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Review #1, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage The Pun Also Rises

27th April 2017:
Here for CTf!

And I honest to god cannot stop laughing. Those puns are so terrible I'm literally crying because I am laughing so much and if I were Teddy I'm obviously just as much mortified as he is right now, especially when the puns started coming in. The fact that it's a Howler and broadcasted all over the great hall is even better, because everyone can hear how not cool it can be to have Harry as family-ish, even though if I was there and not Teddy I'd be rolling over the ground laughing in tears right now. This fic is absolutely hilarious, even if the conversation might have been hard to follow at times as to who said what when it came to a conversation with multiple people talking at the same time. But honestly? The entire howler and the puns absolutely made up for it. I also love the throwback to his own first year because of George and the toiletseats and its a bit of a shame that Bill doesn't do puns, even though I can also see why exactly he doesn't do puns. He's obviously way too cool for that. And Victoire making the first move because of a howler Harry send? I'm absolutely there for that.
Brilliant story!

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Review #2, by BellaLestrange87 The Pun Also Rises

27th April 2017:
Hi there! I'm here for CTF!

I really love the banter in this story. It's super entertaining and hilarious to read. The part about being a grump in the morning (followed by unintelligible gibberish) was extremely funny - and very relatable as well, coming from someone who is most definitely NOT a morning person.

The friendship between Teddy and Victoire was really cute. I love how they really seem to care about each other - from the friendly banter about birthday presents and what the signify to the open conversation about feeling jealous or mad. Also, I think Teddy likes Victoire already - he seems jealous about the possibility of this Scott Butler guy having a crush on Victoire and winning her over.

Oh my goodness! I love the reason for the Howler (that being: absolutely none at all)! It sounds like something I could see Harry and Ginny doing, especially if it was on something like April Fool's day. Also, as Harry never had family during Hogwarts, it's possible that he might want to send Teddy pointless Howlers because he never had the opportunity to receive letters from his parents (aside from Sirius, but Sirius - much as he would be the kind of person to send a Howler saying hi or something - probably didn't want to draw too much attention to himself given that he was a wanted escaped prisoner on the run.. and then dead.)

The contents of the Howler are wonderful as well: the kind of mundane, day-to-day things that go in a letter but that you wouldn't want the entire school to hear (example: the underwear and the lotion for the rash). Also, Teddy's reactions are just gold: hiding under the table. I have to admit that it made me laugh.

On a final note, the story worked really well with only dialogue. I really enjoyed this and I will be back to read more of your stuff after CTF!


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Review #3, by marauderfan The Pun Also Rises

21st January 2017:
Okay, so the first half of this was fun, entertaining, Teddy obviously likes Victoire, Victoire is really oblivious. And then that Howler arrived and I spent the rest of the story rolling around on the floor laughing. (Okay, maybe that's figurative and I was actually still sitting in my chair, but I did laugh really loudly.)

Harry's Howler is the FUNNIEST thing I've ever seen, especially because it's just really long and kind of pointless - much like a text from a parent who just got their first smartphone :P but it's 100x better because this is Harry and I absolutely love the way you write him as an adult. Here's what I imagine led to the sending of that Howler:

Harry: I need to write a letter to Teddy. Where is all the parchment?

Hermione: I used all of it to make flyers for my campaign to be Minister of Magic. I'll go buy more right now, and I also need new quills. BRB.

Ron: What about this red one, just use this.

Harry: YES. That will be fun. He'll never see this coming.

Ginny: ...

Special honours to this line:
HERMIONE GAVE ME A BOOK ABOUT THE HISTORY OF GLUE YESTERDAY -- omg XD for some reason this was the funniest line in the whole thing. It's so mundane that it's absolutely hilarious. And the best part is I can actually see Hermione finding something like that interesting. XD

And then all the puns! Lizzie, what with this and the previous fic I read by you today, you're my new favorite person. Puns rule. Taking steps to avoid the elevator breakdown! Ahahaha, I love it.

Filch's new cat is named Chuck. Hahahaha

Wait, leaving a review makes me 99% less likely to receive a Howler? Maybe I should delete my review then. I wouldn't mind getting a bunch of puns yelled at me, actually I'd kind of love it. (Though I could do without being yelled about rashes/odd skin conditions or whatever.)

