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Review #1, by TheEmotionalTeaspoon 02:04AM

9th May 2016:
Hello, it's Kate from the forums!

So first of all, this is a great idea for a series. I think the limited word count really forces you to get to the good part straight away, and that draws in your reader immediately. At the same time, I wonder if you might increase the intensity of the chapters over the course of the collection as we get to know your characters better and become more attached? I could see that working nicely, but it's just a suggestion!

I really enjoyed the tone of this piece, it definitely wasn't boring, so put that thought right out of your mind! The focus on little details, such as Hermione's digital clock, really pulled me in straight away, despite the lack of background story you also mentioned as a concern! The way that we sort of went on this treasure hunt along with our protagonist also really helped to pull me in to the situation, and set up the relationship in an interesting and subtle way.

Usually I'm apprehensive about pieces written in the present tense after my early years in fanfiction featured a lot of it, but you pulled it off wonderfully! I really like the way you addressed the piece to Hermione, it definitely gave off a sort of sweet, love letter type vibe, which again really helped me to understand the characters and their relationship.

Although the ending left me wanting more, I think that was a good thing, because if there had been a second chapter I would have clicked on to it! Also, I think leaving it to the reader's imagination at this point is quite a clever move, as we've only just been introduced to the characters, and this sort of builds tension for those future chapters.

Overall this was a pleasure to read, and you are definitely 'cut out' for writing this series, I'll be interested to see what you do with it next!

-Kate xx

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