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Review #1, by Lady Asphodel Happy Anniversary

29th April 2016:
Oh my... this is incredibly heart-warming and gushing and this story was incredibly beautiful!

I love Arthur and Molly so much... so much than any other fictional married couple!

You were very in character, and you make Arthur sound so adorable in his writing. ♥ and like Molly, you just can't help but fall in love with him more!

Good luck with the challenge! This was really good and I enjoyed reading this greatly! Plus the banner is beautiful with this fic!

*going in my faves*


Author's Response: EEEK Alishya!! Thank you SO much for stopping by and reading and leaving this amazing surprise review! ♥

Awww!! ;( You're going to make me cry, right from the beginning of this review! I'm so glad that you think it was heart-warming and beautiful! I definitely wanted this to be a positive emotion fluffy piece, and I'm so happy that it worked out that way!

Wow! Reading that you love Molly and Arthur more than any other fictional couple makes me feel even MORE flattered and like I did a good job with your favorite couple! Eeek! ♥

I'm so thrilled that you think this was in-character, and that Arthur sounded adorable! And *Gasps* :O You think this made you fall in love with him more! AWW!! Alishya STAHP it!! ♥

Thank you for the good luck wish! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this and that you think the banner is great with the story; I definitely think so, too! It turned out SO perfect!


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Review #2, by Yoshi_Kitten Happy Anniversary

12th April 2016:
Hello my little JaydePuff!! Just stopping by your lovely AP here for the Staff appreciation week!! ♥

OMG, this little one-shot is so BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so happy that you chose to write this about the Molly/Arthur relationship. They were the PERFECT choice for this challenge, I think!! And your characterization of both of them was spot-on; especially with Arthur. This little story was so beautiful, and the emotion was so well written that I had tears in my eyes as I was reading this. Happy tears, of course, lol!!

Your writing style is beautiful and eloquent as ever, Jayde. You really made me FEEL something here, and I love that about this piece!! The way that you have captured their relationship is so endearing and so believable. I am in love with Arthur's idea of the letters. Idk how in the world he managed to keep something like this a secret for all of these years, but if anyone could do it; Arthur Weasley could! Molly's reaction was perfect too, and just so sweet! Then I also loved it that he used her nickname too, haha!! That was such a cute little addition, and it made me smile. :)

Honestly, the only small bit of CC I can think of here, is that the gap between the letter after Fred's Death and then the last one was a bit much in comparison to the dates/time-frame in between all of the others. Perhaps you might consider going back and maybe adding in one more letter in between, like maybe around the time that their first or second grandchild was born, perhaps. And then they wouldn't stop off on such a sad/depressing note as well. You don't HAVE to add anything though, of course, because this is absolutely perfect the way that it is!! It's just that, for me personally, I would have loved to see a little bit more. But that's only because I was enjoying the story so much, lol!! ;)

I hope you do well in the challenge you entered for this. Honestly, I haven't read any of the other entries, but this one is just SO BEAUTIFUL, I really think that it deserves to place, lol!! Please let me know how you do, and keep me updated it you do decide to write more. Love ya hun, and good luck!!! =D


Author's Response: D.E.A.N.A! ♥

Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by to read and review this, I was so excited to read your thoughts on this since you really helped me SO much with it! (I'm still going to go back and thank you in an Author's Note, by the way, I haven't forgotten!) *Squish* And thank you for participating in the surprise Staff Appreciation week! I can't tell you how much it meant to all of us!

Haha, I agree that Molly and Arthur were a great choice here, and YOU helped me see that, so credit for that definitely goes to you, lovely! ♥ Aww! Thank you SO much for your sweet compliment, I'm so glad to hear that you think their characterization was good and that this was beautiful and you could feel the emotions!! *squish*

Eeeek! STAHP it, you're going to make me cry! I can't tell you how flattered I am that you think my writing is beautiful and eloquent! I'm SO pleased that I could make you feel something here, as that's definitely what I was aiming for! Hahah, being honest, I really don't know how Arthur managed to keep the letters a secret for so long either, but I definitely agree that if someone could find a way, it'd be him! :P And I'm glad you liked the use of the nickname. Honestly, I wasn't planning on adding that bit, it just jumped in there on its own. And, after reading everyone's comments about it, I'm so happy that it did! :P

