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Review #1, by Leefy We're Adults Now

26th October 2017:
Why is this so adorable? The end was so cheesy, I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Really appreciate the review!
Xx ImaRavenclaw

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Review #2, by princesslily_36 We're Adults Now

27th April 2017:

Here for CTF.

Scorbus.. downright adorable they are. And this story, such happy happy feels!

Apartment hunt. Gosh, that's always a rough one. Love the dynamics between the two of them. Poor things, the frustration taking over what is supposed to be exciting for them. Definitely not fun! But it's all better when they find the perfect place to live, and all that excitement comes right back.

Haha look at Harry being all dad-types on Albus! Scorpius seems to have this wry humor going on which I'm loving every bit of. Especially the part where he has to double check he's not kissing Harry, that is so hilarious!

Aww, people staring at them has got to suck, but I guess some people still have to get used to it. But discretion could be advised. I can totally imagine Draco not being on board with this. Out of curiosity, is the the gay thing or the Potter thing that Draco was so pissed off about?

Scorpius having a place at the Potter's seems so similar to Sirius having a place at James' when he was kicked out. Damn we love the Potters.

Aww, Astoria sounds like a dear. And I guess she answered my question up there! (I'm reviewing as I read!).


There's the happily ever after *heart*

This was an amazing read! Thank you so much!


Author's Response: Oh hello, I'm so sorry that it has been an eternity but I am finally getting to your awesome review. Am I forgiven?

Okay but I love writing dad!Harry, so much. You have literally no idea.

It's funny actually, because I couldn't remember if I had gotten other questions of that type (gay or Potter or both?) and so I had to go hunting for my other reviews on this story to be consistent with what I answered back then.

It turns out that no one directly asked the question, but there was a lot of speculation on it. So here is your answer: it has a little bit to do with Albus being a Potter, but it is much more to do with the fact that Scorpius is gay. Scorpius being gay is like Draco's whole world falling and crashing around him after an earthquake, and Albus being a Potter is just the house falling on the debris that comes after it, which I suppose is the best way I can explain it.

I do agree, I heart the Potters forever!

Astoria loves her son is all that I can say, even if he's going out with that git, Potter.

I loved being secretive about what was going on sans description during the proposal. It was much fun! And of course it's the grand finale everyone's waiting for.

Thank you so much for reading, and for the review! Hope to see you back on my AP soon!

Xx x x Lily

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Review #3, by nott theodore We're Adults Now

27th April 2017:
CTF Review


So. Many. Feels.

Okay so I have to admit that I have a massive soft spot for Albus and Scorpius together as a couple, especially since I read and watched the Cursed Child, so I was very happy to read this, and the fact that it's happy and fluffy really made me smile, too (possibly because I've been reading and writing so much angst lately haha).

I loved the really simple premise that this was based on, such an exciting and important moment in their lives when they start hunting for a flat that they want to buy to start their lives together. I definitely understand that frustration they have at the beginning, when they can't find anything that they want to buy after they had such high hopes.

I think what I loved about this story was the way that - although this was just a glimpse of a short period of their lives - you managed to really make me root for the two characters. The background about Scorpius and his family and being disowned and stuff for being gay, and the little things like how the house owner didn't want to say that they were together and just called them friends - it's clear they have had to face a lot together and I loved the fact they got through it all.

The ending! I had such a big smile on my face after reading that, it all just seemed to come together with the letter from Scorpius's parents and then the proposal. Thank you for making me smile with this!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Oh hello! Finally responding to this after an eternity (I am so sorry about that).

I have the biggest soft spot for Scorbus, so I totally understand how you feel. You got to see the Cursed Child? Jealous!

Hasn't everyone, haha. I guess my AP is a good relief for the angstyness since it's basically all just fluff and goodies, since I can't write angst unless it's horrible writing.

I honestly loved writing something so simple, just because I had so much more to play with in the writing.

I'm so glad you rooted for them, and that you liked the story. I really appreciate it.

You're welcome, and thank you so so so much for the review. It was super sweet. Hope to see you again soon!

Xx x x Lily

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Review #4, by dreamgazer220 We're Adults Now

16th August 2016:
Hello Lily! Here with your requested review :)

So, this was really sweet. I love the Scorbus love here; it's so sweet and genuine, and you write them well. Moving in is a huge step, but I'm glad that they seem prepared - or at least, I hope they're prepared! *eyes Lily cautiously*

I think I've told you this before, but your dialogue is really good with Scorbus, and this piece in general. In terms of grammar, it's not bad; usually I like to add a comma after dialogue before adding the tag, so it would be, "I don't even know what to say," Albus gasped happily, just so that it would read better. I hope that makes sense!

In terms of suggestion, I think once again, my main thing is going to be description, and maybe dive into either Albus or Scorpius' (or both!) mind a bit? Maybe what they're feeling as they walk around the house? There was a nice bit when Scorpius remembered what happened with Draco. (Who, admittedly, is a jerk).

