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Review #1, by Marshal Stay

29th April 2017:
Okay this was a cute little moment between Rose and Scorpius. I admit that I am not a person who typically ships them but I accept that most of the fandom either ships them or ships Scorpius and Albus and have come to terms with that. Still this moment was adorable. I like how the characters fight and yet the important thing is forgiving and coming back together.

I also like how you added reality and imperfections to the characters in such a short quick piece. I mean trying to break the habit of nail biting. Most people would not think to include that is something so quick and sweet and yet you have! Kudos to you!

Also your descriptions here are super cute, and you created some very clear, nice and lovely images that I just totally adore and it made me love this story and particularly like your Rose and Scorpius as a couple like straight up. If this was a chapter fic rather than just a one shot I would consider reading more of this because I like how you have handled the characters and the couple here and I did enjoy the story.

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Review #2, by adluvshp Stay

29th April 2017:
Aw, this was very sweet. I was almost afraid it was going to end badly and I was like NO ROSE SCORPIUS BETTER STAY TOGETHER and yay the ending made me happy. They are such an adorable couple! I love Rose even with her insecurities and how she was mad at him yet couldn't even remember why and was so afraid of losing him and she loved him so much it was cute. Scorpius was also way too adorable and it was like he knew her so well, that is why he was unfazed and grinning when she came up to him and the way he was probing her to find out whether she remembered why they fought. It was cute how he was wearing that Quidditch helmet over his nightsuit though, did that have a relevance, or was it to prevent himself from any damage Rose's temper would cause? haha. The whole romance scene with their tickling and laughing and Rose's realisation and the kissing was super sweet. I was totally rooting for them. I also loved the descriptions like how her hair was touching the helmet and then she pulled it off and threw it to the side. The use of the song lyrics was also done in a fun manner - and the feel of the song totally was there in the fun cute feel of the one-shot too. I was still very curious to know the reason for their fight though, was it something serious or something silly? It is not a criticism but more like my own curiosity to know so I wish he had reminded her what it was haha. Besides that, Great work!

-CTF review by Angie

Author's Response: Thank you for stopping by, Angie =)

I think these two are pretty adorable, i'm glad you liked them!

The Quidditch helmet is in reference to the song that inspired this story, "Stay Stay Stay" by Taylor Swift, where the boy comes out wearing a football helmet. And, indeed, it is to protect himself from Rose's wrath, though mostly in jest.

I can't tell you why they were fighting because I don't know lol =P

Thank you for such a sweet review!

xoxo Renee

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Review #3, by Secret Valenpuff Stay

28th February 2017:
So I've just read an Albus story, time to balance it out with a bit of Scorpius!

So Rose goes into battle with a wand and Scorpius goes in with a Quidditch helmet? Haha. The image in my head of him in pyjamas and bed hair is so adorable and I thank you for giving me an excuse to imagine it.

*squee* So so so sweet! And you incorporated the lyrics so flawlessly.

The third letter in the last sentence is: V

Love Valenpuff ♥

Author's Response: when I think of this story I just giggle in my head. it's like candy. Fluffy fluffy candy. Cotton candy.

I never can decide between scorose and scorbus bcs scorpius is my favorite and i just want to ship him with everyone :P

OH! I got it! Love! It's Love! Finally! hahaha

Thank you for YET ANOTHER lovely review ♥

xoxo Renee

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Review #4, by Siriusly21 Stay

5th December 2016:
This was cute and sweet! I would've liked a bit more on their relationship, but it was nice the way it was! Rock on.

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Review #5, by Crumple-Horned Snorkac Stay

12th October 2016:
Greetings from the Crumple-Horned Snorkack. Word has reached me that today is your birthday, so I've taken this opportunity to momentarily step out of my beloved hidden forest and all the way out here into the internet where I can read your stories and drop of a birthday review.

I love the description of 'thawing' out of sleep. In fact, the visual details are lovely the entire way through the fic, just that particular one really stood out because it's as unique as an Erumpent horn (that is to say, very unique), and as beautiful as the Loch Ness Monster's singing voice (again, very). The word choice you use in describing Scorpius, and their whole relationship, tells a lot about them- how even after this huge fight that she thought was the end of everything, the first thing she thinks of to describe him later is how much he smiles, and can't bring herself to be angry with him at all, only nervous that he won't forgive her.

I'm glad these two humans made up at the end and put their fight behind them, whatever it was about. The way they end up reconciling in such a playful way -teasing and a tickle fight- is really cute.

Well, Nessie invited me to karaoke so I guess I must be off. But I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

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Review #6, by krazyboutharryginny Stay

18th September 2016:
Hey there!

I can't believe this has no reviews. It's pretty short, but so sweet!

The descriptions of Scorpius were particularly well done. The feelings Rose has for him really shone through in your language. There was a sort of warmth and lightness to the way you described him.

There was also a lot of really interesting and creative turns of phrase in this! "Rose thawed out of sleep" and "Scorpius was fighting a losing battle with a grin" were two of the standouts in that area. They really elevated your writing, in my opinion, especially since this is a pretty simple story in terms of plot.

I liked the attention you paid to mannerisms/everyday details in this as well, like Rose going to bite her nails but remembering she was trying to break the habit, and the way she knew all the right places to tickle Scorpius. It really gave me a good sense of both of their personalities as well as the nature of their relationship.

I do wish we'd found out what they'd been fighting about though! :( I've been left pretty curious about that, especially since it was such a big fight and everything. It almost seems a tad unrealistic that Rose couldn't remember what such a big argument had been about... but I'm not sure where you could squeeze that in though :/ so it doesn't really matter.

Overall this was a lovely read, definitely a very sweet story and nicely written! Good work!


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