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Reading Reviews for Loony
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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Loony

16th April 2017:
It doesn’t bother you like they say it should, but then again, you aren’t like they say you should be.

Thank goodness for that. Luna wouldn't be Luna if she didn't have such high spirits. Do you think that JK Rowling would have changed Luna's character if she wrote Harry Potter today? I mean because think of the world we live in now. Bullying is a hot button issue so do you think she would have written Luna in, would she have changed the Looney bit, or do you think she would have kept her character the same to show being different isn't a bad thing?

I praise Luna for being such a strong character. Hell, I'm surprised she isn't mad considering she saw her mother die as a young girl. I mean that's difficult for anyone but for a little kid? That haunts you and instead of being angry about it and about life she moved on. She was able to accept joy and happiness into her life. I think she can read pain if that makes any sense so she makes it her own ideal to sort of go against the grain and wash away the pain. She's on another level.

You befriend Ginny. You’re surprised when she starts to defend you, instead of taking part in the mocking.

I'm glad Luna was able to have a friend, even though my thoughts on Ginny are...varied. Luna deserved to have someone in her life. I wish they would have been nicer to her in the beginning. I mean they're kind of like Draco in a sense by making fun of her and calling her Looney. It isn't cool and it isn't right but I guess it takes awhile to grow out of childish antics and name calling.

he sees you as an equal.

The good thing about Harry, always.

Gosh, Luna is just a breath of fresh air. She's marvelous. I think you hit her character well. I thought you could have given us more but then at the same time any more would have done her a disservice. I really felt her pain, though I'm not sure that's what I should call it, and her world as an outsider. Great job!

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Review #2, by nott theodore Loony

16th April 2017:
CTF Review

Hi Julie!

I honestly couldn't not read this story when I saw it on your page (I'm starting to feel that way about a lot of your writing though, let's be honest here). It's such an original concept for a story and I'm so excited to see some representation for autism in fic. I feel like that sort of thing - anything that actually impacts the way you think and learn - is sorely underrepresented in fanfiction so it's great to read about it here.

I love your choice of Lunan as the protagonist here, because it fits so well with her character. I feel like a lot of time, because they don't respond to social cues and emotions the same way, people on the autistic spectrum are laughed at and others assume that not having friends and being talked about doesn't bother them. It's actually something I feel really passionate about but I'm not going to go on a full rant here, I promise. What I love is that you show it does bother Luna, the way that people talk about her behind her back and that they don't reach out to her the same way they would to others. She stops letting it bother her but it's not her natural instinct. I think that ties in really well with the 'friends' mural that she paints on her ceiling at home- friendship is actually very valued by her.

The use of second person worked fantastically, because not only did it pull the reader into the story, but it helped us understand how she thought about things, and since people who don't have autism (or aren't close to people who do) often can't imagine what they're thinking, I thought that was great.

I love the structure of it, too - the way that she goes from being Loony Lovegood, and the repetition of that - the lack of acceptance there - to Luna, a person who is loved for herself and has friends. It was so well done and it had a really satisfying sense of finally belonging. This was great!

Sian :)

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Review #3, by melian Loony

12th April 2017:
Hi! What an interesting portrayal of Luna!

I really struggle with writing Luna. I keep going back to that quote from JKR where she says that the key to her is that she really doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her. That’s a difficult thing to portray, because it’s so alien to most of us. We all care what others think in some way, shape or form; Luna doesn’t. It makes her unique, and it makes her, in my opinion, incredibly hard to write.

You, however, clearly don’t suffer from that problem.

This is Luna down to the ground. Her observations, her thoughts, her unique way of looking at the world. She sees a lot more than people give her credit for, and she has her own way of interpreting things. And you’ve managed to get her down pat. Excuse me while I start a fan club, or something ,because yeah, that’s just so hard to do.