Thank you SO much for the feedback! You're absolutely right, there is quite a bit of a gap between the 'Fred' letter and the last one, and I'm definitely going to try to think of another letter to go in there at some point! For right now, I was just focused on trying to finally write something for the first time in FOREVER, and also complete it before the challenge deadline, plus I've never written an epistolary fic before, so I was a tiny bit concerned about having TOO much letter in there. But, I'm a little more comfortable with it now and I definitely agree that there's a HUGE gap there, so as I said I'm going to think up another letter to go in there as soon as I get a chance! Thank you SO MUCH for that CC and I'm so happy you were enjoying it so much! ♥

Thank you for the good luck wishes! Of course I'll let you know as soon as the results are posted, and if/when I write one more letter to stick in there! Thank you again, SO MUCH, for your help with this and for stopping by with this absolutely wonderful review! *Squishes*

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Review #3, by marauderfan Happy Anniversary

10th April 2016:
Hi Jayde, you lovely person ♥ Stopping by with some hugs and a review!

I don't often read fluff, but I've heard really good things about this story so I decided to go for it. And obviously it was going to be good because it's by you! :)

First, I love that you wrote about Molly and Arthur. They are the best couple in the Potterverse and few people ever write about them, so it's really nice to see stories about them! Also, gah. Your portrayal of them is just adorable. I definitely laughed out loud (in the library oops) at Molly calling Arthur a shameless flatterer. Sassy old people are great :D and I can so see Molly and Arthur being that sort of couple, after having been together for so many years and through so many ups and downs.

I just love how you've managed to show their entire life through all these milestones - the good and the bad. It's short but so comprehensive. Honestly, I feel like this story is the HP fic version of the first five minutes of the movie Up. (That should give you an indication of all the feels I have right now after reading this fic.)

because yeah, reading that letter about after Fred's death and I'm definitely a bit teary eyed now. And then the very last one! Gah, I really need to find somewhere less public than a library to read fic so I can cry in peace! :P

this line: you’re too busy grieving silently while trying to take care of all the rest of us. You are wounded deeply, but you are so unbelievably strong. -- ah! this is Molly in a nutshell. She is so selfless in how she cares for her family and even people who aren't family (Harry, Hermione, etc) and I imagine that part of how she copes with grief is by fussing over others to make sure they're coping okay, while not really taking care of herself. She really is such a strong character. Raising seven children (including Fred and George - that alone is an impressive feat) and fighting in two wars and watching people die around her while still supporting everyone else around her - that is strength, and that is beautiful, and that's what Arthur sees when he looks at Molly. Not ageing skin or superficial things.

I appreciate that you addressed Molly's struggles with body image. She is such a strong character and so motherly and worries about her children, but it makes so much sense that she'd be insecure about things about herself too. And Arthur of course is so supportive and sweet because he sees beyond that. They really are such an adorable couple and all the great things I heard about this fic beforehand were definitely justified. Wonderful work Jayde ♥♥

Author's Response: Kristinn! ♥

I'm not the lovely one, YOU are! Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by and leaving me this incredible review! I just don't even know what to do with all of your kind words!! *Flails*

D'aww! I don't know what to be more flattered by; the fact that you've heard good things about this or the fact that you said you know it's going to be good because it's by me! ;(

I'm so happy that you're glad I wrote about Molly and Arthur. They really are a wonderful couple, and this is the first piece I've written that's really featured them as a couple in a big way, and honestly, through writing this I have to say I've come to appreciate them more! Haha! I honestly didn't intend for Molly's 'shameless flatterer' line to be funny, but several people have commented now saying that it WAS funny, so YAY! :P I'm thrilled that you think they were adorable here, and that you could definitely see them being that sort of sassy old couple. :P

I'm pleased that you think this is very comprehensive, and that you love being able to see their life together through these milestones! I honestly haven't seen the movie 'Up' yet, so I'll have to go watch that to fully understand your reference, but at reading your note in parenthesis I think that's a high compliment about this so thank you! ;( I'm really happy I could give you feels with this, it's definitely what I was aiming for!

Awww! Oh no, don't cry! :( I wanted this to give you good, fluffy feels!! And I'm sorry you're reading this in a library and can't cry in peace (though again, please don't cry!) *Squish*

And yes, I completely agree with your comments about Molly - she really is just SO selfless and I think the ONLY way she'd be able to cope is to just keep going. And YES, AMEN! She is just SO strong and amazing and definitely someone to look up to, even if she doesn't see that in herself, and that's what Arthur's there for - to remind her!

Thank you SO much, I'm so happy that you appreciate the body image issues here. