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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Friendship

17th May 2017:
Hey! Sorry I was super late with your reviews! I'm here now though! Ha-ha. Thanks for entering my last challenge.

"Well, the first thing you should know, is that Céline's the daughter of my biological Uncle's wife's sister..."

Because that's not confusing! It's funny because my friend was just explaining to me her entire family dynamic because she kept saying my sister is married to my uncle and I was very confused. Who came up with this nonsense of having to refer to each person in our life as mother, sister, brother-in-law, aunt, twice removed? Why is it so confusing!

Ducking hell? What's ducking hell?

Ha-ha. I love her internal monologue. She's as sassy as a teen as a little kid.

Thank you! I'm Céline- can we be friends?"

I love children. I really do. I love how easy it is for them. I wish I could go up to people now and just make them my friend. I'd have more friends!

I think this was a cute story. It wasn't entirely necessary but I think that's how drabbles are supposed to be. Sort of long winded, not really about anything pertinent but they add some back story to an otherwise bigger story. The thing I enjoyed most about the story was Lily's inner monologue. It added another dimension to the story and was rather humorous.

Author's Response: Hello :) sorry for the late reply...life's been hectic :/

It's my first time writing from the perspective of a small child, so I'm glad you got the type of ideas I was aiming for readers to have! And Lily's inner monologue...who knew she had it even as an eight year old?

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by lovegood27 Friendship

11th April 2017:
Hey Hedwig :)

This was cute, lol. Omg Lily's so innocent as a 6 year old, her swearing references were hilarious. Is her inner monologue just something she's had since, like, birth? ;)

Ahaha, it would be cool if we were actually related. Cool, but kinda weird. But remember aeroplanes so...maybe in the future? *inserts laughing emoji*

I'm just going to assume Moody's based on Mark, but whatever. Pretty sure he didn't even know about me when I first came. Agh, why am I even talking about this here...

Anyway, thanks for the story, it was really good. Going on my favourites list ;D

Author's Response: AWW MARSHY YOU SO CUTE XP

I'd like to think that Lily has had a inner monologue from birth, and it's grown up and matured with her... Like my inner monologue, which is where I get my ideas from ;)

Omg the aeroplanes :)... Hopefully we will be related in the future- it's a possibility, anyway XD

Actaully, I wasn't even thinking of Mark when I wrote about Moody, but now you mention it...yeah. I suppose :3 and I don't know why we're talking about this here either...


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