It was interesting trying to identify people in this. We see Ginny, of course, but then again she’s referred to by name – the Weasley girl. (I wonder at the “youngest Weasley girl” – it could be because she’s the youngest Weasley and she’s a girl, but we know there hadn’t been any females born in the Weasley family for generations so it just rolls off the tongue wrong. At least, it does for me.) The uncomfortable boy –was that Neville? It seems to fit him, as in his fifth year (Luna’s fourth year) he was still trying to find his place. I’m not sure that he really found it until seventh year, but certainly by the end of fifth he was much more comfortable. And Harry – yes, of course we know Harry. Everyone, even Luna, would know Harry. But he saw her as an equal. And that felt like a stepping stone, a landmark in her life. Because, for the first time, her own thoughts would be as one with the rest of the world, for that at least. Luna doesn’t care about the rest of the world, but now, the rest of the world cares about Luna.

Loved it. Great job!

Cheers Mel

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Review #4, by crimson quill Loony

12th April 2017:
Capture the Flag

So, this is so interesting! It is really a different take on Luna than I've ever seen before so well done for turning something on its head and making it really work for the story!

I found this quite sad really how how mean people can be and how much misunderstanding there is for this common condition is not understood that well. I felt you did a really great job at getting Luna's internal monologue right in this story. You said it's only first attempt at using this type of narrative but I think you'll really nailed it here.

I like how it fitted in with a certain canon from order of the phoenix which really added to how realistic and believable it was! this could really be happening to her.

I thought the line 'you aren’t like they say you should be.' is really powerful and important because it's really refers to autism in quite a positive light that just because everyone says you should be a certain doesn't really make that way the right way, it's just everyone is different so that really stood out to me.

I really liked the themes later in the story that themes of acceptance from ginny and harry as well because we know how important these friendships are to luna in canon so it's nice to see them being made in this. I thought way that you went from punctuating between the sentences with her name really showed the progression through the story. so happy to see she's finally just 'Luna' looked as like an equal. :) x

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Review #5, by SilverMoonFairy Loony

1st April 2017:
CTF jail break *salute* !!!

I adore Luna in a way that most people just don't understand and I think she and Harry would make the absolute best couple if only for that scene at the end of OotP that you have so eloquently reiterated here. I admire her strength, how she doesn't let things bother her like they would bother other people. I wanted to be like her in school, but I just couldn't get the hang of that let ot roll off your shoulders thing. But then, I didn't even know who Luna was until it didn't really matter anymore.

The way you've depicted her here is just everything that I wish I could convey when I write her in a fic. I love that the shirt is her mother's and that even though it's uncomfortable, she still wears it. I love the bits of backstory you show with her and it just a few words, it's beautiful. I don't think, though, that she was really alone at the end of that year. At least, I don't think she felt alone. Not anymore. Loony no more.

(Am I the only one who thought she might have a crush on Ron after the over reaction to the joke? Yeah, that's where my mind had gone at first. It still think she did. It ended abruptly in the department of mysteries.)


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Review #6, by PaulaTheProkaryote Loony

1st April 2017:
Hi Julie! I’m here to destroy hufflepuff in the capture the flag. :D

I love the idea of an inclusive story involving Luna Lovegood. She's the perfect character for this because she's so beloved by us readers, but we all know what it was like for her being teased mercilessly (even if she interpreted in a less than harsh way). She also happens to be the person I struggle the most with identifying with.

“It doesn’t bother you like they say it should, but then again, you aren’t like they say you should be.” I really like this one. I feel like this line encapsulates the entire concept behind autism and general neurodivergence.

I'm angry all over again at the way that the other students treat luna, but also that anyone would treat anyone that way. I really identify with this line here about how they say kids are just mean but it reminds me of writing off the whole "boys will be boys" behavior and I think it's important to focus in on that. If we know behavior sucks and we know it's wrong why don't we do more to stop it. Instead of writing it off as awful but normal, it should never be normalized to begin with.

The section with Ginny is important to me. I have a hard time reconciling the Ginny I love with the Ginny that would be snotty to her and make fun of her. I did like later when Ginny stood up for her and it did show a lot of character growth, but Ginny should have never been cruel to begin with. I guess those kinds of flaws are necessary to make three dimensional characters though.

The end with Harry and how she can tell he’s different, but not her kind of different and that she’s an equal to him in his mind is a really nice way to end it. I just want so much more for her after reading this. I want her to be treated the same as everyone else by everyone else. But I loved this story. So precious.

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Review #7, by Anonymous Muggle Loony

2nd August 2016:

That's really all I have to say.

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Review #8, by my_voice_rising Loony

9th July 2016:
Hello there! I'm happy to be reviewing this story, and love that the HP fandom is widening its subject matter to discuss important topics like this.

