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Review #1, by maraudertimes memo: everyone's lazy and would rather form a new department than deal with a problem

24th September 2016:
Hi there!

At first I thought that the tags before each memorandum would cause a bit of confusion and break the story up in a weird way, but I started to look forward to them because of the little quips that you added about the owls. I thought it was a really nice way to keep those interesting and not break the story up too much.

I also thought that all the messages were really funny, especially how you had the different departments trying to duck out of it, and the state of the messages. It was funny to see exactly how each department would respond, some being very formal and others (*cough cough* Magical Accidents), just kind of use non-formal methods to try and get out of actually doing their work.

Michelle's notes were possibly my favourite parts of the story. The ones to her girlfriend were nice because they showed another part of the world and didn't keep the story focused on the Ministry antics, although it did make me sad that she had to postpone their movie night. The message about her getting promoted was hilarious because it's exactly what anyone else would do in that same situation. I wish that her girlfriend's messages were in this, but beggars can't be choosers and that might've distracted from the story.

The ending was great! I hadn't realized what everything was leading up to and then Arthur! And the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department! I thought that it was great to see how that was formed! The backstory was amazing and it was such an original way to look at the formation of a new department!

Also! The chapter name is arguably my favourite chapter name I've ever seen! And very true to the story, since everyone was too lazy to deal with the problem!

This was great and I really loved this story! You wrote it really well and even without any actual dialogue for the majority of the story, I could still kind of hear how each character spoke and their personalities shone through the messages! Great job!
Lo :)

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