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Review #1, by forever_dreaming The Stray

13th August 2017:
(cross-posted from HPFT)
I share everyone else's anguish over the fact that this is only a one-shot. Why? I need more adorableness! First off, I commend you again for coming up with such a cool idea. I've never actually stopped to consider where Sirius's nickname came from--I always figured it was something James or Remus might have called him--but this was such a cute and interesting take on that.

I also have to commend you for writing dog!Sirius quite well. I know it must be a little difficult to keep in character when writing for a non-human, but Sirius was still pretty much spot-on throughout the whole fic. I also liked how what was showcased was his compassion and loyalty--the reasons why a dog animagus is perfect for Sirius.

The ending broke my heart. How do you always make my cry with your fluff??? Fluff is not supposed to make people cry hahaha. This is definitely one of my favorite fics of yours :) Well done!

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Review #2, by marauderfan The Stray

14th December 2016:
I love Sirius and I love dogs, and I love your writing, so I'm really looking forward to this story.

The woman who takes him in is so great and it just warms my heart that she brought a stray dog in from the rain. And it also makes me laugh because she talks to herself about feeding him noodles and tuna. What a character :P

Ahh! The origin of the name Snuffles! That is really sweet. Also the more I read of this woman's life I'm really glad she found Sirius because both of them were in a kind of miserable situation there - Sirius with no home, the woman with not enough food and running short on money - and so each of them made the other's day just a little bit brighter at a time when they needed it.

Some of Sirius' thoughts as a dog cracked me up, like this one: He sniffed every shelf for the dastardly creatures, but none showed their ugly faces. Probably because they could smell how dominant and fierce he was. Most likely.

AW when he pours all his money in the tip jar at the cafe ♥ And he's all sneaky about it too. I love him. This is such a great moment.

As if there weren't enough adorable moments in this story, he goes back later, when he's on the run after Azkaban! And she's still there, and she REMEMBERS HIM, and she takes him in again. That's beautiful. Everyone all together now: AWWW.



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Review #3, by Aphoride The Stray

6th March 2016:
Hey there - dropping by for the HPFF Review-a-thon! :)

So this is so, so sweet. I'm not normally a massive fan of Sirius stories, which are sweet and adorable - mostly because I love dark and angsty things and there's so much potential for that in his storyline, haha - but this is just perfect.

I love the way he escapes from home and then kinda escapes from himself by turning into a dog - and his surprise when she takes him in and looks after him is so sweet and really speaks volumes about the kind of place he grew up in. There's something so lovely, too, about how he goes back to the cafe with James and kinda reward her for what she did nad how she treated him and looked after him when he almost didn't have anyone else. It's such a kind gesture, and it works so well with his over-the-top personality.

Your writing in this is lovely, too - it flows so well, and the whole thing is so sweet and so emotive with it all - you do so well at getting all the emotions out of something which doesn't have masses of action in it, which is a real skill ;)

This is a lovely little story and I'm so glad I read it! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hi!

I do love dark and angst, but I just can't seem to write it well. I have a habit of injecting fluff where it certainly isn't needed or welcome.

I'm glad you see it as escaping himself as well because that's what I was thinking myself. I think it's very much like his over-the-top personality.

Thank you so much for leaving such a kind review for such a wonderful cause! I really appreciate it!

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Review #4, by adluvshp The Stray

5th March 2016:
Awww, this was so, so sweet, it made me smile big. I love dogs (and cats) so this was just such an adorable little one-shot. I really loved the concept of Sirius being a stray and a random Muggle woman being so kind to him. And how much he appreciated and was awed by her kindness. It was so sweet. The whole idea of him being out in the rain after being kicked out by his mother and then being taken in by the girl was plausible and you wrote it a realistic manner. The way she talked to the 'dog' and commanded him and fed him came across very naturally - that's how I'd behave too. I absolutely loved that she gave him the name "Snuffles". It tied in nicely with canon of Sirius going by that name in his dog form. The last bit when Sirius returns to her cafe in human form and fills her tip jar just warmed my heart. Totally would expect him to do something like that for the sweet lady. And then the ending - so many years later them coming across each other and she recognising him and taking him in again - the best!! It made me smile and tugged at my heartstrings. The concept was beyond sweet and the way you wrote it was just beautiful. All in all, it made for a wonderful read!

(Lost Muse from the forums)

HPFF Review-A-Thon

Author's Response: Yay for such a wonderful cause! All of the reviewers did such a magnificent job! I was absolutely going for warm, fluffy fluff. I'm glad you liked it! I tried to write her dialogue the way I talk to my own dogs! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful and sweet review!

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Review #5, by DragonPoxPixie The Stray

2nd March 2016:
Hey Paula! Once I saw the title of your story and the name Sirius Black all kinds of images immediately came to mind. A woman's best friend? So will he be in his dog-form? Will he reveal himself? Is she a muggle? So many questions I just had to click and read!
And I wasn't disappointed when I did.
The opening scene is very strong. In a few sentences you've captured the setting and Sirius' mood/character very well. I also really liked what you had Walburga say, if it wasn't that she meant for him to become a Death Eater, it's almost like she is a regular mom who wants to have her son get back on the right path using some rigorous methods such as for example sending him to an army-style boot camp. Very clever choice of words.
Obviously we know from the canon that he will go to James's house, but having him have to wait at least two days before he can go there was a nice twist/addition that felt very natural to his story. After all, in the HP-universe things can never be easy right?
"Get your tail inside and dry off" this made me smile like a mad-man! Especially when you added "as of he could understand her". It really made me fall head over heels in love with his story as the perspective is one I haven't seen before. Of course we sort-of see hints at such a situation with Scabbers in the books but this more direct POV is super-refreshing!
The way she talks to him is amazing, especially reading his reactions to what she has to say. The high and mighty Sirius being talked at as if he is a puppy, it's absolutely hilarious. The tuna being called "a cat-thing" was a very nice touch as well.
I love love love how him choosing that name in the books now has a back-story and isn't just something he made up on the spot. I definitely adding it to my head canon!
The part where she tells him that she used to have a dog like him was a very nice addition to the story and made it even more believable. After al who would just let such a huge stray into a small apartment? Sirius's reaction was both funny and sweet, typical male haha. I really liked how you have him react in a very dog-like fashion without it feeling forced or having him try to copy a dogs behavior.
The scene in the cafe was another sweet one, it's so easy to see him reveling the attention.
"Probably they could smell how dominant and fierce he was"
Never one to be modest now is he? This totally cracked me up!
Having him go back to her when he is back in human form and adding the sentence that they assured him at Gringots that a tenner is enough for two coffee is another example of your great attention to detail. Also, him leaving a huge tip is just about the sweetest thing.
The last scene was the perfect ending though it made me want to scream at you to keep writing and not end it there. I love how he once again turned around three times before laying down and how he went back to that place. The little boy was such a sweet extra as well.

Overall I really want to compliment you on your writing skills when it comes to describing the setting. The filthy ally, the rusty vent, tacky tapestries and all those other small details made it so easy to just "see" it happening as I read.

- "the end is only the beginning" Team Ouroboros; Operation Green with Envy (a forum reviewing event brought to you by the awesome House of Slytherin!)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a thoughtful review. I never imagined Walburga hating her son as much as he seemed to think. I think she just wanted him to pick what was to her the right path for purebloods. I tried to type things I'd actually say to my pups. I'm so glad you liked the Snuffles part. I was so close to adding one more part. I'm still debating it, but I'm happy with the ending! Once again, thank you so much for such a thoughtful review. You Slytherins always do the best events!

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