This was amazing. Great writing :D

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Review #4, by MrsJaydeMalfoy The Pun Also Rises

26th June 2016:
Hi there Lizzie!! *Squishes* I miss you! I hope you're doing well!

I am incredibly late with this, but I am here to leave you some reviews for your turn on the hot seat! I meant to stop by much sooner, but things got a little crazy and I just lost all track of time. I'm sorry for the slowness, but I hope these reviews can at least somewhat make up for how late I am! And, thank you SO much for donating to keep HPFF around! ♥

First off, I just want to say what a wonderful job you did here with the dialogue! Honestly I would have thought that having only / mostly dialogue could make things a little confusing, but it wasn't at all - you did a wonderful job of keeping things separated and letting us know exactly who was speaking! Well done!

Also, although it was mostly dialogue, you still did an excellent job of letting your characters' personalities shine through, through their words and actions. That's just another testament to how talented an author you are!

Thirdly, this is just HILARIOUS. I was smiling so much by the end, and I really needed a pick-me-up today, so THANK YOU! I love that Teddy's in denial about his feelings for Victoire, and then Harry sort of forces him to reveal them. Plus, the way Harry was cracking those absolutely horrible jokes was so funny, I could totally see him doing that after he became a godfather / father - and you really did a great job of inserting Harry's howler in between bits of Vic and Teddy's conversation!

I loved your description, too - especially when Teddy's face AND hair turned red. So funny!

All in all this was just a wonderful, funny read! I really enjoyed it! Well done!!

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Review #5, by long_live_luna_bellatrix The Pun Also Rises

11th June 2016:
Hahahaha okay, I am beaming. That was so great!! I've been meaning to read this for awhile. Long story short, I eyed Gina's Dialogue Challenge for ages, trying to decide whether or not to take it on. Eventually, when I subconsciously had decided that I didn't have time/was too scared, I decided to do the next best thing and read some of the entries. I'm pretty sure I clicked on every single link and yours was the only one that I immediately knew I had to read. (No offense to the other participants, of course, I'm sure they all did a great job as well. But this summary caught my eye.)

First of all, BRAVO for taking on more than two characters in a dialogue only challenge! The one thing I knew when I was deciding whether or not to enter was that I wasn't going to be able to pull off more than two. But you did it seamlessly. It all flowed and I was never confused. It was very clever to start with two, move to three, and then back down to two (were there ever more than three? Either way, it all still worked). Not a bit clunky. Natural dialogue all the way. I loved it.

The Harry Howler thing-- also perfectly executed. I LOVE the concept and I think you did a wonderful job with it. That plus the arbitrary puns sound exactly like the kind of thing older Harry would do for a bit of a laugh (not entirely realizing the joke is on him). I can just see Harry and Ron doubled over laughing at some stupid pun while Hermione and Ginny shake their heads, going, "What idiots." But seriously, it was hilarious. All the components worked so well, especially, of course, the way the Victoire part played into the main plot. See, Harry totally knew what he was doing! (Or at least, I can give him the benefit of the doubt Mostly.)

There was only one thing about the story that gave me pause, and before I go into it I want to say-- it's one, tiny, minuscule little thing! Which I really do think is a compliment in its own way because I usually have multiple little things or one or two big things or some variation of that, so only having one small thing is a pleasant surprise. So here it is: I wasn't a huge fan of calling Victoire "Tori". That's it. ;) Now, I totally respect your headcanon and your naming choices, and I hesitate to even mention it, but there it is. I get that Teddy is natural nickname for Theodore and that Ron is a natural nickname for Ronald, but, well, Victoire is such a beautiful name! Maybe that's it, maybe I like her name too much. Or maybe you call her "Tori" in all your stories and all your readers know it and are cool with it but this is (maybe?) the first time I'm reading a story of yours and so I'm having trouble with it. But for me, it's just not a totally natural nickname, and kind of reminds me the way some people use "Mione" as a nickname for Hermione, and... yeah. So I promise, it's not a big deal at all, and I understand that this was obviously a choice of yours and it's subjective and it's not a situation where I can be all, "I'm right and you're wrong" because that's obviously not the case! And now I'm totally rambling. And this is becoming a massive part of the review when it was a tiny, tiny thing in my mind. Sorry about that! But yeah. I did want to get it off my chest. :P

Anyway, the rest of it-- the fluffy romance, the Howler for nothing, the puns, the rash, the dialogue, the awkward way Teddy incriminated himself when he began to go off on Scott... All of it was wonderful. I was inwardly shrieking with laughter the whole time. I love how you took these two challenges, combined them, and added a ton of spunk. Fantastic job!!!

