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Review #1, by Ashley Of Balls and Blood Status

3rd October 2017:
This is the most ironic and insane story I have ever read. I absolutely loved the fact that it totally changes things from every other story on here. Keep writing!!

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Review #2, by nott theodore Of Balls and Blood Status

29th April 2017:
CTF Jailbreak Review

Hi Olivia!

Oh my goodness hahahaha. You know, I really don't read a lot of Draco/Hermione (I'm not sure that that'll surprise you very much to be honest) but I've read some really good parodies of the pairing recently and I think that I might have to start looking for them when I need a pick-me-up, because this really made me laugh.

Which is a bit awkward as it's half past one in the morning and I'm alone in my bedroom and everyone in the house probably thinks I'm crazy.

From the very first sentence of this story, I had a huge smile on my face. I loved the way that you were so derisive of yourself as the author and kind of broke the fourth wall a bit there, with the way that you commented on the bad opening to the story. Let's be honest, it's not unusual for it to be raining in April in the UK - or at any time of year haha.

Then everything else - I'm so impressed by the number of cliches that you managed to pack into a story so short, but you did a great job of capturing all the stereotypes that you find in a typical Dramione. I loved the fact that there was so much excitement over the ball, and of course Draco asked Hermione, and she helpfully found out she was a pureblood anyway, so bam! The problems are all gone and they can finally be together. How wonderful for them :P

Thank you very much for making me laugh with this, you did a great job of the parody!

Sian :)

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Review #3, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Of Balls and Blood Status

29th April 2017:
It was raining outside.



I mean rain. REALLY. Rain is so interesting. The way some drops drip and others drop. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop.

"Wow!" Ron exclaimed, "it sure is convenient that we have the Daily Prophet to tell us of these things! It's not like we could expect Dumbledore to tell us."

Dumbledore is a buffoon! He doesn't know anything. Pish posh I say! A ball in the Prophet is the way to go. Why that's how all balls are announced. I hope it's a charity ball.


Why was he throwing his mentor under the bus?

Because like Dumbledore Harry is a loon. He is a buffoon. They work in pairs just like baboons!

If this story had been a cartoon, there would have been question marks appearing over their heads with a boing sound.

And she would have hearts for eyes!

And red little cheeks!

And look like Sailor Moon!

Wait...wrong fan fiction.

I - um - I think I need to go to Potions,"

Classic Potter.

Hogwarts knows what contraception is.

Neither do I.I mean...overshare?

HA-HA. This was excellent I tried to keep my review above in tune with your story but I lack a certain comedic skill. This was really delightful and fun to read. Why is it that Hermione and Draco always do end up at a ball together and suddenly they're in love when they've hated each other for ever? I am a fan of the pairing though. After having to read so many for review contests they have grown on me. A slow burn is what I like to see. I think anyone can change (but they can't be forced to change). Plus, it happens all the time. Enemies become lovers. At least it happened for my mom's friends!

My pet peeve is when Ron becomes an abysmal character. Why throw him under the bus and their entire friendship? I think if they had actually ended up together (Hermione and Draco that is) Ron would have grudgingly accepted it. I mean he would have still made snarky comments to Draco's face and muttered things under his breath but he would have dealt with it. He's a big boy!

The Harry stuff made me laugh because for one I never realized that Dumbledore, who is like a key character, wasn't actually around all that much. I also like when he's in parodies because Harry is so twitchy. He's there. He's not there. He has no opinion on Draco and Hermione ever. Why is that? WHY DOESN'T HARRY HAVE AN OPINION? DOES HE EVEN SPEAK?


And no shame on my end but I'm a sucker for a pregnancy story. What, like wizards don't do it? How do they get pregnant then, by poking their wand at a belly and imagining it? HAHA.

Though it does work with the force...

Marvelous read. Great job!

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Review #4, by AbraxanUnicorn Of Balls and Blood Status

19th April 2017:

There are tears spilling out of my eyes - because from where else would they spill? - and I am reeling in shock. HOW could you kill everyone in such a catastrophic, callous way? To be fair, I did not see that ending coming, even though I'm quite familiar with your parodies. It truly caught me completely by surprise. A meteor, eh? (cue shaking of head and a hint of wry chuckling, interspersed with sobbing, because I can't quite decide on an appropriate review emotion right now).

If I had to criticise anything in this piece, it certainly wouldn't be the intricate plot, or the well-rounded characters, or even the fact that Harry would have thrown his mentor under the Knight Bus (not just any old bus). The one thing I think this poignant piece of fictional genius is missing, is more onomatopoeia. Seeing "boing" just made me want more.

Awesome. Well done.

Brax X

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