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Review #1, by Alice Vows

19th December 2017:
I have so many feels and conflicting emotions about this story.
I adore Cassie as a character I don't know why because she's not made good life choices at all and is entirely selfish and uncaring the majority of the time but something about the way you've written her just makes me completely understand why she is the way she is. You can see little hints of a better Cassie coming through in the story now and I truly want her to find her happiness.
I'm not sure that happiness is in a little family with James and I'm not sure I want that for her because I can't imagine her being happy. But if this is where Cassiess story ends I am so excited to see how you get her there - she's got a long way to go before she can play house and be happy about it.
Ollie is a character I am struggling with and perhaps it is because I've read fallen as a stand alone - I find she lacks depth and strength and I struggle to relate to her.
Albums and James are written beautifully andi love Louis too when he crops up and then we come to Jason. Trusty Jason with a strong desire to protect his friend and who would have guessed hidden feeling for said friend. He's obviously been a rock for James and he's a little sweetheart, I need him to find his happiness too (again I certainly don't think that is in a relationship with James.)
I'm so looking forward to the continuation of this story, it's so beautifully crafted.

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Review #2, by blackzero Vows

19th November 2017:
Oh my god.the chapter was absolutely amazing. It was an absolute pleasure to watch Al and Ollie relationship blossom into ultimate happiness.
James and Cass had enough trouble to last life time. Whatever Jason might think,I pray you make them end up togethar. The hardest thing is to watch the one you love some one love else that happened exactly I think Jason looked at James.Felt extremely sorry for him but I want James and Cassie togethat...Keeping fingers ceossed...Thanks for such an excellent chapter

Author's Response: Oh yay so glad you enjoyed it! Really pleased you thought it did justice for Ollie and Al.

I"ll try not to leave it so long for the next one so you can see what happens with James and Cass! xx

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Review #3, by thehiddenface Vows

18th November 2017:
Gah! This killed me. I love Ollie and Al so much. I feel bad for Cass but at the same time I feel like she did this to herself and it makes me mad.

Author's Response: Aw so glad you like Al and Ollie! And yep Cass definitely brought it on herself. Not much left of this story now! Won’t leave it so long before the next update! Thanks for reviewing xx

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Review #4, by HarryGinnyLove88 Brunch

9th October 2017:
When you write again??

Author's Response: I'm sorry! I'm back now! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #5, by annimal16 Brunch

10th September 2017:
Hey. In my opinion you didn't really grasp the mindset of an alcoholic in the story before this one.
But in this story it is a lot more real.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you're enjoying this one more

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Review #6, by Lisa Brunch

5th September 2017:
Cassie is a character I absolutely adore, she's so fantastically portrayed in your writing. She's complex and driven by self preservation and fear of letting people in really and despite us being nothing alike I can completely relate to her and that is because of your talent in brining her alive through your writing.
While I am entirely in support of her she has a huge character arc she must take if she's to ever fit into a family with James and sweet little candece.
She is not a good person and her life to this point hand shown her to be uncaring for others and selfish so how she makes that jump into being a partner and a mother I'm not sure - in fact it is a happily ever after I'm not sure she is even fit for. Time will tell!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like Cassie! You might be the only one haha. But I'm loving writing her.

And I agree that it's not clear whether she can fit in to the family James might want.

Thanks for the review! xx

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Review #7, by Giu9_RedandGold Brunch

3rd September 2017:
I'm glad James is accepting help and is starting to see the possibilities of his new life, though I thought he would have needed more convincing.
It seems to me that Cassie is a sort of weakness for him. I mean, no matter how bad she messes up, or how much she hurt him, all it takes is a small gesture from her to make him happier. It's kind of sweet, but not really healthy, because it't like he momentarily forgets or forgives all the pain she uas caused him and all the years she's been away. And they still haven't talked about this, but I hope they do soon.