And on that note, while I liked that inclusion, I was hoping you'd expand on it a bit. It was a little unclear what was happening while Scorpius was leaving. Was his parents kicking him out, or was he leaving because they kicked Albus out?

I'm really glad that Astoria reached out to him. I can totally picture Draco asking his wife to write a letter to their son for various reasons, and I chuckled when she mentioned it in the letter. XD I hope he'll reach out in the future!

The background with Scorpius' family really contrasted nicely while seeing the interactions with Al and his family. And I loved that it ended with Scorpius playing Exploding Snap with Lily; it just showed how in tune he was with that family and it warms my heart that he'd always have a place with them. ♥

Overall, this was really cute and I really enjoyed it! I like the way you wrote Scorbus, and as always, my suggestions are merely suggestions you can choose to ignore :)

Thanks for the request!

Author's Response: Hey Jill, thanks for the review!

I'm so glad you liked it, and I'm so happy you thought it was sweet, that's what I was really going for. I mean, it was for the Happy and Gay Challenge, so it kind of had to be... Happy! I'm used to writing angst, so a lot of the time my fluff comes off as clichéd.

I'm glad my dialogue is good, but description is definitely something I struggle with in fluff. My current Angst Central (Nothing But Perfect) is also description central, as it's all narrated from Scorpius's point of view.

Draco is totally a jerk. Just to clarify, yes Scorpius did leave because they told Albus to leave and were totally not accepting. It was entirely his choice. I actually got that simple idea from a short film called '12 Points', it's not central on that though. The film is about addiction and getting over it with the help of a loved one (which is totally not what We're Adults Now is about).

That was one of the things I really wanted to happen. Astoria loves her son, and she doesn't want to give up on him.

I'm glad there was a contrast, I always try to do that. I really wanted a cozy family, friendly feeling though out all of it. It was important to me that Scorpius felt like a part of the family.

Thank you again for reviewing, and I'm so glad you liked it! Have an awesome day (: !!!


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Review #5, by MuggleMaybe We're Adults Now

13th August 2016:
Hello! I'm here, after far too long, to review your entry for the Happy and Gay Challenge.

Scorpius and Al looking for their first home together is such a nice idea for a story. Lucky for them that Scorpius had saved up so much money!

Mr. Havertly is pretty oblivious, isn't he? haha It's sad to think they didn't want to tell him they're a couple for fear that he wouldn't sell them a house. I'm glad you included that though, because it's more honest. I know they will be very happy in their new home :)

Draco is such a jerk at times. However, it looks like things are improving on that front, which is good because they are ENGAGED yay! The engagement scene read distantly, like I was overhearing it without being able to see in. If you were to go back and edit this, I'd suggest adding in some description there.

This is a very sweet story about one of my favorite ships - I'm so glad you entered!

xoxo Renee

Author's Response: Hey Renee! It's okay, I'm a patient person. Thank you for starting the Happy and Gay Challenge (I'm serious, I loved it!)

I wanted it to fit with both your challenge, and the other one this story was for (The New Home Challenge).

Yes he is, I really did want this fic to be as honest as possible. I'm glad you saw that!

Draco is a jerk much too often, in a lot of my other fics he's super accepting, but I wanted another mini problem, because cliched extremely happy fics are the worst and completely unrealistic!

I kind of wanted the engagement to be like that actually. It was an attempt at kind of a surprising gesture, but who knows maybe I'll do a re-write.

Scorbus is one of my favourite ships too! I'm also glad I entered.


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Review #6, by UnluckyStar57 We're Adults Now

27th July 2016:
Hey there! I'm here from the review tag. :)

Aww, I love a good Scorbus, and this is super cute! Searching for a home together does sound like a lot of stressing and fighting, but the tone was so light that it made this sound like what it truly was--a happy time in Al and Scorp's lives.

I think it's good that Harry won't help them figure out where to live--he's being Good Dad Harry and letting them make their own decisions. It does help that they found a place pretty quickly after that, though, even though it wasn't quite what they had in mind at first.

Oh my, a house! That's an even bigger step than just a flat, and Mr. Havertly seems to know it too. (Even though he's a bit oblivious on the whole "we're not friends, we're boyfriends" thing.) I liked the small descriptions of the foyer and the surrounding countryside that you added before flashing back to brunch with the Malfoys.

Ugh, I hate that Draco treated Al and Scorp that way! I mean, it can't be easy for him because he didn't know Scorp was gay (and in love with a Potter), but that's still no excuse to behave barbarically. It makes me even more grateful that Scorp will always have a home with the Potters, because he needs someone who loves him (as Al and his family so obviously do).

I liked that Scorp played Exploding Snap with Lily--that shows that he's really a part of the Potter clan and not just a token house guest. It was a nice little fluffy ending to one of the biggest days of Al and Scorp's lives so far.

