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Reading Reviews for Like Catching Smoke
29 Reviews Found

Review #1, by coolsilver Twelve: Moving On

23rd October 2017:
Just dropping in to say that I love Like Catching Smoke and Fiona! I am insanely curious to see how this plays out!

Partially just to see if Albus can get to Scorpius before he carries out his master plan on Rose...

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! :) Really busy this month, so it might be a few weeks until I get a chance to write the next chapter.

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Review #2, by coolgf Twelve: Moving On

15th October 2017:
Omg rose hahaha love this story.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Mags Twelve: Moving On

11th October 2017:
Oh, Fiona. I wish I could tell her my thoughts— that James is only trying to move on, he's not moving on just yet. It's a difference there and I think the two of them are still hung up on each other, they just show it differently. Fiona by trying to gauge some reaction from James by projecting her hurt on him, and James avoiding the feelings Fiona's return have caused him to have. A nice, mature conversation where they just talk to each other would fix things I think, but where's the drama in that?

I like how Fiona is branching out, getting to know her co-workers and hanging out with them after hours. She didn't think of her spying mission at all, or did she..? I kind of agree that maybe she shouldn't insert herself so much in James life, at least not in the way she's been doing it (the dinner at the Burrow was a big no-no from me) but at the same time these are her friends too. If they both want to move on they're going to be in situations like that and considering the reason for their breakup was that Fiona was moving away (there's no scorned, cheated ex) they're going to work pass that IF they want to. I mean, that would mean they're over for real and I get the feeling none of them truly wants that... (*I* don't want that, lol)

(I realize my reviews are very focused on James and Fiona's relationship with him, but that is just because he's my fave among the next gen :) I do enjoy to see that Fiona's got another life, being an Auror and what all that brings to the story. And yay for getting to meet Albus!)

And that was an incredible fast update, I know you might not be as fast the next time but I can't wait to read next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi! Really enjoying your reviews! :)

A nice, mature conversation *would* be great, but I can't promise that it'll happen anytime soon! It makes me laugh because there are so many people in my life who could use one, as well as James and Fiona.

Fiona staying under James' radar is definitely not a long-term solution to the problem. She's stumbling along a bit and trying to figure out who they should be to each other. But they'll both evolve a bit in future chapters.

Thanks so much for reviewing! :)

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Review #4, by prongslittleflower Twelve: Moving On

10th October 2017:
I feel bad for Fee in this. She's clearly not over James, and I don't think he's over her either, but she's going to stay away from her friends because of his feelings. Poor thing! I really want them to have a sit down and talk about things, but I can't see that going particularly well with James' temper/unresolved feelings. I really enjoyed the conversation between Fee and Albus about Scorpious and Rose. Looking forward to seeing how that plays out as well. Can't wait to read more soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! :) I'm glad you're sympathetic toward Fee, I've been getting really mixed responses to her character. Yeah, poor James would have a hard time talking about feelings :') but things will get easier for the pair of them in time.

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Review #5, by Mags Eleven: The Weapon

6th October 2017:
I love how the auror part of this story progresses and while some things are being cleared up, more things make it confusing as with this poison. And I'm kinda glad Fee decided to spy on her coworkers? It makes for more drama, lol, and also hopefully more time with Harry and maybe for her to talk with Harry about James in some ways? Rose is biased against him so it'd be nice to hear from someone who is biased *for* him, if that makes sense?

I think this is an interesting insight into Fee's mind:
”But it’s more that I was trying to be good to her for his sake -- to make up for how I’ve acted, I suppose. And he wasn’t having any of it.”

It's like she doesn't realize that maybe it doesn't matter how she acts around Evangeline because it was James she was treating badly earlier, it's him she needs to talk to (and apologize too imo), not his girlfriend. And her being nice to Evangeline is not the right way to go, E haven't done Fee anything so she doesn't have a reason to treat her bad... I don't know, it felt like an empty reason "I wanted to show basic human decency to another person to make up for me treating someone else bad". If I were James I wouldn't accept that as a way to make up. But I guess it's things that Fee needs to work on!

