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Review #1, by alicia and anne Forever and Always

23rd May 2016:
You had me at pumpkin juice riot! :D I can't wait for more!

Oh it's between house elves isn't it? This is going to be magical! I can tell! :D I'm so excited! Although I'm a little sad that they're arguing with each other.

You've included a captains log in this! This is pure gold! I love how James had to call and ask Albus for the date when he could have asked literally anyone else in the hall. :D I love it! And he's just narrating it because he doesn't have a quill, this is brilliant!

All this over pumpkin juice! I can't stop laughing!

No! That Hufflepuff should have kept it hidden in his dorm! He should have drunk it in the middle of the night when noone would jump him.

I hope that they can sort this all out so that everything can go back to normal. :P

Aw I loved this so much! It was so funny and so original, and it is epic! This was hilarious! And it was all over Pumpkin juice :P

Author's Response: Hi again! :)

James is a big brother after all! He loves to embarrass him! I also think drawing that attention to shy, nerd Albus reminds people that Albus is part of the family and not to be messed with.

I think Hufflepuff was just wanting to show off that he had it! He regretted that immediately.

I'm so very glad you liked it! Thank you so much for the sweet, thoughtful review! It means the world to me!

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Review #2, by Musing Forever and Always

21st May 2016:
Hi Paula!! I'm (finally) here to review your entry for the Taylor Swift Ultimate Challenge. :)

The prompt you'd got was sort of different from others and I was really excited to see what you come up with. 'Great Pumpkin Juice Riot of 2021'- Oh! I absolutely loved each and every part of this story. From everything I've read in the HP fanfic, this story is one of its kind! You've weaved such a beautiful story from such unique components that I was left speechless after reading this brilliant piece!

I absolutely adored the bonding between James and Albus. Although I admit that I don't usually read Next-Gen, but from whatever little I've read, I didn't really get a sneak peek into the dynamic between the two brothers. So, great work there!

And then there is the absolute GEM of the story- the love story of Remmy and Winky. Their fight in the beginning, Remmy's angry mutterings, Winky wasting herself in Firewhiskey, their small moment at the end- it was all too CUTE!

It had me laughing at so many points. 'Even Professor Flitwick was amongst the riot, reaching for the bottle for himself!' Just imagined tiny Flitwick reaching for the bottle and pushing around students much taller than himself in the crowd. Hahaha!

I loved this story so much. I'm really glad that you participated in the challenge and shared this awesome story with us.


Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you so much for this very thoughtful review! My prompt might have been a bit off the walls, but I really loved it so much!

I'm a bit next-gen obsessed (there's just so much you can do with them), but I really like exploring James and Albus. My brother and I were always bickering but then immediately making up so that's how I portrayed them.

Remmy and Winky are my favorite too! I spent hours trying to name Remmy. I forgot how hard house elves were to write!

Professor Flitwick would totally be shoving his way through to get it for himself. I think if he got caught doing it he'd claim teacherly duties or some nonsense though. It's a good cover!

Thank you so much for such a pleasant, thoughtful review! It really means the world to me!

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Review #3, by Jo Raskoph Forever and Always

2nd April 2016:
You wonderful single cell organism starting in two Ps, creator of laughter and keeper of house elf history :)

This story was just lovely. The general idea is extremely creative and so sweet, brothers' love and romance and house elves, a number of things I would have never thought to mix, all thrown together and they make up such a wonderful tale.

I love the general voice of your writing, the feel of it and the "being young and mischievous" vibes you put in there. This saying something with a wink is something I always adore in a story, but not many authors get it right like you did there.

I enjoyed your characterisation of the boys, you didn't show us a lot, but what you showed was so very believable and it painted a colorful picture of the way the two of them interact. Just a hint here and there I felt it was a really good way of letting the reader know a lot without spelling it out.

You did a really good job selecting the glimpses that gave away a lot about the whole story. I tried to do something like this for one of my stories, but it didn't work out half as well. The way you pieced together the episodes made it a whole rather than pieces.

Remmy/Winky are such a cute pair, altough we don't even know a lot about them I totally ship them. I'm so happy they got their happy end.

I didn't know I needed a story about house elves, romance and pumpkin juice, but I was wrong.

You write really good humour, thank you for putting it up so it could make my night.

Love, Jo

Author's Response: Oh, Jo! You've so quickly become my favorite person in the world!

I'm so very glad that you liked the flow of the story because I may have procrastinated until two hours before it was due for the challenge. I desperately hoped it didn't seem too thrown together!

James is definitely the most mischievous of them, but Albus certainly has his moments and finds himself roped in too much! I bet yours also worked it very well. I think as writers we are harshest on our own stories.

I can't believe how long it took me to come up with a solid house elf name. I think Remmy is such a romantic little elf!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a sweet, thoughtful review! I really, really appreciate it!

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