Can't wait to read what comes next!! 😉

Author's Response: Thanks for such a lovely review! I think you're definitely right about Cassie being a weakness for James. He's seeing kindness from her when she's actually not doing anything all that great. And I do think this is quite quick forgiveness, but he's not all the way there yet.

Thanks so much for taking the time to review! Love hearing your thoughts xx

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Review #8, by thehiddenface Brunch

2nd September 2017:
I'm in love with this

Author's Response: Oh yay so pleased! Thanks for reviewing! Emma x

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Review #9, by Violet Potter 434 Brunch

31st August 2017:
what a wonderful idea!!!

I LOVE the paraquidditch idea

and yes am I still jetlagged (I flew back from Australia early this morning

but when I got a notification saying this was updated too I couldn't resist, you're just going to have to accept a poor review

...I don't mean the chapters poor, I mean this strange thing I'm writing that the more I write seems to make less sense


this is such a cool concept

I cant wait to see where you take this!

amazing chapter btw

love from me xx

Author's Response: Haha Violet you need to go to bed! But thank you for reading :)

So pleased you like the paraquidditch idea!

Emma xx

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Review #10, by Heather Brunch

31st August 2017:
I don't know what to think really. I like that James is coming to terms with his accident and how he can move forward, but I don't think Cassie has earned anything to take credit in it. Not only because she left him and Cadence before, but also because of how she's treated James since she came back. James is far to easy on her, and I really hope that him being so thankful is only because she gave him a chance to talk to Henri, and it's not an opening for her to come back into his life. Cassie can grow up and change, but James still deserves better. I also think his acceptance was a bit rushed, he's spent months being down and just a few sentences from a stranger helps him overcome it all? But I can kind of look over that since he does need to move forward at some point-- I think my main problem is Cassie's involvement in it, because as I said, she hasn't earned it as a person to be involved. But I do like that Cassie is talkning to Cadence, at the same time as I'm a bit vary because Cassie's got an awful track record and a child does not deserve to be abandoned (even if it's just by a friend) and I hope James is a bit on his guard.

As you probably can tell, I'm not a fan of Cassie, even though she helped James in this chapter. I don't think there's anything she can do to redeem herself to me, but I still enjoy reading this story for all the side characters and it's really well written! Thank you for this chapter :)

Author's Response: Hi Heather! Thanks for all your thoughts.

I completely agree with you about Cassie. Most of what she does is fairly unforgivable and James is probably too quick to let it go. But I'm glad you enjoyed her talking to Cadence.

He definitely hasn't accepted his situation yet, but this is the first time he's seen that it might be possible to in the future.

So glad you're still reading and enjoying it! Thanks for taking the time to review! Emma xx

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Review #11, by Hasane Memories

11th August 2017:
Hi! I'm so sorry it took me just about four days to finish the rest of this!

Youve really set this story up to have some real potential for plotlines here. Cass is already making steps into maturing a little bit, as she took the chance to apologize; that takes a lot of guts you know?

I never really did like Cass in Complicated but youve really made me sympathize with her, and understand to an extent why she would do what she did. Of course, your readers hating Cass (most of them anyways) also had something to do with a bit of denial; all of us would love to believe when push comes to shove we wouldnt run away, wouldnt we? Shes human, so weve got to give her some leeway for that.

I really like that Cass went to James to do something about their ruined relationship but having sex with him really wasnt the way to go. It would bring up old feelings, or some illusion of it, and theyre usually never good. I dont know what you plan on doing with the two of them, but by the end of the story Id really like to see them friends, as friends who have worked through their problems, you get what I mean?

So, about Scorpius. I really have to applaud him. Olivia suffered a lot with Cass disappearance in her sixth year, but Scorpius clearly went through some stuff too. He had to experience the anxiety of thinking his girlfriend had died or something, and all this while his feelings for her were at his strongest. He did say that he was going to confess that he loved her at the beginning of Complicated didnt he? And then, it turned out Cass was alive! But pregnant with a baby that wasnt his. Yikes. Seven years later, I would say he had properly moved on, but those feelings of frustration would have lingered, I think. He didnt punch Cass the moment she showed her face to him, even when he had every single right to. I give him props for that, honestly.