I would like to know more about James and their earlier relationship, they were together for a long time so he can't have been all that bad that Rose is trying to paint him as. Maybe it's deliberate of you, to keep him a bit ~mysterious~ to us :) anyway, I look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey! :) Thanks so much for this lovely review, I really appreciate the feedback. I think you totally have a handle on Fiona's character: at least when it comes to her romantic life, she's immature and often selfish. You can definitely expect some character development for Fiona as the story goes on! :)

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Eyo Eleven: The Weapon

5th October 2017:
Hello there! First I would like to thank you for this wonderful story. I love it, Fee is one of the most interesting OC i read since well since quite a long time!

There is two things that attract me so much into your story and if obviously the first one is Fee I have to say I'm bias toward detective story so really this story is jackpot.

As I said I really love Fee, she's amazing because for once we have a main character who is mean egoist and ambitious not saying she's a bad person but as now in the story you put a really strong emphasis on that, and you balance it with her friendly attitude and determined mind but also her strong sensibility. We actually have a character who looks real and that's pretty good and quite rare.

I'm also happy with the fact that's it's a girl, it's nice to read about girl who isn't a Mary Sue/Tsundere/"place any other cliche". Girls also has the right to be ambitious in their work and mess up with relationship. It's rafrashing to read your story because of that, I can stop to love Fee even with all her defaults.

A bad point maybe would be the others characters they are pretty empty, the worst is maybe James whose we know nothing about. Apparently he's an asshole even it's a bit hard to see that for me as now. But I'm pretty sure you gonna develop him later in your story.

Also but maybe it's simply a follow up from the last point Fee's friends are weirdly useless. I mean they never confront Fee to the truth of what she's doing. Didn't tell her that she wasn't being fair with Noseman for example. To be honest they appear a bit useless to me.

It was very enlightening how Fee hesitated to take the mission of spying because she though it was wrong but rapidly changed her mind after thinking about the promotion.

I think boys or girls can relate to her easily because she is what most of us are. We hurt important peoples for us by mistake or blindness, we interpret in our own mind events by that I mean we imagine the answer we want even if sometimes it's far from the truth. And of course we are ambitious!

I can't wait to see what's going to happen next, and I hope development for James and maybe some more realistic "best friends" ?

Oh and by the way I cant wait for the plot to enhance a bit. It's a good start the crazy potion is always a promising beginning for me.

Thanks again!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review! :)

Really glad you like Fiona, writing OCs can be tricky. As for Rose and Jasper, they're mostly present for comic relief so I wouldn't expect big things in terms of development (i.e., they will definitely continue to be useless), but they might be shown in more interesting contexts in future chapters.

Thanks again for your review!

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Review #7, by quill2parchment Six: The Second Scene

19th August 2017:
Eh Fiona was definitely frustrating in this chapter. I can totally get why she's upset that James would try to interfere in her new relationship but her reaction to it was really quite immature and uncalled for. They both obviously have a lot of tension going on still, and I can't wait to see where their relationship goes.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! :)

Fiona was definitely being immature in this chapter. In addition to the major plot line (the case), a good deal of the story is going to be about her growing out of this kind of behavior. Hope you're enjoying it so far!

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Review #8, by BBHP Ten: The Garden Party

11th August 2017:
The thought of Fiona spying on her team makes me anxious. She's going to get caught, I'm sure, and whether or not someone on her team is shady, it's going to cause a lot of distrust.

Jasper and Rose's "nose man" comments keep me laughing! Jasper is probably my favorite character so far.

I like how Fiona was genuinely friendly to Evangeline. Not pretty or having an ulterior motive.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next chapter and hopefully more info on the case.

Author's Response: I'm having so much fun writing Jasper, and probably getting more attached to him than I should!

I hope that was a (slightly) redeeming moment for Fiona. She definitely will continue to be a bit petty when it comes to James, though.

Thanks so much for reviewing! Next chapter coming soon! :)

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Review #9, by quill2parchment Five: Ogreman

5th August 2017:
Great chapter! I like how you manage to subtly include James. Seeing Xavier and Fiona together obviously bothered him, and I wonder how he feels about her now.

Fiona and Xavier are sort of cute together! She doesn't sound interested in a serious relationship at all, and I know she says it's because of her job, but a part of me wonders if it's because of James as well. I'm curious to see where all of this goes.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! :)

Lots more of Xavier to come. Fiona's doubts about being in a serious relationship will definitely be discussed more as the story progresses! You rock, and thank you so much for your thoughtful reviews!

