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Review #1, by James Carstairs A Eulogy

12th August 2016:
Good morning, Paula.

A very happy birthday to you! I wish you all the very best for the year ahead of you. I, too, am now at the mercy of that wicked witch that is age, so perhaps we can assist each other on the journey.

I have also heard of you and Plums' proclamations of love for me, and though I am flattered, I am afraid my heart belongs to another. (I hear Mortmain just needs a small amount of love, though. Perhaps he would make a better suitor? I jest, of course!)

Tessa has insisted I inform you that she very much enjoys reading your works, and as a woman who reads at every opportunity she gets, I am inclined to trust her judgement. Will is also hissing in my ear to tell you you look beautiful today. Although he is my parabatai, we do not always agree to things, but this is one fact in which I have no doubt. You are a wonderful woman who brings a smile to the face of many a HPFF member.

(Will told me earlier that the abbreviation means Hariy People Forever Fluffy, and that Gabriel Lightwood was the founder. Tessa kindly told me this was not the case, and Cecily told Will a little less kindly that Gabriel has not a hair on his chest, to which I then had to stop Will from setting fire to his ears.)

Happy birthday once more,



Author's Response: Jem,

You must know that you are indeed the love of my life. Mortmain just doesn't have the right amount of charm. ;)

Will is the sweetest, I can't lie! ♥

That's actually exactly what the abbreviation means, Will would never lie. All of that's true.

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful birthday review!

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