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Review #1, by alicia and anne Coming Home

23rd May 2016:
I reckon that Centaurs would love to make daisy chains! I think that they would make brilliant ones!

Aw Frank has been caught pining after Alice! :D I bet Alice is loving it!

She likes him too! It's so cute! They need to admit it to each other so that they can be together :D


AH SHE ASKED HIM OUT!!! THEY'RE SO ADORABLE! They give me such fluffy feels!

YES! YES THIS STORY IS BEAUTIFUL! YES! I'M SO HAPPY! :D I am drowning in such happy feels and I am loving it!

I'm so happy!

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Review #2, by dreamgazer220 Coming Home

21st May 2016:
Hello, Cassie! I'm here for the May Hufflepuff Review Exchange!

I'm so glad that I got a chance to read this story. It was so sweet and adorable, and I loved your take on Frank and Alice.

As sweet and adorable as this is, it's also heartbreaking, knowing what their fate is. Everything here is so innocent. I really liked that Alice loved being outside, and that when Frank proposed to her, he brought her out to a forest to do so.

I also really liked that you jumped through time, but you did it in such a way that it wasn't confusing at all. It really added to the story, being able to see the progression of their relationship. And I loved that Alice felt like Frank was coming home for her, it shows just how confident she is in their relationship and in him, and it's really nice to see.

I don't have much else to say about this piece, but I loved it so much! It was perfect and short and sweet, the best kind of fluff. I also really enjoy your writing! It's so clean and polished, it makes it easy for me to get sucked right into the story.

Thanks for sharing!


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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin Coming Home

20th March 2016:
Aww, Cassie!!!
You write the most adorable things!!! *wub*
I love Frank and Alice, they're just so adorable, aren't they? (Even if I can't help but feeling sad every time I think about them, because I think about what's going to happen...)

I love that you put Alice in Hufflepuff! She's definitely fitting! I loved how you wrote her personality, so dreamy and romantic and sunny! I can totally see her getting lost in the beauty of a Spring day, picking up dandelions and making laces out of them!

And Frank! He's so adorable, too!!! Do you happen to know a guy like him? Can you introduce us? :P I loved how he stared at her in class... So sweet... He clearly cares for her so much!

Loved that moment when they are lying together in the school grounds, their playful teasing of each other. It's all so horribly adorable... Why do you do this to me, Cassie?

And the proposal... I knew what was coming from the beginning. I was grinning like a fool the whole time! (Loved the description of the forest in Autumn, by the way. So beautiful!)

Great story, as always, my dear! No one writes romantic fluffiness like you do!!!

Tons of love,

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Review #4, by Gabriella Hunter Coming Home

20th March 2016:

This is Gabbie dropping by from the forums and such, here to leave you a review! It's been a while since my last one and that is such a shame because I love reading your stories. I have reliable internet now though so I should be able to read and review more often! :D

I have to say that I seriously love the summary for this story, it's got such poetic beauty. I got such a warm feeling from reading it that I was glowing while reading this, I love seeing Frank/Alice stories because there really aren't that many. It's also nice to see that this is a very light and fluffy story, it doesn't have the darkness that sometimes accompanies the pair.

This is a nice side to them that we don't get to see that often and I really enjoyed seeing their relationship grow. It's beyond perfect. Haha. I also love the way Alice is written here too because she's the sweetest person in the world and this waif like personality you've given her is wonderful.

She's so warm and such a free spirit that when you mix Frank in with it, you just feel like they're two wonderful pieces of the same puzzle. :3 I honestly could go on and on about the sheer loveliness of this though but I'm sure you catch my meaning!

The ending wrapped this up so nicely and although we all know what happens to them later, you do a wonderful job of not focusing on the later. This is like a nice memory at the end of a bad day and that is always a good thing.

Much love,


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Review #5, by Guy Mann  Coming Home

20th March 2016:

I saw your status about this and I've always wanted to read about Frank and Alice. I'm really glad I read this - you set up their relationship wonderfully. Their relationship grew from friendship which is much nicer than love at firsts sight.

It's so sad that you ended this on hope and optimism because they don't hav that kind of future.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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