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Review #1, by allthegoodnamesaretaken "The Other Woman"

18th May 2017:
Absolutely loved it!

Author's Response: Cool thanks for reading. Thanks for reading.

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Review #2, by Gatita12 "The Other Woman"

21st February 2017:
Hi, thank you for writing this! There were some bits I really enjoyed - Lupin (Remus) is my favourite character and you depicted his father in a way I liked :-) (Although it was strange for me that Lyall was/is still alive - but after all why not, we have no information about his death; it's just that I would have expected him to appear in the books would he have been alive.)
The first part with Lyall and Hope was too long for me, I liked the idea and it is actually a nice pre-story to tell before talking about the 'other woman' but I got bored by the end as nothing really happened.
But the second part was good to read (I am a huge fan to the theory that Irma Pince is Eileen Prince - although maybe you could have mentioned in a disclaimer that this is a fan theory around the internet not your new invention). It was also strange that while you describe a poltergeist as clearly different from a ghost (which is true) you still assume that it is the spirit of someone who passed away (and not an indestructible spirit of chaos as JKR describes it).

Author's Response: I cannot believe that I did not give credit where 'twas due. I know better. I mentioned on the other sites it came from HPL. My mistake. Thanks for pointing that out. I meant this as a two-chaptered piece initially. I know the first part is ordinary. I wanted to show Lupin had an ordinary wife who just happened to die. I think that it's important to show that Remus Lupin had an ordinary childhood. Sorry you glazed over it, but I get that. There was a point there.

A poltergeist can actually be (by the research I did) a spirit that was or just a collection of chaos. But where did that collection come from? Beings. I imagine a poltergeist in a castle would be different from a being in a small, derelict home.

Anyway, glad you liked it. I feared I went outside the box here.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #3, by DossyVilja "The Other Woman"

17th February 2017:
Hi, I have just found this one-shot and wanted to tell you that I liked it! Then I looked up your profile for other stories and found that you wrote two really great reviews! Now I know this is not the place, but I can't review a review, so I just wanted to let you know that those were the most in-depth and helpful reviews I ever found, the authors of the reviewed stories must be really grateful. I wish I could give you such a great advice for this story, but I'm just an amateur, so all I know is that the story is great, but can't say why. (Will continue reading your stuff for sure!)

Author's Response: Hi

Yeah I actually went back trying to find what I had reviewed of yours and found that I had misread your comment. My fault. (One moment. The cat needs to get off the keyboard.) I'm glad that you like my reviewing style. I studied writing in university and my personal belief is you think while writing so why not jot the stuff in your head down? But thank you. That takes a minute to draft. I will be with you in a moment to grab your story. Rectify my mistake, as it were. Thanks for the review.

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