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Reading Reviews for Venom
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Review #1, by victoria_anne Venom

17th October 2016:
HPFT Team Vampire Review

Whew! I need a minute.

So I chose this story because I shamelessly adore Tom Riddle, and putting him on the banner is a sure-fire way to get me to read anything.

At first you had me guessing who the story was about, because it clearly wasn't Voldemort (who ever had the guts to bully him?!) but as soon as the word 'bathroom' came up, I knew exactly who we were dealing with.

The snake references you put in are particularly eerie, and the way she sees herself is particularly sad. I especially loved how she thinks of it as 'her bathroom', and she has some dark thoughts about Olive. I think it really sets up the Myrtle we know as a ghost.

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Review #2, by Dirigible_Plums Venom

4th September 2016:

I don't know if you're active on Twitter anymore, but I messaged you a while back about the AU Challenge I hosted back in March and how the results are finally out. Judging was delayed for several reasons, most notably by exams, but they've been up on my tumblr for a while now (not sure whether I can include links here, but my tumblr is 'elixirsoflife' and you can find the post by searching AU Challenge), but long story short: you came 2nd place! For that you have a graphic that you can find on the post I mentioned and two reviews.

Here is one of them:

This was a powerful piece. I was intrigued by it when I saw Tom's face on the banner because I'm a sucker for Tom Riddle fics; that being said, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it centred on Myrtle. I could really feel for her as I read her thoughts and as soon as the bathroom was mentioned, my heart sunk. To think that these were her final thoughts before she died - the despair at not being accepted and that last bitter resolution to unleash her anger and sorrow onto someone else. It's really heartbreaking, especially when she's speaking about how the teachers never deliver on their promises to make it all better. As someone who was once bullied, I know how that feels. Teachers really don't do enough to help you out.

The first thing I noticed was the early semantic field of snakes which I thought was really clever considering how she dies. The first line in particular ("Their whispers get you like a snake.") is really powerful since, well, she *was* 'gotten' by a snake. It was a really nice touch.

The way you structured the one shot was brilliant as well. The erratic thoughts she has, how she fixates on one word and how that leads on to a new train of thought. In general, I think you have a certain poetry to your language and that the way you compose things is just so beautiful. I can see several lines that I love just by glancing above at the one shot ("You even cracked a smile, stowing the moment away like a pleasant photo.") It's an appreciation that can't be put into words, you know? And I really don't know how you're not getting more attention for it!

Anyways, this was a great one shot and a really insightful look into a minor character. I was glad to have read it.

Plums xo

(Oh, and congratulations on coming 2nd place!)

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Review #3, by magnifique11 Venom

3rd June 2016:
First of all, I adore your author's note. It's wonderful haha. Second, I love how I didn't know who this was about until the very end because I feel like Myrtle is kind of always stereotyped and put into this really two-dimensional role but you really brought her to life and gave her a really rich and full characterization. Overall I really, really enjoyed this because it was a twist, and I loved how you turned the snake imagery on its head and gave Myrtle that edge. Awesome job! :)

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