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Review #1, by May EPILOGUE

11th February 2018:
Brill story really enjoyed it

Author's Response: Hello again, May!

I'm so glad you liked my story (stories?).

I hope they kept you on the edge of your seat, tickled your imagination and tugged at your heartstrings.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!!


P.S. I'm working on another story about Teddy and his first big mission. I hope to start posting chapters in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled! Sorry, but I don't have a title for it yet.

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Review #2, by May Ominous Portents

11th February 2018:
I hope the wand is still there

Author's Response: Hello, May!
Thanks for reading and reviewing! I didn't see any reviews from you of my first story "Chasing Life, Seeking Love, Keeping Hope". I hope you read it first!

I see you've already completed "Have No Fear", so you already know the answer to your comment in this review.

Again, thanks for reading and, especially, reviewing...I love to read and respond to reviews!!

All the best,

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Review #3, by LucyD EPILOGUE

10th October 2017:
Really loved this fic, thank you so much!

Author's Response: LucyD,
Thank you for reviewing! I'm so glad you enjoyed my fic!

I hope you've read my first fic, Chasing Life, Seeking Love, Keeping Hope and my one shot, Green With Envy.

If you haven't, please take the time to read and review them, also...I think you'll like them, too!

If you have, thank you very much!!

I am currently working on a Teddy Lupin story. I'll try to get a few chapters ahead and post the first chapter. I need to find a title first, though. :)

Again, thanks for reading and reviewing...I really, really appreciate it!

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Review #4, by Broadway Lion EPILOGUE

22nd May 2017:
Nicely done. I have more chapters of Malfoy Manor posted. LION been cheating, putting up several chapters at once, still a long way to go.

Harry of Potter Hall is also finished and I like that even better. I am sure you will too once I start posting it.

Now I have to consider a story for Albus Severus Thackery Arthur Potter. WTH... If Dumbledore can have five names, so my characters.


Author's Response: Thanks, Lion!

I'm glad you enjoyed my stories and found some inspiration in them! ;)

I will be reading more of your stories in the near future and waiting anxiously for More of Harry of Potter Hall!

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Review #5, by Aurorofthelight EPILOGUE

30th April 2017:
I hope that calling this a prologue instead of an epilogue means a sequel is in the offing! Nevertheless, this was a terrific ending to a magnificent story, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of it!! I really hope you do a sequel as you are a talented writer! Above all, please be sure to have a blessed life!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Auror, also caught my mistake! It really SHOULD have been titled "Epilogue". I copied the wrong title to this chapter.

Have no fear...I am sure there will be more stories...maybe not direct sequels, but definitely more Golden Quartet moments.

Thank you so much for your support and kind words, Auror! I really, truly appreciate don't know how much!

Thanks again, and I'm sure we'll talk soon!

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Review #6, by dumbledore_wannabe EPILOGUE

29th April 2017:
I have loved this story and hate to see it end! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.

I'm hoping that the title of the last chapter might be a hint that there will be a third story in this series. :)

Author's Response: dumbledore wannabe,

I'm so glad you mentioned the title! I copied the wrong title! It should have been "Epilogue". But, have no fear (no pun intended), I am sure there will be more...perhaps not a direct continuance to the series, but certainly more from the Golden Quartet!

Thank you so much for reading and following my stories!

P.S. I will change the title ASAP. Sorry for the confusion.

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Review #7, by Broadway Lion The Battle

24th April 2017:
Nice job. Lion impressed. Just posted more of Malfoy Manor. Is 46 ch total. Harry of Potter Hall is coming along nicely. Will post more of that too.

Lion wish him could post faster.


Author's Response: Thanks Lion!

I'll have to visit this weekend and check out Harry of Potter Hall!

ROAR!! :)

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Review #8, by SJB The Trap Continues To Close

23rd April 2017:
An armed army !
Whoa !

Absolutely love it .

Author's Response: SJB,

Whoa! is right! Weren't expecting that, were you?!


Just a few more chapters to go!!

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Review #9, by SJB Bait…Set. Trap…Ready!

23rd April 2017:
Oh my god .
This is unbelievable. No doubt the golden quartet have nailed it this time. The best part is Draco and Ron. I absolutely love how you have developed their characters something which makes it a perfect sequel to the actual set of Harry Potter books. Even the subordinate characters are all at their perfect places.
It's great to see that you put so much of effort to built the plot and get everything at the perfect place. That's what makes this story very different from all others. It's the best.

In fact I would say they could become the sequel to Rawlings books. They have everything it needs to be just that !!

its a brilliantly essayed plot and including so many characters makes the story a professional book one rather than fan fiction.

this should actually be made in to a movie. Why don't you consider it, if I am not wrong you are in in some kind of movie business right ?
Anyways apart from all of that it's just a bliss to read this story.

I have been away fora while exams and stuff still a month to go. But today when I read two chapters of this story all my stress went away. I enjoyed it like anything..

