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Review #1, by Purplenotebook The Sassy First Year Has A Name

7th July 2016:
Hmmm well I feel like I don't really know these girls so just some snippets from their lives, embarrassing incidents that just occurred, will be super cool
Also as much as I ship tovvy I really hope nothing romantic happens between. I really hate stories that has young kids, such as first or second years, in relationships.
And (sorry last thing I swear ;) the girl livvy was she actually talking to the birds. Like some wizarding ability that she is capable of communicating with animals. That would be very creative and fascinating to read !
Please keep doing what your doing!!!

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Review #2, by Purplenotebook The Sassy First Year Has A Name

6th July 2016:
I love tovvy and I will join in totally shipping them!! My guess is that Archie is completely crushing on cara but I could be really wrong for it is a James on the way fic;)
That sleepover was pretty low key I mean come on I need to catch up on the gossip!!;)
Please update again soo I absolutely love your story!!!

Author's Response: Yay I'm glad you ship Tovvy too!
Oooh interesting, I can neither confirm nor deny ;) all will be revealed but I do like hearing your guesses!!
I can always edit the chapter so is there anything specific you would like to have seen from the sleepover? (You could leave your reply in your next review maybe?)
I'm very close to finishing the next chapter so it should be up before the end of the week!
Thank you so much for reviewing (again) they really are so helpful and give me the boost I need each time!! x

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Review #3, by Purplenotebook An Eventful Breakfast

9th June 2016:
Got to love a good food fight, that I have to say was an excellent chapter! (Is it wierd that the sassy first year is kinda my favorite?) Thank you so much for updating!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing again!! They make my day! Not at all, I love the sassy first year and she's in later chapters ;) and I'll do my best to update regularly!

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Review #4, by Purplenotebook Walking To My Death

8th June 2016:
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Some careless typos along the
way but I love you characters and how your plot is developing.
Please update soon and frequently

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I don't have a beta and it seems I always miss typos no matter how many times I read over my chapters, if you ever see them feel free to point them out :) I should have a new chapter up soon! Reviews are always appreciated so thanks again!

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Review #5, by pinkpanther16 Bleeding Mud

21st May 2016:
I really like this story so far! The descriptions, the characters, the interactions, everything is fantastic. Can't wait for the next chapter! :D

P.S. Good luck on your exams! :)

Author's Response: Reviews make my day so thank you so much!!
I'm really glad you're enjoying it and the next chapter will be up in the next few days don't worry!
Aw thank you, I'll need all the luck I can get ;)

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Review #6, by LadyL8 Thoughts

27th March 2016:
Hi There.

I thought I should try to read stories by some authors Iíve never read before, and this story looked interesting so I figured Iíd give it a try. Iím glad I did, because I think you have so much potential here. This is a really good introduction, and I hope Iíll get to read more of it later on. Anyway, hereís my thoughts.

I really like the narrator. I think you got her voice just right, and thatís hard to do and especially so early on in a story. I really felt like I got a sense of who she is, and I love that she has a passion for running. Iím curious about what exactly she is running from, because she did mention she was running from things that scare her, but what are those things? I hope weíll find out eventually. And I think sheís right in saying that there really isnít a lot of sports at Hogwarts - not that we know about anyway - itís just Quidditch really, and thatís not a sport for everyone. So yeah, she seems smart, and I really like it.

I think you did a good job at introducing us to the story and the character as well. My only note would be that you have some really long sentences in there, so maybe you could add some commas so itíll flow a little bit better. But I really like the story, and the ending makes me wonder who that lone figure was. I think he might be important for the story. HmÖ I have some theories, but I guess Iíll have to come back later to find out for sure. But yeah, good job. I liked the story!

Now Iím actually here because of the annual fundraiser review competition. I donít know if youíve been here for a while or not, but I really hope you like it here at HPFF. We actually have a fundraiser going on now, and itís all about saving the site through donations. Iím sure weíd both love to see HPFF around for many mores years to come. So if you havenít donated already, please consider doing so, so we can keep the magic alive.

Love Lotte

Author's Response: Hi Lotte!!
Thank you so much for reviewing, and sorry it took me so long to reply!
I'm really glad you think that my story has potential, there's definitely unanswered questions that will be answered later on and I'm glad she's seems smart, because I intended her to be quite a philosophical character who thinks a lot.
Thanks for the tip about the long sentences, I'll definitely take that on board!
You're right that we need to keep the magic alive and I love HPFF so I've done what I can.
Thanks again for taking the time to review my story!
Love Beka

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Review #7, by Amanda Thoughts

2nd March 2016:
I know that you're laying the groundwork for your character but this chapter was still well written. Having run in high school (400m for the win!!) I already have an affinity with this girl. When you mentioned her gorging herself on chocolate after runs, I chuckled. My thing was pasta... You crave carbs.

I'd like to see where you go with this-- with or without reviews. Your summary was intriguing and I like the idea of you breaking out of the typical mold. No secretly inlove with best friend drama!? No being locked together and realizing underlying sexual tension!? Just a real life boy meets girl scenario!?!? I must read more!!

Best wishes,


Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for reviewing, so quickly as well! I've done some long distance running with school but rarely competitive so I'll do my best to keep the information about running accurate. I'm glad it made you chuckle, I'm not great at comedic writing so that's so good to hear! I really appreciate the review and already just from your review I want to continue uploading this story, thanks again!!
All the best, Beka x

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