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Review #10, by Lulu Nine: A Cup of Tea

29th July 2017:
Hey I just wanted to say that I love your story and that I can wait for the next chapter. The characters are so colourful and well written and I just love them. I hope there will be more moments between James and Fee but I really like the fact that you have patience with them and that you focus on the other parts in the story like Fee's friendships and her auror work. There is one thing that I thought about, earlier on in the story Fee tells Xavier that she doesn't want anything serious and they never really say that they can't see other people or something like that. I get that Fee started to like Xavier and so it must have sucked to see him with another girl but I don't really don't think she has a valid reason to be angry because she hadn't made any indication that she wanted anything from Xavier except for a good time. Maybe there was something I missed that proves otherwise or maybe I'm just weird but this was something I thought about. Anyway all love to you and keep up the great work

Author's Response: Thank you so much for leaving a review! :)

Definitely some more James/Fiona interactions coming up!

Your point about Xavier and Fiona's relationship being non-exclusive is totally apt. She never gave him a reason to think that she wanted anything serious, but she still got upset when she saw him with someone else. You're definitely right to say that it's not exactly logical, and Fiona definitely has some growing up to do!

Thank you so so much for your review :)

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Review #11, by quill2parchment Four: The Real World

25th July 2017:
That entire scene with Valerie Knott was amazing. I'm obsessed with crime series so this was right up alley. I love work-mode Fee so much!

"someone who won’t fall in love with you.” Bahaha... Rose is the friend we all need.

Loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #12, by quill2parchment Three: The Jellyfish Party

25th July 2017:
Hm this Xavier guy is sort of interesting, him and his tattoo.

I'm really enjoying your dialogue too! It flows so smoothly and makes for an effortless read. Before I know it, I'm always at the end of the chapter with this fic and wanting more.

Gonna keep reading :)

Author's Response: Ahhh thank you so much for this loveliness! :')

I used to have such a hard time writing dialogue, especially humor between characters, so it's very nice to hear that you're enjoying it.

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Review #13, by quill2parchment Two: The New Blood

24th July 2017:
The Auror Office seriously just jumps right off the pages -eh, screen- you managed to describe it so perfectly in such few sentences!

I enjoyed Charlie and Darren. I can see why they rubbed Fee the wrong way, but as characters, they're fantastic.

Lol I have no idea how Jasper's logic for jellyfish is everything. I adore him. I swear that's exactly how my mind works sometimes.

Very well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! :)

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Review #14, by BBHP Nine: A Cup of Tea

24th July 2017:
YES. Jasper! He's my favourite! Everyone needs a friend like that. Best character!

And I love that James punched that loser.

This has quickly become one of my favourite stories right now and I am dying to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! :) Expect an update sometime next week

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Review #15, by quill2parchment One: London Again

24th July 2017:
Oooh I like this already!

Hm I suppose I'm suppose to side with Fee - James should be supporting her career, not holding her back, etc - but she could have handled that better as well.

I love Rose and Jasper already. Their chemistry with Fee is perfection.

“I thought he’d at least spit out a mouthful of his drink.” Oh gosh, Louis, you read my mind, but honestly? I would have probably reacted the same way as James. When you run into an ex - and your new girl/boyfriend is there - you HAVE to try to act cool hehe

Albus and Scorpius are cuties too. I don't know how you were able to introduce so many characters all at once and still managed to make them all incredibly unique and loveable. I commend you on it. I really do, and I can't wait to read on and see what else you have in store... (Luckily, I still have a few chapters to go hehe)

Author's Response: Bwah, thank you for this lovely review! :) Plenty of Rose/Jasper antics to come, also plenty of Fee not handling James-related things well. Hope you enjoy!

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Review #16, by BBHP Eight: The Betrayer

24th July 2017:
Poor Fiona! How awful. What a pig.

At least James was nice about it though.

I'm interested to know who leaked the information to the press.

Author's Response: Next chapter coming pronto! Thank you again for leaving a review!

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Review #17, by BBHP Six: The Second Scene

24th July 2017:
"Cries when he sees missing dog posters"! Hilarious.

This whole murder thing is creepy as anything and yet I'm desperate to learn more!

The interactions between James and Fiona seem like they're building up to something intense, too, and I can't wait.

Author's Response: You are a magnificent sunflower and I'm so grateful for your review :)

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Review #18, by Kristina1990 Six: The Second Scene

29th December 2016:
Fiona can be a real *insert word here that I would have to censor away anyway*. So yes, she can be a difficult character.

