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Review #1, by Avanell 2 Facing the Inevitable

26th March 2017:
Great update! Loved their finding one another at the cottage and getting some feelings out. :D

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Review #2, by torrent56 You Thought 'Ron'g

12th February 2017:
Great chapter! I am looking forward to knowing what is in Ron's box. Will you update soon please? Thanks.

Author's Response: Hello, torrent56! Thank you so much for reading the story and for taking time to post a review! The contents of the box will definitely be revealed. The next chapter is already written but needs to be fine-tuned a bit. I'm hoping to have it up by the end of this month.

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Review #3, by Avanell 2 You Thought 'Ron'g

5th February 2017:
Fabulous chapter! Hope Ron sees Hermione...and...get back together! Make things work whatever her choice is! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for continuing to read, Avanell! We all know that Ron and Hermione end up together in JKR's world. I don't want to give anything away before the next few chapters hit, but I will do my best to make Cannon supporters happy. :)

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Review #4, by Avanell 2 Fate Takes a Form

10th December 2016:
Ooh! Another offer...from Kinglsey! that guy. Glad she talked with him...he was brilliant and said stuff perfect for where Hermione is at. Simple and short, but very nice :)

Author's Response: Thank you for taking time to read my story, Avanell 2! I think Kingsley is a pretty cool character in the HP world. I definitely had wanted to include him in one of my chapters, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity for a guest appearance. I do like that his heartfelt words of wisdom were straight to the point and, like you said, were exactly what Hermione needed to hear! I hope you keep reading as the story progresses!

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Review #5, by oe2kbye2giat The Bad-News Bearer

9th November 2016:
Great story - glad you "picked it up" again. Intrigued as to what has transpired during the two years since the Battle of Hogwarts, like the hints you have given so far and look forward to the further flash-backs I suspect you will present in future chapters. Will you also be expanding upon the Ginny/Harry story to which you allude? ("Speaking of Ginny . . .") I admit that I came across your story during a search for Ginny/Harry stories, but your compelling writing drew me in and definitely leaves me interested in what you have to offer next. The characters appear genuine and consistent with JKR (or at least my interpretation of them). I especially like your insights into Hermione, being driven to prove herself due to her own self-doubts, self-doubts that she so successfully masks by her striving and intellect. Those doubts, however, still weaken her resolve and have yet to be successfully addressed - will she triumph over them or develop a more successful accommodation? How much are they an essential aspect of her make-up, a genetic trait if you will that makes her Hermione? And Ron - when, if ever, will he resolve his internal conflicts: Strong emotions, a well-developed sense of justice and compassion that is constantly at war with his own emotional needs and his almost innate sense of inadequacy - he knows and takes justifiable pride in what he has accomplished, but he can never seem to believe that others truly value him for it, that others recognize it, and that he is truly and deeply loved/respected by others for all (or in spite of some elements of) who he is. Definitely rambled a bit - if I am on track above with any of the personality threads I just laid out, if those truly were elements you sought to portray in Hermione and Ron, then I hope to have shown you why I both enjoyed this chapter and eagerly await what comes next.

Author's Response: oe2kbye2giat,

Thank you so much for your generous review!

To be honest, this story means a lot to me. I have a lot of memories writing it in 2007 after Deathly Hallows' release. I couldn't believe that the real story ended with the last book, so I wanted to keep the HP world alive then. After Cursed Child came out, my interest was renewed once again.

I think that the Hermione and Ron characters, individually and together, are quite complex in JKR's writing. This chapter is the first of many in which I really try to understand them, who they are, and how they interact with each other. I've changed the chapter's conversations and behaviors from the originals, which were dramatic and unnecessary.

The original version of my story was geared only toward Ron and Hermione, with other characters playing supporting roles. With this revival, there will be many revisions, expansions and inclusions of most characters that we know and love.

To answer your question -- one of the upcoming chapters was originally very short and gave us only a brief moment with Harry and Ginny; in this new version, the same chapter will be much longer and have a completely different focus. I don't think I've quite yet mastered the Ginny character or her relationship with Harry, but I will do my best this time around.

The flashback chapters already exist and will be introduced later on in this story, as will emotional chapters and more lighthearted, comedic chapters.

Anyway, thank you again for reading and for your time!

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