Dear author don't stop keep writing this one and many more to come !!!
All the very best .. cheers to your extraordinary writing skills :):)

Author's Response: Once again, thank you so much for your reviews, SJB!! You don't know how much they mean to me!

I spent countless hours plotting the direction and keeping notes so I didn't miss any sub-plots or characters (at least, I hope I didn't!). I'm thrilled that you think my story is the best...thank you so much!

If it weren't for those pesky copyrights I'd love to make this into a movie! Not to toot my own horn, but I think JK would really like where I went with these stories.

One of my reasons for writing these stories was to (hopefully) continue the magical world JK created and to share the love of HP that we all have. I'm so very happy that you find solace and relaxation with my stories...I hope my other readers do, also!!

I will continue best I can.

Cheers to you, also, SJB!!

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Review #10, by SJB The Plan Comes Together

23rd April 2017:
It gets interestin..
Great plot presentation
And as I always say u r a brilliant writer
All the best and keep writing :)

Author's Response: SJB,

I love that you like my plot direction and presentation! I hope you continue to read and enjoy the rest of the story...even though there's not much left. :)

I don't know about brilliant, but thanks so much for the compliment!! I will continue to write, since you asked so nicely! :D

Thanks again for the review, SJB. I always love hearing from you!

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Review #11, by DraconisRain The Battle

17th April 2017:
This novel is one of the better stories I have read. Characters are true to Rawlins original but are believable in their changes. I particularly like that Draco is a double agent... he developing some humanity which we all hoped he had. Love the inclusion of Asian arts and training in this story. I like Ron has now set forth with his own style of logic and situation command. And the love between the couples is wonderfully demonstrated.

Should there be a new chapter? Absolutely...Shakelbolt and Robards have proof that this group has the skills needed in the auror department. They have defensive skills, planning skill, deceit and investigative skills and have accomplished in a couple of weeks, that which the aurors have not done in 18 months. Next chapter should deal with the politics of the Ministry as well as the progression of the wedding plans for the two couples. And of course, the wedding of George and Angela needs to be discussed.

There should be the decision for Ginny...proceed with the a Quiddich career or perhaps join Harry and Ron as aurors. And of course, the continuation of their training in their new found skill and techniques.

Bardic are doing great..whatever you decide and whatever direction you go, I cannot wait to see. Thanks for this works.

Author's Response: DraconisRain,
Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and praise!!

With these two stories, I tried to remain as close to canon as I could...especially with regards to the individual characters. I also wanted to show them in a realistic light, character flaws and all, not as superhuman or superheroes.

I will let the cat out of the bag a bit. There will be a Prologue, but I'm not going to give you any clues as to what's in it. Sorry. :)

You are most welcome for my's a labor of love and I'm so thrilled that you enjoy them and anticipate my next chapter!!

Thanks for the review and the reads, DraconisRain!! The Prologue should be up soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Review #12, by Aurorofthelight The Battle

14th April 2017:
Good Friday just became a GREAT Friday with this gem of a chapter! What a battle! And on film too! The plan was perfectly executed! Hope the toad rots in Azkaban - a death sentence would be too kind! BTW, were you planning to release a video of the battle? Splendidly done! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Awww - thanks Auror!!

Thought you might like a little Easter present! Glad you like it!!

If I had a video, I would DEFINITELY share it with all of my great readers!! (I would love to see it, too - not just in my head!!!)

Thanks again, Auror - always love hearing from you!! ;D

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Review #13, by Broadway Lion Bait…Set. Trap…Ready!

5th April 2017:
The hungry LION is still waiting for more chapters.
good thing LION has own server.

I'll call my next story Harry of Potter Hall. I'm several chapters into, I think my writing is much better, but I will only post the foreword until the rest of my first story is posted. Maybe give you and others a chance to drop some comments or additions on me.


Author's Response: Lion,
There's one more chapter posted and the next is coming soon!

I'll be waiting for "Harry of Potter Hall"...sounds like a great title! :)

I will try to drop by your other works and give some reviews.

Thanks for reviewing and stay next chapter is action-packed!!

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Review #14, by Broadway Lion The Trap Continues To Close

31st March 2017:
Oho... you have dragged me this far, but have not finished yet.

It is not good to keep a hungry LION waiting!


Author's Response: Broadway Lion,

As the story title demands...have no fear. There are only a few chapters left and the next one will be posted soon!

I noticed you burned through my first story and demolished the second story within a day or two...Nice!! That must mean you like them...Thanks!!

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Review #15, by Aurorofthelight The Trap Continues To Close

27th March 2017:
LIONS AND TIGERS AND TOADS, OH MY! The operation at Grimmauld went smoother than a lake on a windless day! Can't wait to see what's in store for Umbridge and company! Needeep Needeep! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Auror,

No time to waste...the next chapter has already been posted!!! I hope you like it! :D

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Review #16, by Aurorofthelight Bait…Set. Trap…Ready!

