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Review #1, by blackzero Welcome to the Loony Bin

8th August 2016:
Hilarious .Keep writing.

Author's Response: THANK YOU!

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Review #2, by mymischiefmanaged Welcome to the Loony Bin

7th August 2016:
Hi! I came to have a look at your stories after all your lovely reviews.

I enjoyed the way you wrote the Wotters - I think Fred's a sweetie and I like how Rose tries to have them under control but doesn't quite manage.

I wasn't sure how old Becky is? I don't know if I missed that somewhere. I'm guessing she's in James's year? Is Fred in the same year?

The idea of them prowling the corridors in the invisibility cloak and stealing a cupcake from somebody they don't even know made me smile.

Thanks again for all your lovely comments on 'Complicated' - do let me know if you ever want to review swap on anything else :)

Emma xx

Author's Response: aww thanks for coming and giving me a review , I really appreciate it

Becky, James and Freddie are all in 6th year, thanks for bringing that up i'd probs finish the whole story and never write that

when I first started writing it, I decided that I wanted them all to be slightly "special" characters, so I just wrote what I thought counted as craziness but believable craziness

i will always be happy to do a review swap- i love reviewing and find reviews really inspirational

from me xx

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Review #3, by lovegood27 Welcome to the Loony Bin

15th July 2016:
I love the craziness in this story and Becky is hilarious! xx

Author's Response: Aw thanks!
I love reviews
like said many times in the story, craziness is life!

I hope to update soon, so feel free to review again

love me xxx

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Review #4, by Master of the Quill Welcome to the Loony Bin

23rd April 2016:
Interesting style! It made me laugh. It was certainly something to get into the mind of Fred Weasley!

Author's Response: YAY!
you liked it
im so pleased!

thanks so, so much for reviewing- feel free to do so again :)

from me xxx

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