Olivia is such a sweetheart. Seven years, and she still kept sending letters to Cass. People better than her would have stopped after the first few years, but she never gave up. You have to love her.

And Albus! We finally saw a bit of a mean side to him! No one can ever be that nice. He really is a sweetheart; he could never hurt a fly. Well, except if it was Cass (kind of).

Also! Cass finally saw her child! Cadence! What a pretty name you chose for her, especially a pretty one alluding to music. Do you plan on doing anything with those two? I think it would be really nice if Cass ever finds the courage to talk to Cadence, and become friends with her? I dont think Cass is quite ready to step up to the plate of being a mother to her, but I think being friends with her is a nice compromise.

I really like what Cass has going on with Louis? Theyd be a really good brother-sister type relationship, and I think Cass is just really comfortable with Louis? Maybe its because theyve made the same mistakes and that puts them at the same level with each other? I dont know. Is that it?

So, uh, I hear youre on a bit of a roadblock with this story (I read your response to my last review!)? I dont know if I have any worthwhile ideas, but I suppose Ill still throw them at you.

In this very recent chapter, I caught a very tiny small detail that had me really interested?

I had a new friendship with Louis, and thought Id found a way to help make James feel better. Its this one. So, Cass found a way to help James? Is it prosthetics? I think its the most logical way to go about fixing James situation. So maybe in the next chapter Cass could drop by James and perhaps pitch this idea? Of course James can take this idea however he wants, since its coming from Cass, and her idea is maybe iffy?

Or the next chapter could be the aftermath of Olivias breakdown, and Cass is slowly helping Olivia come back from it? Breakdowns are very exhausting, not to mention they just kind of make you feel empty.

You could even throw Cass into a very uncomfortable situation with Olivias bridesmaids and make Cass feel horrible, or either somehow build her persona of a maturing person. You know?

Was my gibberish any help to you? Gosh. Im so sorry. Also, apologies for not being able review my thoughts on every chapter; so instead I just made into a whole giant review with all of my thoughts gathered.

See next time, hopefully with a new chapter!

Author's Response: THANK YOU! It's honestly so lovely to read such a thoughtful, detailed review. I'm so glad you're still enjoying it!

Cassie and James have a pretty complicated history and relationship, but I have a feeling you'll like where they end up (fingers crossed!).

And I'm really pleased you'er enjoying Scor and Olivia! They've both grown up quite a lot and I'm enjoying showing Cassie dropping into the lives they've both built. I would have loved to write a big confrontation scene between Scor and Cass but I think he's pretty pleased with where he's got to and wouldn't feel so angry any more, so it wouldn't have been fair to him.

And thank you for liking Louis! Loving writing him. He's the one who hasn't really grown up at all but he's lots of fun.

Thank you for your suggestions! I really appreciate it. I've planned the rest of this story (does actually include a little bit of your stuff!) but for some reason I'm not feeling that drawn to it when I sit down to write at the moment. The same thing happened every so often with 'Complicated' so I'm sure some time soon I'll sit down and finish it off!

Thanks again for all your kind words and thoughts.

Emma xx

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Review #12, by Hasane The Invitation

7th August 2017:
it's taken me a while to get to this story! i like it so far, and i like the twist you gave Cassie! it was never hinted to in 'Complicated' but i really didn't think she'd be bisexual!

so, if it isn't offensive to you, do you mind me asking as to why Cassie didn't get an abortion? it really confused me when she chose to keep the baby, when her character (i feel) screams she wouldn't?

(disregard that there wouldn't be a story if cassie had done this lol)

Author's Response: Hi! So glad you're enjoying it so far :)

Cass is pretty flexible about her sexuality and relationships, so it never really came up at school when she was with Scor but was also never a secret.

