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Review #1, by Avanell 2 Change of Views

5th February 2017:
Excellent! Good job, Ginny, loved how you got her to refocus on who she is, who she loves. Knew she'd pick James, Al indeed would be a distraction. Ooh! So worried now! Please let Hermione be forgiven, although I would prefer if she had a more brilliant plan behind her actions.

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Review #2, by ShannonRay Hidden Plans

29th December 2016:
This theme so reminds me of fantastic beasts!! Well done, update soon :)

Author's Response: Really? I've actually never seen the movie or screenplay. Thank you though.

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Review #3, by Avanell 2 Hidden Plans

29th October 2016:
Something weird with the main filter I use, the background and then your story title link wasn't working. Others seemed to be. I went to your author page and the link was active there. :D

Loved the hospital scene. Al is right to be angry, but glad he told Hermione he loves her. sweet! I'm still hoping that she will do something amazing to help things get right again. I enjoyed the lesson learned on changing appearance, and the family part touches me but of course don't want her to fall with them! Hope she gets some can overcome the evil!

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Review #4, by Avanell 2 I'm in Control

15th October 2016:
Yikes, so looking forward to a resolve! Don't like Ophelia so upset, even if what they did was wrong. I hope Hermione comes up with a new plan or something to be part of things going right. :D

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Review #5, by Avanell 2 Finally, the Truth

24th September 2016:
Don't fall for it! If you seem so, blink twice. Or rather, for us readers, share your thoughts. :D Awesome chapter! I'm on team Hermione, regarding the older adults.

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Review #6, by Avanell 2 Lay Me Down

10th September 2016:
Am hoping something else is going can't kill Albus!!!

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Review #7, by Avanell 2 When A Good Day Turns Bad

21st August 2016:
Oh, my! So now she should really have a scent for the mysterious man...the magical kind as our Brilliant Hermione mentioned. Awesome update!

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Review #8, by ShannonRay (not logged in) When A Good Day Turns Bad

20th August 2016:
Yes an update ! Loved this of course ! But no gosh I hope Al is okay, he has to be- he can tell them it wasn't her. Oh gosh I hate that man albus cannot die. Final, okay? Thank you xx
Update soon enjoyed lots :)

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Review #9, by Avanell 2 Our Paths Meet Again

14th August 2016:
Very nice and interesting update!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm figuring out where I'm going as I write

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Review #10, by Shannon Ray (not logged in) Our Paths Meet Again

12th August 2016:
Ah just found this story, I adore it ! Update as soon as possible. I was having a bad day and this totally improved it !! keep writing i can't wait to read more about thalia & ophelia!! xo

Author's Response: Thanks for leaving the review!! Glad you enjoy it so far. I'll be updating ASAP! Thanks!

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Review #11, by Avanell 2 Airing It All Out

7th August 2016:
If Albus had a (ugh) woman, then I've been hoping that she had fun, too ;) I think you hinted she did, lol. Oh, what a fabulous update! Loved how they can't keep off one another :D Awesome!

Anxious to meet Thalia! friend's daughter has that name, and my cousin is Dahlia.

Author's Response: I'm still trying to figure out if I want Charise to come into play or no

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Review #12, by Avanell 2 Bittersweet

7th August 2016:
Fabulous update! Loved the sad about Mira (felt so when first mentioned).

Author's Response: I thought the memories would be a great touch. Give you a feel for her life.

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Review #13, by Avanell 2 Secret Meeting

17th July 2016:
So was Albus in a long term relationship with someone else, or was he referring to their past? Very intriguing - had to repeat that :) Great update!

Author's Response: you'll find out;)

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Review #14, by Avanell 2 All I Want is The Truth

17th July 2016: wonder he couldn't resist and kissed her after the date. And wow! What a past...had a feeling when I read all of the chapter descriptions first, the next one's summary was the one in fact. Awesome update!

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Review #15, by Avanell 2 I don't Understand

17th July 2016:
Something mysterious happening already? Wow! Great update. Sweet date and now...cannot wait click on the next chapter!

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Review #16, by Avanell 2 It's A Date

17th July 2016:
Very interesting opening chapter. I normally don't read pairings that don't focus on Hermione or Rose...but somehow was intrigued. Oh, I know the way of caring for family...started caring for my mom after getting my master's and throughout my doctoral courses.

Author's Response: I'm glad you decided to give my story a fair shot :) and yes, caring for family can be difficult. I applaud you for doing so

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Review #17, by Ohpl Secret Meeting

16th July 2016:
Loved this chapter. So many questions to be answered. Looking forward to your next .

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad you're continuing to read it:)

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Review #18, by Ohpl All I Want is The Truth

23rd June 2016:
Very interesting story. I am looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!!!
I'm very excited about this story and I'm glad your find it interesting

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