I think it's none of James' business who she dates, even if it is a teammate, because ultimately, if she doesn't flaunt it around in his face, this shouldn't be a problem among adults. You grow in and out of things. James and Fiona were a couple, then they weren't, then they found new partners they can be happy with. So, James moaning around is really a bit childish.

However, this does not justify a self-righteous fight, where she tries to make him feel bad and then drive him to the edge of losing it by having a go at him. Very insensitive, very inappropriate, especially since it doesn't even take place on neutral ground.

We all have our weaknesses. We all grow up eventually. Maybe Fiona will too ;).

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! :)

Yeah, they're both being immature and silly. Fiona is ultra-confrontational and vents her frustrations by manipulating other people so that she feels like she has control over her life.

Rest assured that characters will develop, relationships will change, etc.

Thanks again for the review!!

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Review #19, by Emma Six: The Second Scene

22nd December 2016:
Okay, ngl, not a huge fan of Fiona right now.
Like, I totally get it, she was hurt in the way it ended with James but she wasn't completely innocent there either, refusing to work something out. If Fiona was in Rose's year, it means James is two years older then her, already having a career of his own, maybe it wasn't possible for him to move away? I'm not saying I think James' career was more important, I just think James said some rash words about them ending it and Fiona becoming angry with him and refusing to think of another way. They were both incredible immature (and hurt I'll bet!) in that moment, both in the wrong, yet James is the one getting all the blame. It's understandable from Fiona, but from all of his family members?
And James warning Xavier away from Fiona isn't the nicest thing to do but I can understand it in a way since he's probably still hurt from how it ended.
Now, I think Fiona is ALSO still hurt and bitter (and she's jealous of James new relationship, she just doesn't want to admit it to herself) but wow, what she did in this chapter was not cool at all. She actually comes across as more immature then before, failing to move on, wanting to hurt James "fragile ego", bullying her way to the top because it's fun... just, stop. And don't do it again, even it if makes you "drunk with power", for what? For belittling another person, deliberately making them feel bad? For all she accuses James of wanting to flaunt his new relationship, wasn't that exactly what she was doing, just in a more personal way since she sought him out alone? James is right to be disgusted with Fiona's behavior and I hope it comes back to bite her in the end (also it's not healthy behavior from any of them).

I know this is from Fiona's point of view so of course her actions will be biased, but I'm always going to defend James when I think he needs it since I'll admit I'm terrible weak for him, lol. And I don't think the breakup was all James fault, and Fiona accusing James of being bitter and jealous is incredibly hypocritical since that's exactly what she is. :)

But even if I'm not too sure how I feel about Fiona and her actions regarding her ex, I really enjoy the other part of her life, she seems to be a kickass Auror and the case and the mystery surrounding it is...intriguing. Can't wait to see Fiona work with Harry eventually (and to maybe see his side of things, especially since the family members we've met all have been negative towards Evangeline, it doesn't feel like she's ever been giving a chance because she's not Fiona, but Harry should just want his son to be happy so he's got another perspective)
Anyway, can't wait for your next update!

Author's Response: Hey! Your criticism of Fiona is definitely well-founded. I can't promise that she will grow up and realize the error of her ways right away, but she will mature and figure stuff out over the course of the story.

Glad you're enjoying it and thanks so much for the review! :)

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Review #20, by LB Five: Ogreman

21st December 2016:
So i don't know who's endgame. Actually I don't know who i want to be endgame at this point. BUt i think it might be James at the end. right?

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by LB Five: Ogreman

21st December 2016:
So i don't know who's endgame. Actually I don't know who i want to be endgame at this point. BUt i think it might be James at the end. right?

Author's Response: Ahh Xavier vs. James. Can't tell you who ends up with Fiona (if either of them do!) but can promise lots of drama! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by LB Four: The Real World

21st December 2016:
I can't wait for her to see James again!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! James is gong to turn up in chapter 6!

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Review #23, by LB Three: The Jellyfish Party

21st December 2016:
Oh. i wasn't expecting that. but i think xavier might be good. or turn out to be evil. who knows?

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #24, by LB Two: The New Blood

21st December 2016:
I can't wait to see mor einteracton between fiona and james!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! More James coming soon!

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Review #25, by LB One: London Again

21st December 2016:
I really like this chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! Much appreciated! :)

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