And for a long time I thought Cass would end up having an abortion, but I think she's a bit too stubborn for that. She likes to feel likes she's owned her mistakes, and she felt like an abortion would be admitting vulnerability. As the pregnancy progressed, she also started to think she might be good at having a child, and developed some feelings for James. I've hit a bit of a block with this story at the moment, but I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on Cass's point of view by the end!

Thanks so much for taking the time to review :) xx

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Review #13, by dracoismyboyfriendguys Memories

13th June 2017:
I'm loving this so far! For a Cassie hater, you've sure made me sympathise with her! I honestly feel like James deserves 1000x better but they seem to have a pretty magnetic attraction so I'm just hoping Cassie can prove that she deserves him! Hoping for an update soon!
Alice xxx

Author's Response: And thank you again! I've hit a bit of writer's block with this one but am slowly working on the next chapter so hopefully won't be too long! xx

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Review #14, by Shinicha Louis

23rd January 2017:
You have yet again managed to completely draw me into your story!
Cassie makes a really interesting main character. I've got huge respect for your for doing it, because it's a tough balancing act... you do it SO well. Everyone dislikes Cassie, for very good reasons, but you still manage to keep her away from too much self-pity and still make her kind-of relatable. I find myself questioning Cassie's motives all the time because you have this captivating style that leaves the reader slightly detached from her. That gives a certain thrill to the story and makes it terribly addicting!
What surprises me a bit is that Ollie/Liv became a rather uninteresting side-character in this story. But then again her story is well rounded up and there are Louis, James, Jason (what is up with him? Does he actually *love* James?) to keep you glued to the plot!
I hope so much that Cassie will find it inherself to actually care enough to not run away this time *fingers crossed*
Anyways - you're doing a wonderful job!
I noticed some small mistakes in some of the chapters - I'm sorry, I didn't write them down :/ But maybe if you go over the story again sometime you could keep special attention to there/their were/was and such, they were small typos like that :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so pleased you'er enjoying reading! Ollie has a bigger scene in the next chapter but is definitely more of a side-character in this story. I couldn't quite let go of her all together but this is definitely Cassie's story and the others you've named feature in a bigger way than Ollie.
Ahh I've been quite lazy with my proofreading recently so thanks for pointing that out! I'll make sure to come back and do a proper edit at some point x

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Review #15, by Shinicha The Invitation

23rd January 2017:
Ah, I've always found it particularly hard to understand Cass, so I'm very excited to read a story from her POV! Interesting start, and omg poor James :(

Author's Response: Yay thank you! I'm really enjoying writing from Cassie's point of view so I hope you like it!

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Review #16, by Mirrormirrorlove  Memories

11th January 2017:
Ok call me crazy but did we ever find out why they went to Paris? What did they have to talk to ariellas husband about? I'm loving this story, please keep updating!!

Author's Response: Haha so far we haven't found out, but we will next chapter I promise xx

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Review #17, by blackzero Louis

11th January 2017:
Interesting Chapter.Louis characterized way different than normally at fanfics.

Author's Response: Oo I haven't read much on Louis so am interested to hear what you think is different. Thanks for reviewing :) xx

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Review #18, by blackzero Memories

11th January 2017:
Oh finally a closure between Scorp and Ca. Hoping she sorts her mess and end uo happily with James. Keeping finger's crossed.Thanks for the update

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to review! Glad you liked Cass and Scor's scene xx

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Review #19, by luna1306 Memories

9th January 2017:
I've always hated Cassie for leaving but I'm really glad she apologized to scorp. I think I'm warming up to her now.
I'm really sorry I didn't nominate you! I have an endless list with stories and I just forgot about this one a bit.
I really do love your story and it makes me sad it's ending soon.
How can all of this be fixed in 3 chapters!?

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I'm glad you're warming to Cassie. She's definitely not perfect and has done lots of bad things, but hopefully her POV makes her a bit more human.

