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Review #1, by marauderfan  How Hogwarts Scarred Me For Life (by Enid McElderry)

25th January 2017:
I'm here with very (very, very) belated holiday gifts. The wishlists are closed now so this is unofficial, just wanted to make sure you got some gifts! By the way, look at your Q&A for another gift as well ;)

So, browsing your page here I saw this one, and if I recall correctly wasn't this the Story of the Month not too long ago? Congrats! So now I'm here to love and review it!

Okay, so clearly the best thing about this story is Enid and her absolutely brilliant narration. She has some great one liners in there - get ready for me to copy and paste some of your own work back to you:

I’d have probably recognised him if she’d used his title, or just called him the dungeon bat. Everyone else did.

no one could look that glum over a croissant!

No actually Enid we wanted to thank you for doing every bit of homework on time – we actually have no idea what you’re on about

There were loads more but those ones really stood out to me and made me laugh. Enid's internal monologue was great. Poor Enid, forced to know all about this secret affair and have it follow her throughout all of her Hogwarts years. Especially when you're eleven and the idea of your teachers having a love life is just... wrong. Hahaha! That and the fact that one of the people is the dungeon bat, whom Enid is terrified of.

I love how Hermione is really kind to Enid though and helps her find her cat, and it's clear throughout the story that Hermione's kindness has changed Snape, as well. I can't imagine Snape being that lenient a generation earlier, if Ron had been found in the corridor looking for Scabbers. He'd have a week's worth of detentions.

Also, poor Hermione. To bring Snape to the mirror of Erised and hear him say that after so long he's still hung up over Lily. At least he did seem to move forward at that point.

The way you wove together the romance and the humour was wonderful - it never got sappy because of the rather uninterested narrator, but it still showed the progression of their relationship and contained sweet moments.

This was really well paced and I have to say again that I just loved Enid's voice in this story. I can see why this won featured story! Well cone!

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Review #2, by Emcnary  How Hogwarts Scarred Me For Life (by Enid McElderry)

30th December 2016:
Gah! I loved that little story so much:)

Author's Response: thank you!


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Review #3, by ABlack  How Hogwarts Scarred Me For Life (by Enid McElderry)

17th December 2016:
Where do I even start? Perhaps I should warn you that I absolutely love Snape/Hermione - they’re one of my all-time favorite pairings. So I went into reading this wondering what the girl in the banner, with her eyes as wide as saucers, possibly had to do with Snape/Hermione.

Merlin’s ever-loving balls (of fire), I was totally unprepared! First off, her name: Enid. Not exactly a common one, and I should know - it’s actually my middle name. Then her cat and her fear of losing points because the darn cat might die. Quirky? Yes, in an adorable way. But her reaction to them swapping spit? OMG, you had me giggling out loud. Enid’s internal screaming dialogue was just too perfect! I swear this story should come with a ‘beware of snorting your coffee’ advisory because that’s what nearly happened to me. That she had to continually put up with stumbling into their moments throughout her years at Hogwarts was crazy and hilarious.

There were so many great lines, too, like ‘no one could look that glum over a croissant’ and ‘Enid McElderry please, your Slytherin is showing.’ Enid is a delightfully funny narrator, particularly because she wasn’t trying to be funny.

Overall, this story highlights that you certainly have a comedic streak. Great job!


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Review #4, by Rumpelstiltskin  How Hogwarts Scarred Me For Life (by Enid McElderry)

30th August 2016:
Hey! I'm here with your Slytherin Hot Seat Review (and running late, at that).

One of the initial elements that struck me was the fact that Enid, unlike most recounts of Hogwarts that I've read, doesn't think of Hogwarts as 'home'. In fact, she seems to be finding it akin to a prison, where she's "stuck inside". This of course lends to the title of the story, which I find awesome, by the way. I also found it particularly humorous that she had been witness to several events by accident, which have caused her turmoil over the years. Also, I think this opener sets up the remainder of the story nicely.

Enid is certainly a unique character. There was something specifically interesting about her thought process as she pursued Toby -- that he would wander off and die somewhere, losing points for her House and thus her friends. Not that this is an usual thought process for a young person, but it was the overall lack of concern for Toby that was motivating her is what made it stand out to me. I think that this is fantastic peak into Enid's characterization.

Of course, this changes slightly when Snape shows lack of consideration for her cat. Speaking of, I love the Snape/Hermione pairing weaved in here amidst Enid's reactions. I found myself really loving the brief moment between the two, while laughing at poor Enid's reaction. Of course, it was even more funny that the very next day she walked in on the Professors again.

I love the continuous trauma that poor Enid is undergoing as she endured the ongoing love affairs of Snape and Hermione. Of course, even at 13, thinking of or bearing witness to acts that contribute to your teacher's personal life isn't something that Enid would want to have to think about (or see, for that matter).

One of the biggest reasons that this is so much fun for me is that there's a beautiful, sentimental Snamione here, told from the eyes of a child who wishes she could be anywhere else, not witnessing this Snamione. It's SO sweet, the doubt in the relationship, Snape's remark about the reflection in the Mirror of Erised, and their growing relationship. Of course, the icing on the cake is Enid, hidden away in the corner, seeing the relationship in a new light (but still unsure exactly how she felt about that).

:D I love Enid's plan to avoid further witness to their love life -- just ask complicated questions about school and BAM! Sort of clever, actually.

So, the marriage, the pregnancy, and the revelation that they knew that she knew was all fantastic! I loved this so much! Also, your writing is excellent. And, once more, I enjoyed the romance interwoven into the humor.

Excellent piece!

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