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Review #1, by lovegood27 Not a Game

28th March 2017:
Ooh, intriguing summary! And I think you know what I'm here for ;)

So...where to start? I think this is an interesting take on the marauders era. Alice and Frank aren't often the centre of stories, so that was a nice change (haha, I REALLY need to branch out a bit more) I loved the line you ended with, because we all know perfectly well that Frank DOES end up calling his child Neville Longbottom (poor boy...) It was a nice touch of humour you added :)

I think Moody's character was pretty accurate. He just has this kind of gruff and let's get to business vibe in the books, and I think you showed it pretty well here. Especially the bits with the "woman, I will stab you with this pin" and "she's pregnant, fool" line, I think they was very Moody and definitely cracked me up ;)

Plot! It was quite interesting to read about. I'll admit that missions as Aurors aren't really my type, but you didn't make it seem too over complicated and it was fun to read about Alice and Frank taking on fake identities (also, I loved how his real name was Francis, it makes the story stand out even more and is something I definitely wouldn't have thought of) I think you've woven everything together very nicely here :)

So, slightly confused about the time this was set? James and Lily are still alive, but it's not an AU. Then Alice and Frank have apparently been married for 15 years, but James and Lily died when they were about 20 so...? Frank and Alice could just be a lot older than James and Lily, but considering their sons are the same age, wouldn't it make more sense if they were the same age/ only 3-4 years apart rather than a whole decade? I was just a bit uncertain.

But yes, I enjoyed this overall. It was a nice change to what I usually read with a sense of action to it that I liked. I'm looking forward to seeing how this story pans out :D

~lovegood27 xx

Author's Response: Hey

I'm glad you like the piece. I'm glad you like Mad-Eye's characterization as my beta told me once that is really, really hard to pan out and Aurors can't be military.

I've always liked the name Francis. Frank is short for Francis. It's a girl's name. Good Lord, I know. It's was my grandfather's middle name, and in the past, it was often the name for a king or kings. It was once popular.

So, the time period. It's not AU. Here's my reasoning, and I don't know if you follow me, but Frank and Alice were well established in the community. Meaning, for their fame as Aurors, they had to build the careers, right? Ergo, I imagine that Frank and Alice had to be much older than LIly and James, who were in their young twenties. Augusta Longbottom says that.

Lily and James were 20-21. In my mind, the Longbottoms were in their mid thirties.

See? Well, that was my thought process anyway.

Thanks for the review.


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