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Review #1, by marauderfan Good Luck, Lily

14th December 2016:
I love your effective way of establishing settings. After all, one can't write a story about the 70s without a shag carpet making an appearance. :P

But anyway, this story was beautiful and sad. What I love most about it is that Petunia is so understandable here. I feel badly for her, and I can even relate to her, in a way, because this is before she becomes so entrenched in bitterness. She's just sad and left out. I think it's because at this point in Lily and Petunia's lives, there's a sense that they still could have worked things out - the feeling of "it's not too late". This is only Lily's first year, and Petunia still missees having her sister around. She's lonely, and meanwhile Lily is off exploring a whole new world that Petunia longs for but can never have. And to rub salt in the wound, Lily is spending a lot of time with someone Petunia looks down on (Snape). It really comes across that Petunia feels like she's been replaced by a more interesting world with interesting people and Petunia can never really share in that, even if she gets the letters. The letters just tell her what she's missing. Ah, it's just so sad, the way they fell apart, and this story is especially powerful as it's right on the cusp of when that happened.

And another thing that really makes it hurt the feels is because Lily clearly forgives Petunia for whatever mean things she might have said before, and is writing to Petunia because she's so excited to share all of this with her sister. She's so optimistic. It hurts!

I also admit that all Petunia's wonderings and fanciful imaginings of what her life would be at Hogwarts - it got me thinking about what house Petunia would be in, if she were a witch. I couldn't see her in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. And the way she likes to imagine herself as being the best at what she does fits right in with Ravenclaw or Slytherin... overall I think Slytherin. Wouldn't she just love to know she would share a house with Severus Snape, haha.

The last line is so sad. Clearly Petunia cares a lot. I think she always did, to some extent, she just never really showed it - not at this point, and certainly not later in her life when she was married. You know, Petunia is such an interesting character and I honestly love reading about her. I'm so glad you decided to write about her.

You mentioned Petunia's venom in your A/N and I agree with you, I think the story is just perfect as is - after all, she's around 13 here and still getting used to the idea that her sister is special and lives a different life that Petunia can only imagine and be jealous of. I think you're right, the snappy bitterness she developed was something that took years - right now she's just lost and lonely, but too proud to show it.

This was great, and I loved the insight into the Evans sisters.

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Review #2, by Flower n Prongs Good Luck, Lily

9th December 2016:
It sounds like this was for a fun challenge and you did a great job with an unusual assortment. Petunia, the sorting hat, and imagination don't seem to go together at all but this story seems perfectly plausible. Of course Lily would have written home after her sorting and of course Petunia, who wanted to go with her sister, would imagine what things would be like if she was a witch, too.

The more genial Petunia seems more plausible here, I believe. You can tell that she is still jealous of her sister, but it is more subtle. The anger and confusion and feeling of being thought of as "less than" are all woven in naturally. The way Petunia thought of all the things she would have done better than Lily - sitting straight, listening to the hat - illustrate how she is having a hard time with why her sister was accepted into the school but she was not granted the magical skills. The desire to be like Lily (Gryffindor) but to also be seen as as good as, if not better, than her sister sounds very real. As somebody with a sister a couple years younger who was my best childhood, I don't doubt that I would have reacted like this if we were in the Evans sisters' shoes.

I love the concept of writing the villaneous, morally wrong characters before they were so bad. It is very sad knowing where she ends up, neglecting her nephew out of spite for her sister, but it is made worse knowing that she was not always so bad and was unlikely to really grown resentful of her sister at first.

Oh, I almost forgot - the descriptions of the houses Lily gave Petunia were hilarious. Picturing Severus Snape in the movie star house got a good laugh out of me.

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Review #3, by dreamgazer220 Good Luck, Lily

13th September 2016:

I think you did a great job with the characterization of Petunia. She still comes across as a bit arrogant and bitter that Lily left, but she feels that way because she thinks she's been abandoned by Lily. I get the sense that they were close before the magic stuff happened, and then Lily went off into her own world, leaving Petunia behind. I think your characterization of her is really realistic in that sense, and I applaud you for doing such a great job with someone as unpopular as Petunia.

I also get the sense through this that she doesn't have as many friends. That Lily was really her only companion, and now she feels worse that she's gone. You almost make me feel a bit bad for her :( I like the idea of Petunia looking out for Lily though, of her being the overprotective sister. That's definitely something I can see and I love it.

I can definitely see her sitting in her room imaging what life would be like at Hogwarts.

And even though this fic was just that, there was enough here where you kept me reading all the way through. It didn't feel boring; Lily's descriptions of the houses were great (lol at Slytherins being famous, and poor Hufflepuffs!) and Petunia figuring out she could be in any of them. I especially enjoyed that part!

I don't think the writing was choppy. I think you did a great job of using the letter as a way to break up her thoughts and use it as a prompt for the next line of thinking, but the flow was still really well done that nothing felt weird or strange. My one recommendation would be: could you maybe start the fic with "Oh! And Tuney! Youíll never believe what happened after the boats!"? I feel like that would draw the reader in even more.

I can definitely see how this one first place in the challenge! This was really unique and you did an excellent job with it!!

I really enjoyed this, Paula!! Thanks for the request!

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Review #4, by beyond the rain Good Luck, Lily

12th September 2016:
hi paula!
here's the review I promised for the click and drag challenge - I'm sorry it's so late.

This story is absolutely brilliant. You've managed to capture Petunia's bitterness but still make me feel sorry for her. Even though she didn't go to Hogwarts, I feel like the school shaped her personality a lot and was a big part of her life.

Lily's letter was great, I loved the sneak peek we got of her sorting, and how James was involved before she hated him. I adored Snape's little mention, and the analogy that Slytherins were like film stars - they do remind me of classic hollywood actors, very film noir!

Another thing I liked about this was how Petunia was really sure of herself, and was confident about so many things, like how the hat would struggle to house her, and how she'd sit tall on the boats. You really worked well with the prompt and turned this fic into something bittersweet.



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