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Review #1, by PendleWizard Chapter 2

8th April 2017:
A fun idea and a great first couple of chapters. How are the couples being chosen: Do they pair themselves? Picked by a teacher? Random? Sorting Hat? I hope your couples aren't all going to be too perfect - some odd couples would be entertaining. Anyway, even if they pair themselves up, there's bound to be an odd number or a gender imbalance and there's always someone who's picked last.

Ron and Draco? I can't see either of them agreeing to do the washing up.

Pureblood and muggle-born - Hermione and Blaise or Draco?

Intelligent paired with less gifted - Hermione and Neville? Hermione and Goyle? Hermione and Crab AND Goyle?

Dean and Justin (or does Justin have a twin sister we haven't heard of) i.e. East End Boy vs Upper Class Twit (or is that just how they are in my head)?

If you're going to have a three, what about Hermione and Ron/Draco? She'd have them organised with colour-coded rotas in seconds! (I'm not thinking of anything kinky here, just who puts the bin out!)

And what happens about pre-existing relationships? Pairing Ron with Not-Lavender could get interesting! And are Harry and Ginny an item? That could be entertaining, with her not in the scheme!

Anyway, it's a great idea and I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

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