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Review #1, by romana Second Year

3rd April 2017:
I am interested in how you portray Rose after her return from her ordeal. How you feel how your character of Rose will be or how different she will be. How this will effect her relationships. Also how you handle the after effects of trauma. The physical and the mental. Off the top of my head with only your first chapter as a reference of what is to happen to Rose and without doing any research i would say it could be months before she is even physically ready to return to normal life let alone mentally. So yeah no pressure :)

Also and I am sure at this point your not going to do it but i feel like sharing a fanfiction pet peeve. Character will go through major ordeal. Character will awake up in school infirmary, wait what, why arent they at St Mungos. They don't need a school nurse they need a team of healers and at least a weeks worth of counselling. Have their parents even been contacted. OOh right your just sending them back to class tomorrow. OK.

Rant Over

Looking forward to finding out about the masters.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Responding to your two points:
1) I am an action writer and don't do as much inner thought when I'm writing. So how Rose deals with the trauma will be very much through action and while she will be dealing with a lot mentally, how I plan on having her get past the torture will be through action, not just sitting in a room trying to think past it. (explaining without giving too much away is difficult)

2. I totally understand what you mean about having a major incident but still staying at Hogwarts. That being said, playing devil's advocate for other fanfic, I think if any injury happens on Hogwarts' grounds it makes sense to go straight to the Hospital wing, but if it happens outside of Hogwarts they might as well go to St. Mungo's. I have considered this and there will be a small conflict surrounding where Rose ends up and who can visit.

Feel free to rant any time! It's great to hear what you think can be improved upon in fanfics! - Alex

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Review #2, by magnifique11 Second Year

2nd April 2017:
This is such an interesting idea for a story! I really like the idea of the small snapshots to represent the year before you go back to the other part of the story. I have to say I'm really curious to see how Scorpius x Rose will fit into that, but I like how you're setting up their relationship so far!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm excited to get into it and delve into Rose and Scor's relationship! - Alex

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Review #3, by you_make_me_wander First Year and First Meetings

19th March 2017:
Off to a great start. Can't wait to see what the other years/chapters will bring :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Can't wait to hear more reviews! - Alex

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Review #4, by PuffyMuffet Into the Future

15th March 2017:
I can't wait to see how Rose and Scorpius come together! I like the flashforward!

Author's Response: All in good time! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by you_make_me_wander Into the Future

15th March 2017:
I'm very curious about this fic already! I want to know who the Masters are and what they're planning, why Rose was taken and what they intend on doing with her. Besides, of course, I wanna know the nature of Scorpius and Rose's relationship until she's taken (or how it evolved over the years) and how exactly Rose being taken and tortured will change it.

Great start :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Rose and Scor's relationship will be revealed in the next chapter, which takes them back to first year. We won't find out more about the main conflict until later in the story.
- Alex

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Review #6, by crimson quill Into the Future

13th March 2017:
So this looks like it's going to be very interesting story. I love the concept of the flash forward to start the story off, it's quite a unique story telling technique in terms of fan fic I think but one that can really work so well.

it's really created a spark to get readers hooked in especially as this first chapter is quite shocking so they are a lot of questions to be answered through out this story.

obviously we only have Rose as a character in this first chapter but I already can feel the type of character you want Rose to be which is good to introduction that. the way that she talks back to her attacker shows that she is really quite brave and outspoken person. I like that she was thinking about her NEWTs while being kidnapped that is something that links in with hermione's mentality there. that's a nice nod there to her parentage.

I think you introduce the (what I assume) to be central conflicts in the story. The group called 'masters'and her relationship with Scorpius rather mentioned in your authors note that you're planning a chapter for each year to set up the story properly. this sounds like a great idea so we can get all the background before diving into the story.

so, for a first chapter, you've caught my interest. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I don't really like to explain my work during before or after a chapter, but for this I felt like it was necessary for an general explanation of how the story would unfold and I didn't want readers to think I was jumping right into the main conflict.

I'm glad the first chapter sparked your interest (that's what I was hoping for)! I hope you come back and review the rest of the chapters once they're posted. Or check out some of my other stories *shameless self-promoting*

- Alex

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