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Review #1, by alicia and anne Home, Suite Home

23rd May 2016:
Oh that's not good, Hermione yelling isn't going to be followed by anything fun.

Although I love that Luna is in a box, it's just so hilariously Luna :D It's brilliant!

I think that Luna would be the best roommate ever! I'm jealous that I don't have a cardboard box myself that I can hide in and pretend that I have a house. I may have to acquire one.

Awww it makes me so sad that Luna's dad did't survive Azkaban :(

:O They've never had pizza?! This is madness!

I love how they've all settled in for the night, and that they've sorted out where to sleep.

You done a wonderful job at capturing their personalities and I thoroughly enjoyed this! :D I hope that you continue this onto their adventures, I would love to see more of Luna and her box village. :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I plan to continue Home Suite Home after I finish The Grand Scheme of Things :D

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Review #2, by Veritaserum27 Home, Suite Home

17th May 2016:
Hi there!

I'm here from the Ravenclaw Common Room for the BvB review battle.

This was such a sweet story! I feel like you managed to pack a lot into such a few words. You did a good job of characterization of these three young women. I can totally see Luna building a play-house out of the cardboard boxes. And you got Ginny's temper just right - I was waiting for her to lose her cool when the hot chocolate splashed down her shirt.

Poor Hermione, I could truly feel for her situation post-war. That must've been extremely hard to deal with her parents not remembering her. :( You managed to pack a lot of back story into this - I feel like I know these girls so well!

My favorite part was the ending. Luna and Ginny really came through for their best friend, and they gave her just what she needed - a place to call home! This was a lovely read - and a real pick-me-up story. Thanks so much for sharing it!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked my story :)

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Review #3, by PaulaTheProkaryote Home, Suite Home

16th May 2016:
Hello! I'm here for BvB review!

You perfectly captured the essence of having roommates. I'm 100% Hermione and moving out was so very great for me. I'm a control freak that absolutely needed everyone to follow along with whatever organization strategy I have planned and I shouldn't have to say to do something. My husband is air force here in the US so I've become an expert at moving and the brown boxes stacked drive me crazy. Hermione's miniature break down is completely reasonable.

“Hermione, give it a rest! Did you really expect to be all moved in on the first night?” Yes, Ginny! You have wands! How hard could it possibly be?

I thoroughly love the way you've captured the post-war emotional toll on all of the girls. No one comes out of war unscathed. I can't even imagine how terrible it must be for Hermione with her parents not recognizing her well. There must be plenty of guilt along with it. Even through all of that, they've been serious for far too long. They lost their childhood to a war they never asked for. They deserve to have a pizza slumber party with cocoa in the living room. They deserve to laugh properly.

The three of them really seem to need each other and really are great support systems for one another. You show that really well when Luna is there for Hermione. Luna has every reason to mope about, but instead she supports Hermione and tries to keep her together.

I think you did a great job characterizing all of the girls, but I particularly like the way you wrote Ginny. She's funny and always breaking the tension. My favorite line was "Anything for you, grumpy?” I'd like to read more of your portrayal of Ginny because I think you nailed her spot on.

HOW CAN YOU LIVE 17 YEARS WITHOUT PIZZA! I feel so terrible for the poor magical folk. PIZZA! It's the essence of life! I'm not even sure if this counts as CC, but I think that margarita is the "don't eat the worm" drink and margherita is the delicious pizza. Not 100%, but I'm pretty sure.

I think you've made the story very realistic with all the details like pizza and the delivery guys being on strike and Luna in her box. That's so very Luna.

The story was funny and sweet and lovely and I just really enjoyed it. Absolutely excellent job!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing :) I really appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #4, by Marshal Home, Suite Home

23rd March 2016:

I'm Marshal (obviously). I am here from the forums where the Slytherin house is hosting a reviewing competition, to spread some house love and meet some awesome new people. I don't think I've seen your name around before. Anyway if this is your first foray into HPFF, welcome!

You have nice start to your story here. I can see that you will have a lot of fun with the three girls living together. I loved the whole Luna hiding in a box and making a 'house' of it. It is very in her character. I also like how you are mixing the personalities of each character. It will be interesting to see where you take things next. You certainly have captured the start of life for three roommates sharing one flat, which there aren't many stories out there about flat mates. Good job!

- Marshal
Team Ouroboros
"The end is only the beginning."

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing!

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