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Review #1, by Joy Chapter 4

7th May 2017:
Great story, but I just wanted to point out that throughout the entirety of it, Fleur Delacour's name is spelt wrong.

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Review #2, by daisy09 Chapter 9

3rd February 2017:
Awesome chapter, looking forward to your next update!!!

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Review #3, by AlwaysAddicted Chapter 9

29th January 2017:
Aw I just love Bill in this story. I also love getting to see him an Remus talk about their experiences with being bitten, something that surely happened a lot. Finally they have the box! Although I have a feeling they won't for long if the person watching them has anything to say about it.
What a sin poor George! I'm betting he was supposed to hit Fred but could not tell them apart, damn Nick and his medling. Can't wait until the next chapter! Thank you so much for checking more of my stories xx

Author's Response: I've got a soft spot for my ginger boys!
Yes, Fred was the intended target, but George worked just as well... Nick is not so nice.
Thank you for reviewing! (And I very much enjoy your writing)

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Review #4, by daisy09 Chapter 8

29th January 2017:
Loving this story!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's on it's way!

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Review #5, by AlwaysAddicted Chapter 8

25th January 2017:
"Now stand up, decide what bloody color your hair is gonna be and get ready to marry that great big werewolf of a man." BAHA.
"Now if I'm not mistaken I believe my wife to be will be stumbling down those stairs momentarily." AHAHA.
You never fail to make me laugh out loud, you have a great way of writing humor and I just adore it. This was entirely adorable of course, I loved getting to see the wedding! It was perfect. Can't wait until Hermione and Fred finally pull it together and accept their damned feelings, just like you I am a sucker for a romance! xx

Author's Response: **SWOON**
The more stories I read (I'm still pretty new to all this) the more I realize I love fluffy!
I gotta admit I really liked the wedding as well! As always you are wonderful!

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Review #6, by AlwaysAddicted Chapter 7

19th January 2017:
Of course we can be best friends now! hehe.
Lovely once again, I like getting the little looks into the planning of Harry's escape from the Burrow from a different angle. I loved the Remus and Tonks date, once again something that the book left out was how they had become engaged/married! Totally adorable I must say. Can't wait for the chapter where we finally get to see this potential Horcrux, I think that you will do a wonderful job writing it already.
P.S: Thank you so much for checking out my story 'Grieving', your review made me smile! xx

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you again and again for the continued support! I'm so happy that you're enjoying it. The mysterious box is coming up quickly...
and 'Greiving' is fantastic!
(So many !! In this response, guess I'm a bit excited)

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Review #7, by daisy Chapter 6

18th January 2017:
I'm enjoying your story, I hope you update again soon!! Can't wait to see what's next!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! I'm so happy you enjoy the story. Next chapter is on its way, as soon as it gets validated!

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Review #8, by AlwaysAddicted Chapter 6

14th January 2017:
Lovely once again! I always smile with happiness everytime I see that you added a new chapter. Can't wait for the next xx

Author's Response: Can we be best friends now?

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Review #9, by AlwaysAddicted Chapter 5

9th January 2017:
LOVE IT! As always.
The ring part was super cute, and I loved having Fred and George trying to shove everything unhealthy into the basket. The Remus and Dora scene warmed my heart, especially the writing about how Remus stopped living the day James and Lily died (sniff sniff) and that she was reminding him to live again. Ugh, it was just great. Can't wait until the next chapter! xx

Author's Response: I just think that's how Remus would feel, literally every friend he'd ever had was gone at once... breaks my heart!

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Review #10, by AlwaysAddicted Chapter 4

1st January 2017:
Ugh it was so short I wanted more! More I say!
Anyway it was lovely as always, can't wait to see how it goes now that they have left for their mission. Ugh I'm loving all of the Bill moments to, just love seeming all the characters more than we did in the books like I said before. I liked the bit at the end with the Professor, I think it was really well written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I know, I hate that it was so short! I love all the Weasley boys! I think Bill would be the definition of a big brother and help Hermione out a bit!

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Review #11, by Lee Chapter 3

28th December 2016:
I love this story! Please don't stop writing!

Author's Response: Not stopping I promise! Just had to take care of Christmas for the kiddos! School starts back on Monday, which means back to writing for me!

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Review #12, by lovegood27 Chapter 3

28th December 2016:
This is really good I hope you update soon! I love Ron and Luna by the way :)

Author's Response: Thank you!! Me too! They just make sense to me!

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Review #13, by AlwaysAddicted Chapter 3

28th December 2016:
That part had me laughing to myself. Perfect Molly.
The whole Ginny/Charlie sibling love is adorable, I always hated how we didn't get to see much of Charlie in the books and this is making up for it.
I really liked the story about Fred putting a blanket on Hermione and leaving her snacks at Hogwarts, so adorable.
Can't wait until you post the next chapter, xx

Author's Response: I agree, I could have used more Charlie in the book! I'm so happy this makes up for it a bit!
I just see Fred being a really really nice guy, I can totally see him taking care of anyone who needed it.

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Review #14, by AlwaysAddicted Chapter 2

28th December 2016:
"I'd be your real wife, if you'd get your head out of your ars** and ask me." HAHA. Love it.
Again lovely chapter.
Poor Aunt Muriel, I really do hope that she does not decide to go into the cellar.
One thing I should mention, although it is just a thought obviously. When you start your chapters, and the different scenes in the chapters you should write the place they are at ( The Burrow / Fred's Flat) in like bold or italics, it always throws me off for a second thinking I'm starting a sentence, obviously just a opinion of mine, don't do it if you don't want to.
Off to the next chapter now! I like how it is moving along nicely, you are really good at having it flow and I like how I have a little laugh every couple paragraphs, the humor is great.

Author's Response: I'll work on making the headers a bit more obvious for you! 😘

And thanks, this is my first time writing anything so I'm glad it's making sense outside my head!

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Review #15, by AlwaysAddicted Chapter 1

28th December 2016:
Ou I am liking this so far! Very intrigued how the whole college aspect will go, and I'm glad that a few more people get to come along on this mission. I like how you included a little bit about everyone, a mini looking into their thoughts. The bit about Ron and Luna, the look at Bill and Fleur, about who he has been acting towards her. Also the Remus/Tonks bit, its nice getting to see how everyone is thinking and doing. Off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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