noticed because later on Andromeda has her, I'm going to call it breakdown, where she's angry and says she hates Remus for leaving her.

And about that. Wow. It was so moving, and you took us into the much darker and angrier aspect of Andromeda's character. She seemed like a kind and cheerful person most of the time, and then this. It hit me hard, and I was feeling so sorry for her, especially since people literally never write about her losses in the wars. But then Lyall came and calmed her down so I suppose it's okay :)

All in all...well, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say. This is a great piece you have here, detailed and intricate, with a unique pairing too. Right. You mentioned believability, and I think it was fine. As in, I could see it happening give the circumstances so I don't think you need to worry about that. And I think that's all I have to say, so thank you for the requesting! Feel free to come back with a re-request ;D

~lovegood27 xx

Author's Response: I thought I responded to this. I might've reposted or double posted. Ooops. So, the intimacy part? I want or feel as though I ought to address that first. It's not romance. It's a reaction. People react to death or grieve in different ways and often when it hits you, it comes in waves and sometimes hits you again.

The timeframe was eight months. I should have made that clear or more clearer or clear at all. Thanks for pointing that out. The first part is not a flashback or a memory. It's a scene. I'm sorry some of this is unclear. That's me I need to rewrite that.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for the review and looking that it was a grief story about life after life.

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