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Review #6, by dreamgazer220 The Pun Also Rises

24th May 2016:
Lizzie! Happy Hot Seat! ♥♥

So, I had to come check this story out after hearing so many amazing things about it, and I'm so glad that I did!

This. You. THIS WAS HILARIOUS. I loved it so much, and you did such a great job with the dialogue and keeping the characters distinct. And even painting images in my mind; I could see them sitting at the Great Hall, eating breakfast, even without a lick of description.

And omg, Harry. He would absolutely send a Howler for no reason, I LOVE what you did with that prompt! It worked so well, and the added bonus of Teddy and Vicotrie was just so perfect and sweet.

I loved this! Good luck with both challenges!!


Author's Response: JILL!!

I've gotta say, this whole Hot Seat this was AWESOME. I'm sad that it's over because I got some pretty fantastic reviews last week! Including this one!

Gah! Thank you! I had a LOT of fun writing this story, so I'm really glad that so many people are having fun reading it!

Dialogue is something that I really love to write and happen to pretty good at, so it was just too perfect to combine such a hilarious story concept with a dialogue only challenge. I think it probably even adds to the hilarity of it all. :D

Anyway, THANK YOU for leaving me such a fantastic review, Jill! You're so amazing!!

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Review #7, by victoria_anne The Pun Also Rises

22nd May 2016:
No way was I skipping this story after all the wonderful things I've seen about it!

Omg Lizzie, I can't. I just. Can't.

This was beyond hilarious! The dialogue just flows so smoothly and naturally and I am in awe. It wasn't confusing at all and every character is absolutely brilliant. I love how you set the scene with them at breakfast before the Howler even arrived, and the little plot of Teddy and Tori getting together (I guess Harry is good for some things after all ;))

I want to pull out all my favourite lines but there's just too many, I'd be reading the entire story back to you! Harry is my absolute favourite, you took the prompt and made it amazing. He's so funny! You're funny! I still can't breathe! I can feel the heat from Teddy's face from here :D

Simply brilliant, Lizzie, and good luck in the challenges, though I don't think you need it!

Author's Response: Bianca!

Hehehehe. I love it when my stories render people speechless. It always makes me giggle. :P

But I'm SO glad that you liked this! I had a lot of fun writing this story, and it makes me so happy to see other people enjoying it too!

Harry is definitely good for some things -- even if he doesn't realize it...

Or does he? (Part of me feels like he knew that this was going to happen when he sent the howler)

Aw, you're making me blush! THANK YOU so much for reading and reviewing this story, and for loving it as much as I do!

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Review #8, by Felpata Lupin The Pun Also Rises

20th May 2016:
Lizzie!!! Happy Hot Seat!!!

So, I thought I'd stop by immediatly because I'm afraid this won't be a good HPFF weekend, and I wanted to make sure I left at least one review for you (not saying I won't be back... I just can't promise I will...)

Also, I really don't want to go through an umiliation like Teddy has, so I'm reviewing to discourage that... :P

By the way, a question... Why Edward? I always thought Teddy stood for Theodore? I can't see the connection... Not that it is important...

Aww... I was so excited when you mentioned Lina's full name! I was like, yay, an Italian character!!! And she actually spoke Italian, and Tori answered in French! And poor Teddy had no idea what they were saying!!! I love it!!! :D (sorry... but you know I love my language... or if you didn't know, you know now...)

Oh, shut it. Scott looks at Tori the same way you do...
See! Lina gets it!
...Although whether or not its friendship is debatable.

As I was saying, I adore Lina! Intelligente, la ragazza! ;)

Ahahah! Harry's Howler! So hilarious!!! I was laughing so hard throughout all the piece I nearly had tears in my eyes! Really, your humour is the absolute best! I thought "Lady Mondegreen" was the funniest thing ever, but this is even better!!! All the puns!!! I loved it!!!

