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Review #1, by beyond the rain Coffee [otherwise known as 'The Living and Loving Draught']

12th September 2016:
i'm finally here with my review for your challenge entry!

First off, this is such an interesting ship and one I've never considered before! What made you pair the two of them?

This story gave a great insight into Oliver's home life, like what was going on with their children and how Percy wanted him to be more organised. Little things like that really made the characters seem very authentic.

The quick run in with Hermione was good too, it broke the story up nicely!

I think you worked well with the prompt that you were given and reading this lovely fluffy fic was a nice breath of fresh air from all the angst I'm reading/writing at the moment!

Well done I really enjoyed it!


Author's Response: Hey Bex, thanks for showing up!

I basically said all that I was planning to say in the PM I sent you on HPFT, so I just wanted to thank you for the review and starting up the challenge.

The answer to your question: I actually ADORE Perciver, they're one of my favourite ships. I just haven't had the chance to write them as much as I'd like.

Thanks again, and have a lovely day!


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Review #2, by dreamgazer220 Coffee [otherwise known as 'The Living and Loving Draught']

22nd August 2016:
Review tag! ♥

LILY! THIS WAS SO CUTE! So, this is actually the first Percy/Oliver story that I've read, but I do love me some Oliver Wood (he was my first HP love, after all :P), so I knew I had to give this a shot. I'm glad I did.

Your descriptions here were really great. You painted an excellent picture of a bustling Ministry, and I loved how Oliver stood out, not looking pristine and perfect, but that no one seemed to care because they were all too busy about where they were going. That seemed very realistic to me. And nice cameo with Hermione there; I loved that she was just a girl below him in school, not a member of the Golden Trio. Because to Oliver, that's how he'd think of her.

And I loved the bit about the coffee ! A lot of stories have coffee addicts, but it was refreshing to see that he didn't seem too fond of the beverage. I really liked how you described the shaking hands and how the first time he tried it, he thought he'd have a heart attack. Your Oliver is so cute :)

It was adorable how he waited for Percy and didn't even seem to get angry that he was late - he knows his husband, and knows he's a workaholic. It's so cute to picture them with girls, and the way Oliver described them shows that he knows them so well (of course) and it's so sweet.

I also loved your last line. It was super cute.

Great job with this, and good luck with the challenge!!


Author's Response: JILL THANK YOU SO MUCH! Welcome to the Perciver ship? (I think, maybe, did you like it?) Going off at next port or staying for a little boat ride? I definitely love Oliver too though, and I like Percy and Oliver together because they're too different but too alike. If you think about they both the same devotion and hardworking attitudes, just for different things. So, I like them together.

Description was definitely what I was going for with this particular one-shot. In some of my others it's principally dialogue, and some (like this one) are principally descriptions. But I for sure did want to portray that idea that Oliver doesn't fit in here, so there's not really anyone to talk to. I'm so glad you thought it was realistic, that was really what I was going for.

Well, the bit about the coffee was necessary for the challenge I was doing, but I did like it. I was really happy with the prompts I got. I wasn't exactly going for a vibe that he doesn't like coffee, but he's not a coffee addict of course.

It's true, he definitely does know his workaholic husband. Well, actually it's two girls and a boy (Sammy, Samuel, Sam), but that's cool too! It's not like it's important.

I always like to close with a little flare *takes out fireworks*. "Kaboom." I was find when last lines in books and FF are powerful I remember them for so much longer.

Thank you so much again, I hope that you're having a fabulous day. Take care.


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Review #3, by victoria_anne Coffee [otherwise known as 'The Living and Loving Draught']

21st August 2016:
Hello my lovely!

Ooh this challenge looks so interesting! I'm excited to see what you did with your prompts!(And I do love a good Oliver Wood fic ♥) (I also love coffee ♥)

Straight away your descriptions are fantastic, I can just imagine a poor tired and dirty Oliver surrounded by these crazy Ministry workers. I love the fact the Ministry has a café, too! I mean, makes sense, but I never really thought of it before. Maybe the Ministry isn't so bad after all.


Aw their children sound so sweet! And it was Percy he was waiting for, aww!

Such a cute little story, I'm glad I checked it out, and I think you did a wonderful job with your prompts. Good luck in the challenge! ♥

Love Bianca

Author's Response: Hey Bianca, thanks for your sweet review, I hope you're having an awesome day!

I love coffee, and a good Oliver Wood fic too. I definitely am super happy with the prompts that I got, and loved how well the worked for me! Thank you so much for the input on my descriptions, I definitely did want people to see the images.

POLITICAL BEANS! Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

And, of course he was waiting for Percy! Given the chance I almost always write Percivers. I have a bunch that aren't posted. Maybe you could say I'm the queen...

Thank you so much for your review, and for the luck! Have the best of days.


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