And then three months later! Yay! I'm so glad that Astoria wrote to the boys to ask forgiveness on behalf of Draco, and maybe they can work things out when they go to visit. And it's so cute that Scorp proposed on the very night that they moved in! All around, a perfect happy ending to the house hunting, and now that Draco is more willing to forgive and accept, he might be okay with the engagement too!

I could've used a little more description surrounding the proposal. I was a little confused about what was going on at first (but then again, that might've been your intention, in which case, please ignore me!). Even a little sentence like "Al reached into the box and pulled out something that was not shaped like chopsticks in the slightest" or something to indicate that he found the box or whatever.

But the end of this still has me going "aw babies!" so I think you did a really great job with the fluff and happiness of it all!


Author's Response: Hello Mallory, thanks for the review!

Scorbus is really my Harry Potter OTP, it's three quarters of the content of my author page. If I wasn't writing this for MuggleMaybe's 'Happy and Gay challenge', then they would have probably had a big fight or something, I would've probably made it a tougher process. BUT the challenge was a fluffy one.

Harry is a good dad, and that's what I was going for!

I really did want it to be a big step, it was really something I knew for the beginning. I really wanted them to a big step!

I honestly needed more fics where Draco was a bit worse with his reaction. I'm serious, I think I only have one other fic like that. So, I tend to mix it up. Yes, he did have a bad reaction, but at least he decides to give them a chance.

I wanted Scorpius to be like a part of the Potter family (after the engagement he's a future Malfoy-Potter...)

As I said, I really wanted Scorpius's parents to give them another chance.

I wanted to end on a REALLY happy note, because fluff.

I didn't want description with the proposal, because I kind of wanted it to be a surprise. Because that is always how I have characters propose, so I wanted to change it from what I usually do.

I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you so much for reviewing, and have an awesome day.


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Review #7, by toomanycurls We're Adults Now

22nd July 2016:
Aww! This is such a sweet story. It fits perfectly with the challenges you're doing.

I can tell you that it's very difficult to find a place to live under any sort of notice. The two of them are very full of life and that's quite a delight to read. I was curious if Albus was angling for money to buy a flat or his influence to help getting a flat easier. Either way, I like that Harry is having them do it by themselves.

the house sounds amazing. I'd like to move in there. :D Mr. Havertly seems a bit more baffled by their relationship than seems typical but I like that you point out they're used to it and have risen above the spectacle people try to make of their relationship.

Oh boy, I really like how you cut to Draco kicking Scorpius out (well, Albus then Scorpius left). It feels like something he'd do, perhaps mostly out of pride and anger.

hahaha, I've read stories with Harry/Scorpius shipped but that's on dark places on the internet.

It was smart of Scorpius to save up. He's quite the responsible person.

I think it's this instance of Mr Havertly calling them friends and the guys not correcting it that feels out of place. Housing discrimination is illegal pretty much everywhere so their sexuality wouldn't weight into whether the seller takes their offer. I'd like to think most of hte world is at a place where a same sex couple buying a house together isn't a spectacle but that could be because of my own view of it being perfectly normal.

Ah! I love that the Malfoys are coming around and want to have Scorpius back in their live. That makes me really happy!!

The ending is so sweet with the ring hidden in a kitchen box. That's such a clever way to propose and it ends things on a very high note. :D


Author's Response: Hey Rose, thanks for reviewing again!

I'm so glad it fits with the challenges, I was so worried that it wasn't going to.

It is hard to find a house or apartment. I'm actually moving into a new house soon. With Albus I think it was money AND his influence, Albus just really thought he needed his dad in that moment (but clearly he didn't!).

I tried to make the house sound amazing, but also small. Like a big cottage type thing. Because obviously it is their first house, I don't want them buying a mansion!

I wanted him to be baffled because even though some might think he's a muggle (I'm talking about the Wizarding World). I always have this image in my head when I'm writing fics, and the Wizarding World will either be ahead of our muggle society, or way behind (in terms of politics, sometimes other things though!). So that is why everyone is kind off, but the boys are used to it.

Thank you! I really wanted to have a Draco moment, because if not then everyone is like "why do we never get to see Draco and Astoria?" well, that's why. I agree with you on the pride and anger bit!

Well... I wasn't really shipping them together *laughs*, it was just kind of a lighthearted joke to add in there. I know what you mean, sometimes I'm feeling rebellious and I'll go read crack pot ships.

Again, in this fic the Wizarding World is far behind the muggle world in terms of politics. Also, that's not really something I would expect Albus and Scorpius to know, so maybe they're worried for no reason. I might go back and change that!

Yeah, I wanted to clear up any possible angst. The Malfoys turn around, they get the house, and then they're engaged EVERYONE'S HAPPY!

I'll be Scorpius now *sly grin* I know.

Thank you so much for your review Rose! I loved answering all of your questions and clearing up any misunderstandings you had. I'm so glad you like it.

Wherever you are in the world have an awesome day!


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