19th March 2017:
I'd say the plan is off to a rousing start! The toad took the bait hook,line Draco must have a great poker face! Can't wait to see how the rest of this works out, especially when the toad gets her comeuppance! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Auror,
Only a few chapters left, so hold onto your hat...more will be coming soon!!! :D

And, thanks for the review. I always love to see your comments!!

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Review #17, by Aurorofthelight The Plan Comes Together

13th March 2017:
A new chapter! What a nice way to start a Monday!
This plan is more detailed than Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and has more twists and turns than a level 5 roller coaster! Lots of players too! I'd say the Toad and company don't have a chance! Can't wait to see how this little scheme turns out! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Hey, Auror!

Mwahhaahh! A dastardly plan, isn't it?! I'm glad you like the complexity of The Quartet's plan!

Not many chapters left to this one, though, so keep your eyes peeled! :D

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Review #18, by Debvfr Another Visitor to Grimmauld Place

21st February 2017:
Another good instalment
How many chapters to you think it's gonna be or are you just seeing where it takes you.

Author's Response: Debvfr,
Thanks for returning!!

I believe it will be 25 chapters and a prologue, but don't hold me to that! :)

As always, I'm thrilled you enjoy this story and keep returning to it! I'll try to do my part and keep it exciting and eventful.

Again, thanks for the review!!

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Review #19, by Aurorofthelight Another Visitor to Grimmauld Place

19th February 2017:
Well this one was a hoot! Too bad they couldn't arrange for Rita to assume the shape of a dung beetle permanently .but then there's still time! Umbridge being behind this is no surprise...she almost had to be the mysterious woman! Would of thought some of those others would already be in Azkaban tho. Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Hey, Auror!

Thanks for returning to my story!

Hmmm...permanent dung beetle...I should have thought of that! :D

Well, the Lestranges are quite the slippery bunch, and with Umbridge in the Ministry before the fall of Voldemort (and the chaos that would have ensued after his fall), I bet she had some influence in hiding their tracks and aiding in their eluding capture.

Hold gets better! Thanks for the review!!

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Review #20, by SJB A Visitor Comes To Call

14th February 2017:
This Is absolutely unbelievable.. that part where Draco was talking to himself it actually gave me goosebumps. . . it reminded me of the first novel where quirell talk to Voldemort who resided in him.. . . oh god at one point I actually read that whole paragraph again to make sure that Draco was talking to himsel!

This is mad.. . .
But very exciting .. . .

Sorry I have been a bit too busy for some time now.. I have final year exams coming up.. . .
But I see that you too have been bit busy dear author, not putting up many updates !!


Waiting for more.,

You r just awesome. . . And so is this story.. . . and So is the golden quartet

Keep the good work.. all d very best

Author's Response: SJB,

Thanks so much for your wonderful words! I truly love hearing how my writing affects my readers...good or bad. Of course, I much prefer the good!!

Oh year exams! "break a leg", as we say in the theatre!! And, yes, I have been busy, too. I promise to try harder to update more often and regularly...if you promise to ace your exams!! :)

Again, I can't tell you how amazing it makes me feel when say such fantastic things about, not only me, but my writing also! It's why I write...hoping that someone else can share in my joy of storytelling.

Thanks for your review, dear reader!!! And to you, my friend, my very best!!!

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Review #21, by Debvfr A Visitor Comes To Call

2nd February 2017:
Plotting along nicely one of those chapters that is more than it appears as it will have ramifications through the rest of the story
Hope your still enjoying writing it as we are reading it

Author's Response: Debvfr,

Glad you like the story line and where it may be leading! You are correct...very important plot keys!

Yes, I still love writing this story! I hope you love reading it as much as I love writing it!! :)

Thanks for the review!!

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Review #22, by Aurorofthelight A Visitor Comes To Call

27th January 2017:
Quite a change in Draco I must admit, and yes, I called him Draco - figured he deserves it now! This group sounds ominous - will be curious to see who the new bad guys are! Our heroes may be able to use the beetle thing to their advantage with Rita! Looking forward to next chapter! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Auror,
Glad you liked the chapter!

Yes, Draco is wrestling with some pretty heavy issues and biases. At least he's working on it. I hope you liked his internal dialogue.

We'll see how the Quartet deals with what is coming down the pike...

Thanks for your review!!

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Review #23, by loilku Inconsolable

27th January 2017:
poop out the spell in line 56

Author's Response: Not sure what you meant, loilku. Care to expound?

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Review #24, by Debvfr A Transformative Decision

3rd January 2017:
So that's all I had planned for the afternoon gone out the window but well worth the great read

Author's Response: Sorry for ruining your plans, Debvfr! But, glad you enjoyed the chapters!

More to patient. (I know you will!)

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Review #25, by Debvfr A Trip To Ollivander’s

3rd January 2017:
Hey I'm getting caught up I've not left the story
Happy new year
Love that I can binge read
Eek Rita horrid sweeter next got to be my least fav character in fan fiction

Author's Response: Thanks for sticking with me, Debvfr!

Happy New Year to you, also. Binge reading's the best!!

Poor one likes her! ;)

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