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Review #1, by hedwig1751 From The Ashes

6th April 2017:
Hello, and yes, it's me ;)

This is so unbelievably cute. The fluffiness puts my soul at rest (but not a fluffy as Arnold...:)).

Your use of present tense is really effective- how you keep us waiting in suspense just as Lily herself does when she's waiting for Scorpius, and the context of their argument is unbelievably realistic. I think their relationship is really believable too; the fact that you've included the small, simple things that Lily thinks about when she's missing him. Furthermore, the fact that she knows him so well I shown in your description, which is exceptional :)

Those metaphors could warm the living day lights of anyone. The metaphor of a pheonix reflects the true context and magical nature of the whole story- how Lily is waiting, and waiting, but it inevitably happens. I especially think that her questions of 'what if' are really effective, and the thought that the pheonix may not rise again, but it always does :3

Really well written!

-Hedwig ;)

Author's Response: Loll, hello Hedwig ;)

Wow I was trying to make this serious and kinda depressing, not fluffy...I really need to sort my genre definitions :P

I'm glad you thought the argument was realistic, though, it was one of the only things I liked about this fic haha. It actually took me AGES to think of a metaphor I could write about, so it's good that that turned out ok lol.

Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you liked it ;D

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