Don't apologise! I was mostly just reminding people to nominate because I know in previous years I've often nearly forgotten :)

This was always going to be a short one but when it's done I'm going to start working on a Scorose set between complicated and fallen so the story as a whole isn't quite over yet xx

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Review #20, by Scarlet Memories

8th January 2017:
this is so good! ollie's story made me so sad though. and i love scorpius! there's only three more chapters!? :(

Author's Response: Thank you! So happy you're enjoying it.

This was always going to be a short one but when I've done I have a ScoRose in this universe I've been desperate to start writing so look out for that!

Thank you for taking the time to review. I really appreciate it! Emma xx

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Review #21, by AbraxanUnicorn Memories

8th January 2017:
Hurrah, an update!

Firstly - poor Ollie and Al :( I completely missed the references to daddy Albus in earlier chapters, and then going back for a re-read, I realised there were plenty of clues hinting towards a child (I really must read more slowly and carefully in future). I can't imagine it being something they will ever get over completely, but I hope Al can help her through the post-traumatic flashbacks eventually.

Scorpius is such a sweetheart for not punching Cassie in the face after how she has treated him in the past. And Draco! I was surprised by his sensitivity, but I guess he's had plenty of time to reflect on his past.

I still can't quite warm to Cassie, even though she's showing us a more positive side to her character in this chapter. I cannot shake the feeling that she's got something big, dramatic and hurtful up her sleeve. I hope it's not going to be more misery for poor James.

Great stuff! Another fabulous chapter. Thank you :)

Author's Response: Gosh you got here quickly! And you've really made me smile so thank you :)

Haha I tried not to make the references overwhelming so hopefully they weren't too obvious, but I'm glad you spotted them on a re-read. Ollie and Al have perhaps been looking like everything's a bit too good to be true, and I wanted to show how that's not yet the case. At some point when I have time I have another novel length story in the works which is ScoRose but covers this time in their lives, so maybe that'll turn up some time over the next few months.

I don't blame you at all for not warming to Cassie. I'll be interested to see what you think of her over the next few chapters.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments and for taking the time to let me know what you think :)

Emma xx

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Review #22, by Violet Potter 434 Memories

8th January 2017:
loved it

cant wait for more

from me xx

Author's Response: I'm looking forward to writing the next chapter so hopefully that means I'll get it done quickly! Thanks so much for taking the time to review :)

Emma xx

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Review #23, by thehiddenface Louis

28th December 2016:
I've read Complicated and I couldn't stop myself from coming to read this and I love it so much. These characters make me so happy and when I'm reading I feel like standing in the same room just watching instead of reading. I love when stories do that to me. I'm still a bit angry with Cass but I can see that she's trying to fix her mistakes. Ollie is one of my favorite characters ever. I prefer to call her Ollie for some reason but I like Liv too. I love how you've portrayed Al. It's really great how he can convey a seemingly happy image but still have a bitter undertone.i love this! -Elle

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you've been enjoying reading. I think Cass is definitely very flawed, and 'Fallen' isn't supposed to excuse what she did, but I'm glad that you're liking her a bit now.

Thanks for taking the time to review xx

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Review #24, by She who must NEVER be named Louis

26th December 2016:
A haiku to you


you literally helped me de stress during my exams although technically I'm not really supposed to but meh

Amazing chapter as usual, I admit I was a bit worried if you were abandoning this story but good to see you aren't!

Also, will you be updating long live the queen soon?

Author's Response: Oh yay I'm glad you enjoyed reading and that it came at a good time!

I've been having a bit of writers block but am now about half way through the next chapter of LLTQ so hopefully should have it up in the next couple of days.

Thanks for reviewing! E xx

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Review #25, by Violet Potter 434 Louis

11th December 2016:
yay another chapter
and it was as good as ever

literally cant wait to finds out what happens next so you'd better start soon!!!

from me xx

Author's Response: Thank you for still being here! So glad you enjoyed reading xx

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