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Review #1, by melian A Blishwick Christmas

12th April 2017:
Aw, Bianca, isnít that just the cutest thing!

That was simply adorable. The prankster cousin, the thing that goes bump in the night Ö and then, the mental image of a ten year old boy and an attic ghoul stringing Christmas lights around the room in an effort to make things more festive. The realisation that everyone deserves an opportunity to celebrate Christmas if they want to, regardless of who or what they are.

Your characters were very well developed here. I get the feeling from your author note that itís not the first time youíve used them, which makes things easier, but honestly, setting up good original characters in a story this short is never an easy task, yet youíve managed it with flying colours. Well done you! I felt like I knew Sebastian and Finn, and even your secondary characters Ė Hero, Briony, heck, the ghoul Ė were well rounded. Itís a tale of insistent innocence Ė Finn is determined to scare the living daylights out of his cousin, but his cousin is determined to enjoy the season regardless. And going up to find the ghoul? That took bravery. I donít know why but I had it in my head that Sebastian is a Hufflepuff (perhaps because a lot of the stories Iím reading today seem to be about Hufflepuffs, for some reason), but that was more a Gryffie trait. Going up to investigate even though youíre terrified? Fantastic. I was cheering him on all the way.

All in all a really lovely one-shot and a great read. Looking forward to reading some more of your work once CTF is finished!

Cheers Mel

Author's Response: Hey Mel! No, it's not the first time I've used these characters, they're from another story :) I'm glad you liked it, thank you!

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A Blishwick Christmas

11th April 2017:
Oh my god! It's not Christmas time but I have the sudden urge to pull out my Christmas tree and dim the lights. This was beyond adorable. I mean it was perfect, truly! Your writing was magnificent. I loved that you kept Sebastian in character throughout the entire story, really true to his age. I found it amusing that was he was afraid of monsters. Heck, I'm older than him and I'm afraid of so much more! He reminds me of me at that age completely gullible but he's so much sweeter than I was. So precious! I sincerely thought it was going to be another mean trick that was being played on him and the wraith was going to be real. Hey, I told you I was gullible. Imagine my surprise! A ghoul who wants to celebrate Christmas. I thought it was so sweet how Sebastian offered to help him celebrate and then even spent some time to celebrate the holiday with him (or is it it) too! His cousin might not be a grownup but at his young age he's already growing up to be a stand-up guy. This story truly warmed my heart. This reminds me of a children's book and I could just imagine the little illustrations and a cartoon Sebastian with sweet rosy cheeks and a bemused expression on his face. Adorbs!

Author's Response: I WANT IT TO ALWAYS BE CHRISTMAS! Thank you so much for the review, Deeds! ♥

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Review #3, by dreamgazer220 A Blishwick Christmas

26th December 2016:
Bianca! This was so adorable, omg.

I loved this. It must have been so much fun imaging Finn when he was younger, and I can completely see him being that troublemaking cousin. And poor Sebastian, having Finn as his cousin must be so hard.

It was nice to see Hero and Briony, though! I'm glad you decided to do a nice piece of Christmas-y fluff. Probably felt like writing fanfic of your own fanfic :P

And Sebastian and the ghoul was so adorable! I'm so glad that he got over his fear of the attic. And those snowball wars sound EPIC. I can only imagine being a Blishwick cousin. :D

I loved this, great job.


Author's Response: Thank you! ♥

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Review #4, by Felpata Lupin A Blishwick Christmas

24th December 2016:
Merry Christmas, my love!
And thank you so, so, so much for this super adorable, cute, little story! I loved it so much! It's such a lovely present! You know how much I love children stories, Christmas, friendships with unlikely creatures and, most importantly, my little Bash! And you managed to put it all together, and I adore you!

Poor little Sebastian... having Finn as a cousin must be so hard... :P I loved the way you wrote the both of them, Sebastian's voice as he kept telling himself that he's too old to let Finn make fun of him. It's honestly perfect. And I loved the bit when Sebastian arrived to Blishwick manor imagining all the pranks Finn might've put up. So hilarious.

I really enjoyed to see all the cousins together, the snowball fight and everything else. And it was nice to see Briony and Hero trying to reassure Bash and tell Finn off. (You know I'm still a bit angry at you about Hero, right? But that's not important at the moment...)

Sebastian thought about stealing his parents' wands, but didn't because he didn't want to get caught. So Slytherin. ;)

"He wasnít sure what made him more nervous Ė the unknown or his cousin." Oh, my Shakespeare, this line! Ahahah!

Poor ghoul, he just wanted to celebrate Christmas... I agree with Sebastian, everyone should be allowed to celebrate Christmas! I love that Sebastian decided to spend the night with him and show him how to celebrate, it's so sweet!

"As Sebastian clinked his glass of milk against the ghoulís, he couldnít help but marvel at the magic of Christmas. Because though Sebastian believed in monsters, he also believed in miracles." Wonderful closing! Really, so good!

Thank you so much again for this lovely present, you are the best!
And a very Merry Christmas to you too!
Snowball hug,

Author's Response: Thank you so much, little Chi ♥ ♥ ♥

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