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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn Red's Not My Colour

24th February 2017:
Hello! Iím here with your requested review :)

Before I start on the main story, Iíd just like to say how much I like the title and summary. Both are very eye-catching and make me want to read more :)

The plot is well-handled and flows well, and your story has a nicely-defined start, middle and end. That said, you could easily turn this into more than a one-shot if you wanted to, and I wouldnít be complaining in the slightest if this became Chapter One rather than a stand-alone piece Ė Iíd happily read more! It has tonnes of scope to be bigger if you want it to be :)

The first scene, set on the Hogwarts Express, with a question being the opening line of the story, is a great start; the conversation catches my attention and makes me want to continue. Rose is clearly rather anxious about being defined by her Hogwarts House and Louis is an absolute sweetheart to stay calm, recognise her distress and to try and distract her. Not that she will be easily placated. That girl has a stubborn streak all right!

The dialogue flows really well and naturally through this first part. It doesnít feel too conversation heavy, despite being almost purely dialogue, as there are enough little details given about the surroundings and Roseís thoughts. We get to find out quite a lot of information about the Weasleys and which houses they are in. Readers always like to know which Hogwarts house each Weasley/Potter has gone into (I realise I may only be speaking for myself here), so itís nice to obtain this information early on.

The Sorting Hat scene is excellent; I thought you conveyed Roseís anxiety really convincingly, especially after her cousins had gone into the hallowed Gryffindor house. Iím kind of surprised that the Hat didnít take her choice into consideration, but I suppose she never categorically stated she didnít want to end up in Slytherin, or that she only wanted to go into Gryffindor. Ah, semantics, Rose!

I loved Scorpius Malfoyís little appearance at the end Ė and even though he doesnít have a huge part to play in this fic, you have already given us a taste of his character from the descriptive words used.

To summarise, I think this is a lovely one-shot :) It is hard to develop characters in so few words, but I think you have done a brilliant job here giving Louis, Rose and Scorpius very individual personalities.

Thank you for requesting a review; I really enjoyed this story.

Brax X

Author's Response: Hello! Sorry for the slightly late reply; life as usual :P

Thank you for the comment on the title and summary, they're usually our weak points when writing, tbh.

I'm glad the plot and characterisation worked out. Yeah, Louis was kinda supposed to be the trusted sympathetic cousin (must be the Hufflepuff in him) while Rose- panicked.

So happy you liked the Sorting Hat scene! I personally loved writing about inner thoughts and the Hat talking. And no, you're not the only one who likes knowing the characters' houses :)

I'm really glad you liked the story. Thanks for the lovely review and all your positive comments :D

~LilyLuna1227 (aka lovegood27 and hedwig1751)

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