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Review #1, by May Summer Vacation

22nd January 2017:
I loved this storyline it felt like I was there

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Review #2, by marauderfan Summer Vacation

14th December 2016:
HI PAULA ♥ I saw on your holiday wishlist that you wanted reviews on your one-shots so I am here to bombard all of your one-shots with love.

My main thoughts after reading this story are:

1) there was a lot of food described in this and now I'm hungry

2) Why is it so darn cold outside? I'm jealous of the Weasleys and their summer weather and having watermelon and a pool.

3) I love your characterisation of Percy and I love to think he was able to loosen up a little after the war and after everything that had happened with his family - he seems to value his family so much here (despite not greeting some of them when they came in :P ) and he's just really happy to spend time with all of them. And despite the drastic change in his personality, this does very much feel like Percy because of the characteristic traits of Percy that never went away: how he quadruple-checks the fence, how he's really proud of Dominique especially because of all the hard work she does, and how he still feels the impulse to check Harry and Ron and make sure they're not about to start mischief (even though they're all middle aged haha - old habits die hard).

4) And I love the way the rest of the family reacts to Percy now. Ginny's reaction was so telling. This family is adorable :)

5) Scorbus!

Okay that about sums it up. Fluffy summer fun. I loved it!

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Review #3, by The Birthday Goblin Summer Vacation

13th August 2016:

So guess what? It turns out The Birthday Goblin is terrible at counting! Is this review number 4? Are we really almost at the end? I shall have to go back and check, and not be as useless next time.

Oh dear Merlin. Percy as a new parent. Can you imagine all the baby-proofing and books he would have read?! Er, clearly you have. Is there no HP character you can't write?!

That secret handshake, though!

*sigh* This story makes this little goblin oh so very happy. Your characterisations are perfect, descriptions are magical - it's an all round good feels fic!

So are you ready for a birfdae riddle?

Iíd welcome all, within to dwell
If peopleís fates were mine to tell.
Beside the kitchens I reside
Equality is found inside.
What am I?

Until next time (because I'm pretty sure there's a next time)!

The Birthday Goblin

Author's Response: Hello dear goblin!

Percy was very intimidating for me because I actually don't like him much. I understand that he came back for his family, but seeing Molly so upset aggravated me to no end and I'm still sour about it.

He'd be completely nutty about baby proofing and all of the books! It's funny his girls turn out to be such outgoing little creatures!

The secret handshake was so fun to write because I sat in my living room trying to make one up doing it in the air by myself and I looked completely bonkers. It was awesome.

Beside the kitchen and equality! It must be Hufflepuff's Common Room!

Thank you, birthday goblin!

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Review #4, by pinkpanther16 Summer Vacation

1st August 2016:
This is so cute! I love that its in Percy's point of view and how it incorporates the whole family. :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you liked it! It was my first time writing Percy and he can be a little daunting!

Thank you so much for such the lovely review! It really motivates me to keep writing!

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Review #5, by AlwaysAddicted Summer Vacation

31st July 2016:
Aw this was lovely! So fluffy and sweet, and your writing style is wonderful. I laughed when Percy was so obsessed over the damned gate. I'm now off to see if you have more stories!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! It seems to be one of my better doing stories on a few other places! Percy is hilarious with that gate but I feel like he'd be a bit obsessive in general!

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful reviews! They really did make my day!

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