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Review #1, by lovegood27 Inevitable

19th January 2017:
I decided to check this out like you suggested ;)

So, I have to say that I definitely prefer Scorose over Scorbus, but honestly I didn't really care when I was reading this because you just made it sound really light hearted but in a good way. It wasn't too intense but was still really cute and you just balanced the story really well.

I just feel so sorry for Albus! He worked so hard to get the job he really wanted and it ended up being awful and boring :( And Rose broke up with Scorpius without a reason! *tuts*

I also like how Albus noticed that Scorpius didn't seem upset. One would almost think that it was him who had broken up with Rose (maybe he did), but it was sweet of Albus to try to take Scorpius' mind off the break-up-AND THE ENDING! I totally loved it, it seemed like such a good way to end the story :D

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this and hopefully I'll read some of your other stories in the future :)

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Inevitable

23rd May 2016:
Poor Albus, that doesn't seem like such a fun place to work.

I hope that Scorpius can make it all better :D *nudge nudge hint hint*

They're so awkward it's adorable!! I love it so much!

I would feel bad for him for having Rose break up with him, but I'm shipping Scorbus... that and I can't get over the mental image of him knocking people over whilst drunk. Hehehee.

Albus! The reason that Scorpius isn't upset is because he loves you!

Oh James! Looking out for them all :P He's a good older brother/cousin/future brother in law of Scorpius.


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Review #3, by banshee Inevitable

5th April 2016:
Apparently we are both The Worst, because I read this on my break the night you posted it, and I never reviewed because I am #awful. But I need you to know that I absolutely adored it. And then I read it again the night we swapped, and am just in love with this. So in love. You need to write Scorbus forever.

So, back many many moons ago I loved Rose/Scorpius. And while now, I can still appreciate Rosieus, I'm so glad you went with Scorbus :p

SO let's talk about this story :D

Albus' job is awesome. Not like.. for him, but I love that you're showing kind of the.. not so glamorous side of working in the ministry of magic. I feel like it's a bit of a poke at muggle (or, our) life that something sounds super amazing and fun when in reality it's pushing papers and boring as hell.

But let's talk about Albus.

Right away, he's so awkward around Scorpius. and I feel like it's so well written that he doesn't even realize /why/ he may be being so awkward. LOVE. But then Scorpius is just as awkward. DOUBLE LOVE.

Side note: I love that they start out as friends. I think that's so important in any relationship and that they can confide in each other and even if Rose is Albus' cousin, that they're still good friends.

I love the amount of detail and back story and connections you put to DMF and all that into this. At the same time as I"m fangirling over Scorpius and Albus, I want to know so much more about Louis/Lysander and Lyra and all of them. ♥

CAn we please talk about that last paragraph for a moment. I just. I can't. it was so perfect. Its flow was incredible and it was rhythmic and HEART EYES AND FLUTTERS AND KISSES AND LOVE.


Do I even have to tell you how much I loved this? I hope you can tell. You're wonderful♥


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Review #4, by PaulaTheProkaryote Inevitable

3rd April 2016:
OH! DMF is on my next-to-read on my reading list so I'm glad I started this companion piece first!

Department of Magical Innovation sounds like the absolute coolest department in the ministry and I'd be all about working there. I can't blame Albus and Rose. The thing about internships is that you have to do your time before you get to have the fun! I started out washing test tubes and feeling jaded, but now I'm PI of my own experiments and that's exhilarating.

"Were we supposed to have lunch? Did something happen to Lyra? Did something happen to Rose?"
Albus being slightly awkward and very anxious is absolutely adorable. He's a very real seeming character just trying to keep his cool. This is exactly how I am when I see a friend unexpectedly. Oh my god, what did I forget? I'm notorious for forgetting plans entirely though and starting projects that are too monumental for a weekend (I missed a bridal shower this weekend because I thought I could pull up carpet from my stairs and resurface them with pretty wood).