I'm wondering why on heart Harry thought it was a good idea to send a Howler... maybe it was a plan? He wanted Victoire to hear, so that Teddy would be forced to confess his feelings? Or he simply didn't realize that it was a crazy way to write to his godson? Or maybe he did it on purpose because he liked to embarass him? Whatever the reason, even if I know I should feel terrible for poor Teddy, I'm so glad that he did, because it was so much fun!!!

This was incredible, my dear! Absolutely stunning work! So happy I stopped by!

Happy Hot Seat again!
With love,

Author's Response: Chiara!

I'm glad that you were able to stop by and leave a review! This totally made me grin like crazy!

Teddy is just a nickname for Edward... it's not all that uncommon, and according to Pottermore, JKR has Edward as both Teddy (Lupin) and Ted (Tonks)' full names! Although I didn't know that until I wrote this story - I'd always just assumed that it stood for Edward because Teddy was named after Ted Tonks, who always seemed like an Edward to me, not a Theodore. I didn't even realize that people thought it was Theodore until recently!

I also thought that since JKR had already included a Theodore (Nott) in the series, she wasn't going to write *another* Theodore in as well. Since there aren't any other Edwards, it just made sense to me that Edward would be Ted/Teddy's full name. *shrugs*

Anyway, moving right along.


I'll admit, I have a *slight* obsession with all things Italian... which means that I may PM you next time I write in Italian. I mean, I studied Italian in school for years, so I can speak/write it pretty well, but not nearly as well as I understand it, so I often miss things.

I've got quite a few Italian characters - especially in The Family Business -- I use Italian in that story ALL the time. Like, in every chapter. :P

Oh yeah, I think this story is definitely funnier than Lady Mondegreen! The puns are SO. MUCH. AWESOME. :D

While I think Harry definitely wanted to embarrass Teddy, and he probably thought that the howler would push Teddy to do *something* about Victoire, I'm fairly certain that the reason why Harry sent the howler is just because he could. :P

THANK YOU for stopping by and reading and for leaving such an AMAZING review! You've definitely made my day multiple times over!

You're absolutely fantastic my dear!!

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Review #9, by IchigoPan The Pun Also Rises

20th May 2016:
I'm a horrible reader, leaving a review this late in the game >_>;

Next to writing action scenes, I find dialogue scenes hard to write as well because you have to consider whether or not this continues the story you're trying to tell and character development without being overly draggy.

From the get go, the dialogues came roaring out with the interaction between Teddy, Lina and Tori. Then comes the Howler with the "full name card." Everyone young and old would sympathize with that. And the puns. Oh the puns! *shakes head* Please save that for the Ravenclaws, Harry, but very well done on the cheese factor. Although I did enjoy the "mango mad" one a bit...

If I were Teddy, I would've hid under the table and casted the Disillusionment Charm as he is without his godfather's handy Cloak.

All in all, good job on the humor scale, character interaction and witty dialogue. One would say this one-shot bludgeoned its way into my list of favorites. Eh? Eh? ... No? Aw... ._.

Author's Response: Nah, there's no such thing as a horrible reader! I love reviews no matter when I get them!! :D

I actually really love writing dialogues, but I totally get what you mean! It can be hard sometimes, finding the right balance of plot development and character development.

Haha! The "full name card" can be kinda scary, can't it?

THE PUNS! I love the puns! I did a lot of research to find the best of the worst puns to work into this story, and let me tell you, it was both extremely painful and extremely hilarious.

The mango mad one was definitely my favorite. It's easily the best of them all, in my opinion. :D

Oh! That's a good idea! I bet if Teddy hadn't been so embarrassed he probably would've thought of the Disillusionment Charm too. :P

HAHAHAHAHA! *slow claps* EXCELLENT PUN! Well done! You definitely win the award for best review pun!

Thank you so much for leaving such a fantastic review! You're awesome!!

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Review #10, by May The Pun Also Rises

11th May 2016:
Shame I would love an howler great read

Author's Response: May!

Aw, I'm glad that you were willing to give up getting a howler and review this story! I'll have to send you a howler when I finally get my Hogwarts letter (still crossing my fingers!)

