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Review #1, by The Birthday Goblin Because You Have a Heart Like Mine

13th August 2016:

The Birthday Goblin is back once more to shower your stories in love (and fun facts)

Did you know Chrysippus, an ancient Athenian philosopher, died from laughing at one of his own jokes? Sometimes I feel like that will be my fate one day, haw haw haw!

Huzzah, hooray! Hark ye, another Charlie Weasley fic! He's one of my favourite characters, so I can never let a story with him in it pass.

I also like dragons, so it's rather handy for me that these two things go hand in hand.

(Sparky is an entirely appropriate name for a dragon)

The way Charlie notices the things she does is so beautiful and romantic, and the Because... I love you parts are just the best ever.

"...careful not to wake the sleeping dragon. Or tickle it." - Bless you, that is the best ever. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

Who knew Charlie could feel this way about a human being?! *sigh*

But seriously, why don't your stories have more reviews?! They are such lovely little gems and are worthy of recognition. I shall have to work some hoblin goblin magic and see what I can do.

RIDDLE TIME!! (No, I don't mean Tom...)

I am an odd being,
I believe without truly seeing.
My father has taught me about a motley zoo,
And I ‘can see them too.’
I like to daydream for pleasure,
And I truly believe,
That ‘Wit beyond measure
Is man’s greatest treasure.’
Who am I?

Bippity boppity boo!

The Birthday Goblin

Author's Response: I did not know Chrysippus died from his own jokes! That's probably the best way to go!

The Because... I love you comes from the song that I was assigned by the lovely Jo! It's a song that's very popular in her Austrian culture and she felt it captured her country really well! It's a fabulous song (even if you don't speak German).

I couldn't write that entire story without the tickling it part!

Thank you darling goblin! You're so kind!

(I wouldn't mind a little Tom, have you read Hero yet?)

A motley zoo? Daydream for pleasure? A Ravenclaw? Why you must be talking about Luna Lovegood! :D

Thank you so much for these excellent riddles and reviews!

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