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Review #1, by Felpata Lupin Patronus and Dementors

3rd June 2016:
Thank you!!! So, so, so much!!! I am so grateful that you thought about writing this story for me! It's so adorable and sweet and I can't even... *cries*

I should've stopped by to review ages ago... well, I'm here now! *hug* Better late than never, right? :P

So first, the memory at the beginning was simply brilliance!!! It was so beautiful, nearly poetic, and it reflects Remus' personality so perfectly! I loved how you used the wolf as an expression of his soul (even if it is his Patronus in this case)! It's so close to my headcanon!!! And I love how happiness and pain are so indissolubily linked in him. It's just who he is, and it's perfect! I love the Patronus/Dementor dicotomy so much!!!


Ok, back to business...

Love the description of the night! Stunning! And loved his inner conflict! The guilt about considering a relationship with her... ah, Remus... will you ever change? (Don't, because I love you just the way you are... :P)

This line especially "He wasn’t doing anything wrong by thinking, the Patronus inside of him argued. He was well within his rights to think…" and the whole paragraph that follows... so Remus, so perfect! Love it so much! (Sorry for the repetition... but it's all true...)

And then the memories! Their first encounter... how sweet! She's her exuberant self and Remus doesn't know how to take it! Once again, perfect! (Also, it saddened me the fact that he felt embarassed with all those other accomplished people, and that he hated their pity... can I give him a hug?)

I also loved how you wrote him slowly falling in love, noticing things about her, using the image of his inner patronus again. And then Sirius noticing, and all his doubts... this closing line was incredible "The dark hooded creature whispered the truth in his brain: ‘She could never want him that way.’"

Ok, I love Sirius! :D I love how he manages to embarass him, but at the same time to push him in the right direction! You write him just the way I would imagine him to be, funny, sarcastic, mocking... but smart and caring too, and even serious (no pun intended) when need calls. I loved how you wrote their friendship, the understanding and the confidence between them. You can tell how close they are and how well they know each other!

Oh, forgot to say... the kitchen scene was so cute! Loved Remus' awkwardness so much! Really, Remus and Tonks together are just adorable!!!

Ah, the closing! Wonderful!
"He hated the Dementor, but he knew from the moment he had seen his Patronus that the Dementor would be the one to rule his life." Not necessarily, Remus... you just need to have faith in yourself and take the risk for once. Sometimes losing control can be a good thing. ;)

"before Nymphadora Tonks in all her pink-haired glory and kissable lips that were just a tad fuller, fed his Patronus and sent his Dementors flying out of his brain." Aww... how can I even comment on the perfection of this? This closing line just sums up perfectly Remus' feelings for her! And it's so beautiful, too! I love it! So much!

This story is incredible, and wonderful, and I'm so honoured you wrote this thinking about me! I want to cry because of how grateful I am of our friendship! I adore you, little Betee!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

All my love,

Author's Response: Awww CHIARAAA (hug) (hug) (hug)

I am sooo happy you loved it! I swear I was so nervous writing this for you because I had so many Ronks plunnys in my head and I didn't know which ones to use. It did take me a while to get this ficlet out!

While I started out wanting to show sassy, fun Remus, it turned out Angsty - because Remus is kinda angsty. But you're right, sometimes he needs to lose control and just go with his heart!

I'm soo happy you enjoyed this fic and for your deliciously long and wonderful review which i don't seem to be doing justice to by my terribly small reply.

and I ADORE YOU CHIARA (hug) You are awesome and sweet and amazing :D


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Review #2, by victoria_anne Patronus and Dementors

26th May 2016:


Hello Ysh ♥

I'm so happy you wrote this for Chiara, because not only does she deserve it for being so wonderful, but it means I get to read more Remus from you (yep, I'm completely selfish)!

I adored this oh so much. Your characterisation of everyone is impeccable, as always. I love the banter between Sirius and Remus and the way you use memories to add depth to the story. They're once-lost friends now reunited and sometimes it's easy to forget that, so I love that you included those. I love stories that remind us that the characters have lived lives before we meet them.

...Did I get a bit soul-search-y there? I'm eating chocolate, that's probably why.

That opening scene is just so powerful ♥

Tonks is perfect - she made me laugh a few times! I love how you wrote Remus' feelings toward her, all the little details he noticed ♥

What I think you captured perfectly is how Remus feels about himself, manifested by the Dementor reference. He's too afraid to let anyone in - he always has been - and won't allow himself to be happy.

I'd better stop here, I just want to *SQUEE* over every little detail and I'd probably run out of room!

But seriously, Ysh, this was just so beautiful. I know you're trying to write young Marauders, but I'd love to see more of Remus and Sirius and Tonks in the Order! You write it so well ♥

Love you!


Author's Response: B!!

Your reviews always make me laugh and smile and totally blush all the time. My sister gave me weird looks when i was reading it the first time. Thank you so much for all your help on this story and for leaving a review!

You're the best B



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