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Review #1, by ImaRavenclaw Welcome Home

30th December 2016:
Hey Pauls (sorry, trying to resist the urge. Note to self: Why do you have an urge to call Paula, Pauls?) Anyways I wasn't really doing anything so I figured that I would come by and leave you a little review, especially after all of your support for GTOLM.

Okay, to the review!

I love Roxanne, and I'm so glad you picked her to be one of your characters. Also, femslash... I know I seem very slashy but I have a giant secret love for it.

I love the relationship between Natalie and Roxanne, so cute! Squeeing all day. Don't mind the SQUE.

Silly Roxane. I wonder when she'll find it.

Your Roxanne reminds me so much of Lyra that it's unholy. Don't mind me just comparing your versions of canons and your OCs to my other versions of canons and OCs.

SNUGGLES, as a title for a box? Paula that is SO stupid... I have to stop using sarcasm in writing, one of these days someone is going to get the wrong idea. You obviously know that what I said is Lily speak for: Paula you're a GENIUS THAT IS SO PERFECT!!! I LOVE IT SQUE!!! If I ever move again I'm putting 'snuggles' on my blanket/pillow box too. Maybe I'll even put my dog in a box and mark it 'snuggles. Just kidding about the dog thing, that would be cruel (unless he had airholes).

Oh those silly muggles!

Hahaha, Natalie reminds me so much of me. Totally guessing that she was a Ravenclaw. Sometimes someone in my house leaves a pillow messed up, and if I had a really good day sometimes I can tolerate not fixing it, but on bad days I grumble and make sure it's perfect then yell at everyone in the house to fix the pillows when they get up.

I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Paula this was such a wonderful story, and good luck in The New Home challenge (I'm in it too, so may the best story win)! This was just a great end to my day.

Keep writing because you're amazing/good luck on your thesis.

Your buddy,

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Review #2, by marauderfan Welcome Home

14th December 2016:
I have become a gooey puddle of DNA on the floor after reading this adorable fluffathon. I love both of these characters and I'm so glad that they are going to be together forever (because let's be real: they are) and of course I loved the mention of Deamus in this as well :D I love how easy and fun their banter is, and how their new home has some weird things like a hideous (or quaint and character-providing, depending on how you look at it) chandelier, or water drips on the walls, but it's home because it has both Roxanne and Natalie in it and that's all they need. Could this story possibly be any cuter? (No. It could not.) Do you appreciate how almost all of my sentences start with "I love" ? In case it wasn't clear, I loved this story.

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Review #3, by banshee Welcome Home

31st August 2016:

OKAY dean and seamus owning a quidditch shop = HELLA HEART EYES. SO MANY HEART EYES. and yuus on sneaking deamus into everything :D #aboutme

okay they're so freaking cute together I love them omg I just threw random names at you and you totally made them both amazing and loveable and gahh. I love the way they tease each other alkdsjf.

yeah this is just going to be heart eyes and keyboard smashes because I too have had far too much coffee today. #dealwithit



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