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Review #1, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon Patented Daydream Charm

10th April 2016:
Oh gosh, this was so lovely to read! I really love your writing style, the lines you echoed throughout the piece gave it such a lovely tone, and that little surprise at the end was the perfect conclusion.

Also, what a great idea! This really gave you a perfect opportunity to explore different parts of Hermione's personality, and to be a bit more creative and fun all within existing canon. I love the idea that next time Hermione saw Fred he might have thrown her a wink and she would have blushed and told herself he couldn't possibly know.

Brilliant work!

-Kate :)

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Review #2, by 1917farmgirl Patented Daydream Charm

7th April 2016:

Okay, sorry about that shouting. Don't know what cam over me.

May I just say first off, that I absolutely LOVED "Understood Betsy" when I was a girl. Thanks to you, I feel like Hermione and I share something now. :)

And you, my dear, are an AMAZING author! I loved every word of this. Seriously, it was so good I often just forgot I was reading and felt like I was right there. Thank you for sharing that amazing talent with us, to read and enjoy and bring to life our own daydreams.

I have to commend you on the daydream you gave Hermione. It would have been so easy to throw caution to the wind and take her on a wild ride with Fred, but you didn't. And it worked that much better for it.

Now, on to my twins. YOU WRITE THEM BRILLIANTLY!!! Seriously, I've rarely read a rendering of them as good as this! Makes me ready to hang up the Fred and George towel and pass the torch to you.

Thank you. SO much. I'm adding this to my favorites, for as long as I can keep them anyway.


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Review #3, by dreamgazer220 Patented Daydream Charm

3rd April 2016:
Hey there! Here for our review swap!

So I don't normally read Hermione with one of the twins, but I actually really enjoyed this. The structure of the story was brilliant, and your characters were also on-point. I loved that you gave brief descriptions of where we were in time (as in, Lavender being with Ron) rather than saying that it was sixth year directly. It definitely made everything flow nicely :)

And Fred is such a sweetheart, and he was right. He really doesn't get enough credit in terms of being sensitive. And the library scene was so sweet and adorable! Actually this whole piece was, it was really just so touching and lovely. I loved that Hermione felt peace - and Understood Betsy - at the end!

You did an amazing job with this story! I'm glad I had the chance to read it.

Thanks for the swap!

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Review #4, by Roisin Patented Daydream Charm

31st March 2016:

First off, it was super ridiculous to read it today, because 'that curly haired poodle' kept making me giggle. BUT I liked the idea so much I decided to power through the Weird instead of waiting for the April silliness to pass. (I'll probs have to return to read again).

ANYWAY, this was just SUCH a clever idea! I'm genuinely jealous of your clever. Like, way to take a non-canon pairing and write it in such a tied-to-canon way. Also, I personally suspect that Fred and George DO star in the bulk of the fantasies because that is just such a hilarious idea.

Also, I commend you for balancing Silly with Poignant here. Much of the daydream felt silly and fun, but there was sort of a larger point to it as well. Like, Daydream!Fred makes a good point that 'that curly haired poodle' is her own person and shouldn't be defined by boys and so on. And I think, where she's at in her life, it's nice for her to have a little non-consequential validation. I love that this is sort of a romance thing, but also sort of not. Obviously, it's not real, so there's that. (Argh, I'm having trouble expressing this thought.) I guess I like how this story shows that sometimes romance isn't really about romance. It gets twisted up with things like self worth and validation and general feels, so it can be valuable to maybe express some of that or interact with those feelings without making a Big Romantic To-Do about it. And also, in a very literal sense, this is Hermione taking a moment for herself, and she's practicing self-care and self-love in a way. That's a really nice texture to add for a "Loving Hermione Granger" challenge :)

The ending here was also brilliant. I LOVE that the charm lets you bring something back with you. That image was just so TENDER.

Anyway, this was a really smart and funny and sweet way to address this prompt, and I think it's a truly fantastic entry into the challenge. I'll definitely need to come back and read it again after the day is done wreaking havoc on all our stories :P

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Review #5, by LilyEPotter Patented Daydream Charm

30th March 2016:

This was a lovely chapter! I like how this story could be a missing moment. I could see Hermione being curious about the daydream charm and finally deciding to try it. I could see her surprise when Fred appeared in her daydream instead of Ron, but it also showed that Fred seems to have paid more attention to what Hermione was interested in. I especially liked the final touch of the book she had been reading in the daydream charm still being there when she woke up.

One thing I am curious about is if Hermione's feelings for Ron will change now.


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