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Review #1, by P Summer

22nd June 2017:
Aren't they like 11 or 10 at this point though? So her checking a boy's abs(who I assume doesn't have abs at 11) and generally noticing boys at that age is weirding me out a bit.

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Review #2, by FawkesThePhoenix Bittersweet

14th June 2017:
Hi there, this is a wonderfully written story. Your descriptions of places, moods and emotions brings it to life. The only thing would be the characters not always acting their ages, at times through the first chapter in particular I completely forgot they were still primary school age. This wasn't the case for most of the story, but maybe check this in future uploads, I know it can be hard writing for younger children. This aside, I'm really loving the story so far and can't wait to see where you're going to be taking it. As for the characters, I'm loving Esme and again, am looking forward to reading more about her.

Also, when you're writing just relax and write what you want to, not what you think other people will like. If you don't, you'll stop enjoying yourself and dread writing this beautiful story. :) x

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This is such a lovely review! I do put time into the descriptions and feelings of the story so I'm incredibly glad that they bring it to life.
I agree about the age, I struggle to make them sound younger without making them boring but I might do some editing and try my best, and luckily they'll start aging quicker from now on.
I'm glad you like the characters because they are really what makes my story, more than action I would say, or at least that's what I'm attempting to do.
Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely take it on board!
& thanks again for the review, it means a lot! x

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Review #3, by BBHP Revelations

8th May 2017:
This was a great second chapter! Esme's reaction to finding out she's a witch was pretty believable. I liked what Harry said about being a distraction. So funny!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I love hearing about the little things you liked because I never know if people will even pick up on them aha. I really appreciate you leaving a review, it helps so much! So thanks again x

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Review #4, by BBHP Summer

29th April 2017:
This is pretty interesting! I'm curious to see where it goes, and how Esme's family reacts to having a witch in the family.

Sometimes the characters seem older than 11, but it's only in a few places and doesn't distract from the story too much.

Definitely keep updating this! Ill be on the lookout for more chapters.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! It means a lot, especially as this is the first review for the story!
Yeah I totally agree that they seem older than 11 at times, I just struggled to write as an 11 year old without making it boring to read aha but if it doesn't distract from the story then I'm happy :)
Already working on Chapter 2 so it shouldn't be too long hopefully! Thanks again for reviewing!!

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