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Review #1, by LiveLongAndProsper12 Kissing Lessons

29th October 2016:
THIS IS AMAZING gah the world needs more Perciver stories

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Keep your eye out for some more stories featuring them, and thank you so much for taking the time to say something.


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Review #2, by Ron 4 Hermione Kissing Lessons

22nd October 2016:
Hi there, leaving the first of your review prizes!

Well first things first, this sounds like one interesting pairing! Iím definitely intrigued by it!

Aww, doesnít that bring back memories! Spin the bottle and first kisses, I love the way youíve written about it. How nervous he is, how he wantís to have his first kiss because he feels like the only one. Itís all so realistic, and stuff like this is never rally picked up on in the books which is a shame because they are teenagers after all!

The way you introduce the subject of them kissing is very Percy like, wanting to teach him how to do it and willing to help. I like how nervous Oliver is, and not just because of the kiss.

Aww, thatís such a sweet moment, and I love how you havenít just made Oliver amazing at kissing either, especially as itís his first time. I canít believe how well you write this ship, I had never even considered it as a ship before but this is such a great piece! Aha, I love the last line, ďTrust me, it will be.Ē It fits so well in even though itís not a side of Percy we see very often! I can just imagine him sauntering out of the common room!

This was a lovely piece, I think Iím going to have to go look for more Oliver/Percy pieces!
- Shaza

(HPFT Team Vampire Review)

Author's Response: Hey Shaza, thanks for the review!

I don't consider it "interesting" per say, but I guess you could call it that. Perciver is actually one of my favourite ships, and I'm upset that I don't get to read it more often.

It sure does bring back memories. Ha ha, I can't even imagine Joanne writing a Spin the Bottle scene.

Of course it's Percy! Percy always has to be teaching or studying or learning. I actually didn't even know that I was going to make Ollie nervous when I was planning this. It turned out well though.

Like I said, I LOVE Perciver. Thank you, I was always worried about others reading this. I know right? I love it too!

Thank you so very much! I do have another one that you can check out if you want! Have an awesome day.


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