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Review #1, by crimson quill A Little Doubt

28th February 2017:

I'm here to do your review!

So where to start? I'm going to say first that I really enjoyed this and I think you've been so creative with the challenge! It works really well for a largely unexplored character's backstory.

The first few lines really set up the imaginary of surroundings to the story without over doing it. you mentioned you were a bit worried if french words seems out of place but I don't think so, it reminds the reader of the context of the conversation as you mention the conversation is in french which can be easy to forget as the storytelling is in English so I think it works without seeming too odd.

you've really captured the essence of child likeness with fleur, the natural curiosities and the way she approaches the conversation with her mum is all perfect and such a believable interact between these two characters. you've managed to paint a really good relationship between the two in very short amount of dialogue. so good job!

I think the animals have been embedded nicely into the story and they were the main chunk of the conversation, you've explained and mentioned them in a way that to me is realistic in flowing dialogue.

all in all: this is a fabulous little one-shot with interesting use of characters and plot. :) xx

Author's Response: Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for all your encouragement :)

The mythical creatures and French was something I was a bit worried about, so I'm glad they turned out alright. To be honest, I hadn't thought about Fleur's relationship with her mother, haha. But I'll believe you and take your word for it ;)

Anyway...thank you very much for the lovely review :D

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