I'm so glad that you liked this story and thank you for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #11, by Hazel Black The Pun Also Rises

11th May 2016:
Hilarious! Couldn't stop laughing... good ol' Uncle Harry, those puns were pure genius. Great work!

Author's Response: Hi Hazel!

Awe! Thank you! I'm glad that this story made you laugh!! I definitely had a good time writing Harry being super embarrassing and a bunch of bad puns!

Thanks so much for R&R'ing!

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Review #12, by Unicorn_Charm The Pun Also Rises

10th May 2016:
Gah Lizzie! I was just thinking to myself, "You know what, Meg? You haven't stopped by Lizzie's AP in a while. You should hop on that." And then I remembered seeing this banner when I was requesting one, and thought how cool it was and just had to stop by this story. :)

Oh my god, this was too, too funny! Seriously, I was dying the whole time. I know this was more of a Teddy/Vic story, but Harry seriously stole the show. That howler was one of the funniest things I've ever read on this site. How are you so funny?! Teach me your ways!

The puns were so painful, they were hilarious. There's nothing better than an awful pun, in my opinion.

And poor Teddy! The little banter that went on, in between the shouting, with Teddy and Vic was fantastic. Also so wonderfully funny to read. Their chemistry was great together. I just loved it!

I think the part that got me the most was when Harry said to just kiss her and not to tell Ginny because she likes to think she made the first move! XD Dead.

The idea of Harry becoming this embarrassing uncle type was so amazing. I love to think that he became all lame and embarrassing, considering that the whole wizarding world knows of him as this huge hero. Because really, Harry was a nerd.

And then the ending! Yay she kissed him! Love it!!

Lizzie this was so, so good. You're such a phenomenal writer and I really need to make it a point to stop by your page more often.

Awesome job on this!! ♥

*tackle hug*

Author's Response: MEG!!! *squishes*

Your reviews are some of my FAVORITE reviews I've ever received, so when I saw this one I literally squealed out loud!

Oh yes, Harry really did steal the show here... and you know what? I don't think I mind all that much!

*bows* Why thank you! I'm glad you think I'm funny, because honestly I just think I'm this super awkward dork who thinks she's funny but really isn't -- which I'm fairly sure couldn't, and definitely shouldn't, be taught. XD

You have NO idea how many puns I researched before I wrote the howler part. It was so painful (and pretty hilarious) trying to pick out the WORST ones that I could use that would work within the context of the story. I think the time was well spent though. :)

Poor Teddy indeed! I'd feel bad for him if it wasn't so hilarious... and if he hadn't gotten the girl in the end, but he did, so I don't feel bad laughing at his pain.

HA! That line was because I remember debating over who made the first move with my friend right after the sixth book came out because it was kind of ambiguous. When I remembered that argument, it was just TOO perfect not to make Harry and Ginny bicker about that once they were married a headcanon!

Harry is a TOTAL nerd.

Meg, you are PHENOMENAL! Thank you so much for leaving me such a lovely review! *squishes some more*

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Review #13, by alicia and anne The Pun Also Rises

4th May 2016:
Omg Lizzie!! I can't stop laughing!! Those puns were brilliant! HARRY IS THE BEST!!

This was so funny, I was just giggling away in bed as I read this and now I want to reread it!

You've done such an amazing job with the prompt and it was quite easy to follow who was speaking, so a massive congratulations!

I love how embarrassing Harry is :D and his puns are going to have me chuckling all day when I think of them :D

Keep up the amazingly brilliant and awesome work, Hun!!!

Love you!!!

Author's Response: Tammi!!


I'll admit, I did a LOT of research in order to find the best puns to work into this story. You should be proud of all the suffering I had to endure for the sake of this challenge. :)

Anyway, THANK YOU for issuing such an awesome challenge!! It's such a pity that you didn't get more entries, because I LOVED writing sassy Harry and I would've loved to see more stories with sassy and embarrassing Harry.

Thanks again for the challenge and for this wonderful review! *hugs*

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Review #14, by blackzero The Pun Also Rises

3rd May 2016:
Superb. This made my day.Hilarious story.

Author's Response: Gah! Thank you!! I'm so glad you liked this!!

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