I mean, his feelings for Albus are a very good reason to not continue to date Rose. Being good friends with someone and getting along with someone is not enough to hold a relationship together. There needs to be chemistry! Chemistry like he and Albus has!

I really love the way you wrote this because to be perfectly honest, I had no idea where this story was going until the last paragraph. At all. It caught me by surprise, but it was very sweet. I've decided they live happily ever after. No matter what happens in DMF.

I really liked the little bit of dialogue we got from James. He seems to brotherly to all of the boys and I'd really enjoy seeing more of your characterization of him.

Louis was HILARIOUS. I think he really made the story what it was. Just a bit of comic relief with his ridiculousness. I think we all have a Louis in our life.

Also, random bit, but the Cowardly Hippogriff is arguably the best name in the world.

My favorite line of the chapter was: "The awkwardness in the room was so thick that he felt like he could cut it with a quick Severing Charm and he had absolutely no clue how to go about fixing that." It was very eloquently written and I have no idea what it is I love about it so much, but I do.

One thing I'd say that you excel at is giving life to your characters. Everyone, from James to Rose (which we never even see) to Jessie were very real, interesting characters. Excellent prequel of sorts!

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Review #5, by marauderfan Inevitable

3rd April 2016:
Yay, Scorbus :D I'm always down to read Scorbus.

This department at the Ministry that you've created sounds really cool and I am now wondering if you discuss it a lot in your related fic, because if so I need to read that! It sounds great and I love the idea of adapting technology to a magical environment. Is that one of the things they do? Aah, it just sounds so cool, and it was probably about time for the magical world to adapt to the times a little. I mean, the most technology they had in the 1990s was from the 1940s. And magical inventions! It does sound like a cool place to work. Another thing I love about it was that the news about the opening of the department came from Percy and it was really exciting to both Al and Rose. I love seeing Percy in this light, as someone his niece and nephew look up to rather than the typical "annoying Percy" we see in fic (and the books).

I think it's also very realistic that a couple that got together at the age of fourteen because they were such good friends would maybe break up later just because they were better as friends. It felt realistic. Like they were just together out of habit at that point, and Scorpius did seem a bit subdued - as anyone would be after ending a four year relationship, but as Al points out, not terribly upset either.

And Rose probably saw something going on between Albus and Scorpius - the way they interact or look at each other or whatever, and she realized that what she and Scorpius had together wasn't as strong.

I'm glad it worked out for both of them at the end! Aww! This was lovely and now I'm going to have to find the other fic this goes with hhehehe

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Review #6, by Pookha Inevitable

2nd April 2016:
So, I'm going to come out first (ha-ha) and say that I usually avoid Scorose or Scoral like the plague as they are usually just Dramione in another form. Every so often, I'll read one like yours that is so well-written that I can actually suspend my disbelief and enjoy the story. Yours is one of the very well-written ones that can break through my prejudices against those ships.

What I liked about your story was that it felt organic and true. I mean that I can picture the characters both doing and saying what they're doing and that comes from good characaterization, especially on the parts of Al and Scorpius.

The little line about why it bothered Al so much in his fifth year makes so much sense and it seems like something he would think at the moment. There's nothing wrong with a relationship that always seemed like friends breaking down into just friends.

I think Rose must have noticed at some point how Al and Scorp looked at each other and realized that they would have a much better shot with each other.

Brilliantly characterized and very well scened up.

BTW, I've never heard or seen the term 'Wotters' before, but it's a good word, from the context used.

Author's Response: Hey!

Wow, thank you so much for such an amazing compliment! I'm grinning like an idiot reading it, I'm so flattered that you think so highly of this!

I'm so relieved that you like the characterization in this, especially since they're characters from a separate fic.

I'm not going to lie, this whole fic came out of my dilemma of including Scorose or Scorbus in DMF and my brilliant solution was to just have both :P I'm glad that it worked for you though!

I can't remember where I saw Wotter first, but it's just always stuck with me for some reason.

Thank you again for the amazing review!!


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