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Review #1, by beyond the rain Draconus hagridus

21st August 2016:
hey paula!
i'm bex and I found this beauty through 2 things. First, I made the banner & second, I got you in the gift tag competition! I knew if I had to review one of your fics - it would be this one!! (also before I start it's nearly 3am here, so if my review doesn't make much sense im v sorry)

This idea is so sweet. Like I love that Hagrid gets to stand up and have everyone acknowledge him. Hagrid was one of those characters in the books I felt was a little used. Okay, Dumbledore was a good man, he accepted Hagrid after he'd been falsely accused about the whole chamber of secrets shebang.but after that it was like he was forgotten about by society and just put in his hut on the grounds and that was that. I didn't like that he accepted that Hogwarts hid him away, and that no one really appreciated him. If anything with aragog and buckbeack i expect the ministry really didn't like him.

Hagrid was REALLY in character. From the accent, to the speech patterns to those little moments where was got to see what he was thinking. It was great. I mean Hagrid had never seen himself as a V.I.P before...but he was. He was genuinely such a good person, with a very big heart. I mean he cried when he had to give Harry up, he cared enough to give him a birthday cake, and looked after him over the years. To say that people looked down their nose at him he taught them a lot of life lessons and encouraged the trio to be themselves.I mean he made a few mistakes, but everyone does.

This little one shot has given Hagrid the opportunity to be loved far more than he is, and given credit where he's due. A breed of dragon being named after him is a perfect gift. It's so in character, again, although I think he would've accepted anything.

The little bit at the end, where Harry says,
"We all love you Hagrid." That melted my heart. At that point I was done, I just pictured eleven year old Harry Potter hugging Hagrid all over again. Those two are absolutely adorable, they say Harry never had a good father figure, but I think there were plenty, and Hagrid was definitely one of them.

All in all, an excellent one shot! I loved it from start to finish, your writing style was perfect & you nearly had me in tears by the end! Very cute, very sweet and it gets a 10/10 from me!


Author's Response: Hi Bex! :D

It's such a beautiful banner too. Thank you so much!

Hagrid is one of those characters that I think we all absolutely love but it's hard to show him the respect he deserves for exactly the reasons you talk about. I have a head canon that after CoS Dumbledore was privately tutoring Hagrid. It's something I hang on to when my heart hurts for him.

I'm so glad you felt he was in character! I had to ask for help with his speech patterns only because I've seen stories involving him with so many apostrophes and unreadable words that I gave up. They could have been excellent stories too!

I think he would have accepted anything too and it'd probably bring a tear to his eye just to be thought of, but I love the idea of something so him. We know how much he loved dragons!

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful review!

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Review #2, by AlwaysAddicted Draconus hagridus

16th August 2016:
Love it! Literally felt all warm and fuzzy inside when Hagrid was so happy. I haven't read any facnfics about Hagrid before so this was a nice surprise.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you got the warm fuzzies and you loved it! Hagrid is easily one of my favorite underrated characters! He's fabulous!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review!

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Review #3, by The Birthday Goblin Draconus hagridus

13th August 2016:

Greetings! I am the Birthday Goblin, here dropping off five (that's right, five) reviews for you throughout the day in honour of your special day! TEEHEE OH HO what fun we shall have!

What a wonderful idea for a story! At first I thought it may have been a missing Goblet of Fire moment, but this is much much better. I think you've done an AMAZING job at writing in Hagrid's perspective. I've never read a story in his POV before, but I think it's super interesting, and if you consider writing another with him in it, I might even drop by when it's not your birthday! Especially him feeling comfortable with his friends, that is perfect!

(By the way, you've repeated the sentence where Charlie begins his speech)

I love that Hagrid has a dragon named after him! That is beautiful! A dragon that shall truly go down in history (although it doesn't seem as kind as Hagrid, but what can you expect from a dragon that managed to stay hidden for hundreds of years).

Now what's a birthday celebration without a little fun and games, hm? I have a riddle for thee! Riddle tiddle fiddle widdle, there'll be one at the end of every review! Unfortunately, I won't be able to tell you if you got it wrong or right, but you can always live with the frustration of not knowing, right? Or you can just Google it.

Iím a well-respected character from a very ancient house.
Youíll jump when first you see me, though I wouldnít hurt a mouse.
If somebody had been a bit more careful when he chopped,
My social life would be improved, just when it should have stopped.
Who am I?

Until next time!

The Birthday Goblin


Have you heard about the rebellion going on?

Thank you for letting me know I repeated that line! I don't know how my brain missed it!

I love Hagrid so, so much and I really wanted to honor him with something, some way. I also figure he'd probably have been fairly close to Charlie based on how close they seem in Goblet of Fire!

I will be honest, I put off answering these reviews until I figured out the riddles. I feel pretty confident on all except one (and I think I'm right on that one)!

The chopping and social life makes me think this one must be Sir Nicholas!

Thank you for such a wonderful review, you wonderful goblin!

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