Your choice of second person narrative is interesting; I'll bet it was difficult to write so bravo! It goes very well with the almost mocking tone, as if Luna is chastising herself the entire time. And it's unique in story narration--just like our Luna!

Some Ravenclaw you are. Wit beyond measure. Oh, this is just heartbreaking. To be sorted into a house known for its wit and feeling--unjustly so--like she doesn't belong. You're really driving home how cruel it was for everyone to call her "Loony" in the first place. And Luna's always such a positive character; maybe aloof, but I'd argue that she kept Harry sane on more than one occasion.

WHY ARE YOU BREAKING OUR HEARTS THIS WAY? The shirt that was once her mothers, that she's worn all of these years even though it was far too big? And now she finally fits in it, and it's the start of her Fourth Year, and she feel like she may just be coming in to her own? And then right away all of the fidgeting with the shirt, and the jewelry feeling too heavy--she's physically aware of the items that make her different from everyone, and they're literally making her uncomfortable.

And she's even finding nice things to say about Ginny right after she called her a name. This scene is so sad, because in the books everyone has just assumed that she's sitting there serenely, not really paying mind to anything. But all the while she's fidgeting under their scrutiny and oh gosh I'm just sobbing here for poor Luna!

One thing that does confuse me is this part: After the interaction with all five Gryffindors, you think about the way you laughed for days. You remember the way they looked at you about your overreaction. I'm guessing that in the book she did laugh and laugh at something they said until they all got uncomfortable, but maybe make that a little clearer? (Honestly I'm really searching for things to critique here.)

AWWH gosh the ending is so sweet. Okay, so maybe I do wish you embellished just a teensy bit more on Luna's experiences with Harry and the Order, particularly going to the Department of Mysteries and flying on the Thestral. But I love love love LOVE the ending. So sweet. Harry and Luna's friendship is probably one of the greater things to come from the HP books (in my biased opinion).

Great job writing this! I'm glad that we spoke and that I was able to read it. Lovely work ♥

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Review #9, by Shadowkat Loony

28th March 2016:
You did a great job here. It's spot on, and I can certainly relate. Now you have me thinking about doing one, though it makes me wonder how she was when she was younger, if she ever had breakdowns like some of us did when overwhelmed. I wonder how her mother handled it.

I really wish I could find more of Luna like this, showing her inner thoughts about how others see her. It makes a lot of other people who feel like that can see themselves in Luna.

Author's Response: Hey, Thank you so much for taking a look at this and letting me know what you thought. I really appreciate it. I was really worried because I wanted to write it in a genuine and also respectful way.

I love Luna for that reason exactly. I feel like everyone has had the "oddball" feeling, and I think a lot of people can relate to her. I don't want people to see autism as an insult, and I really tried to convey that towards the end.

ramble aside, thank you so much for looking at this!

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Review #10, by Ignis The Imp Loony

20th March 2016:

I am Ignis The Imp here to check up on my dear friend Luna. Normally, as an Imp, I enjoy practical jokes and good humor, but what happens to Luna here goes well beyond that. It's enough to make a poor Imp weep.

I am glad that you chose such a unique and creative way to portray Luna's struggles to relate to her peers. It's clear that she wants to connect, but she's unsure how. My Imp heart is happy to see that in the end she finds a good group of friends who truly see her for who she is.

I nearly lost my hat when I realized that this was your first attempt at Second Person POV. You wrote it like you've done it a million times before. It was smooth and added a layer of connection to the story that wouldn't be present in other POV styles.

I also have to celebrate the economy of your words. This story is only seven hundred words long, but it says an incredible amount in a very short space. It's packed with feeling and offers a unique critique of the way children treat each other.

Now, I must be off. I have other reviews to leave before my time on the forums is up!

Ta ta for now!

~Ignis The Imp

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Review #11, by alicia and anne Loony

14th March 2016:

This was so amazing! You've done such a fantastic job at showing the way she thinks, the way she feels and how others deal with it.

I want to hug her and kick all the mean people in the leg for being mean about her.

I feel like this could have definitely been canon, and how people just assume he's weird instead of another reason.

You are such an amazing writer and I love it and you so much!!

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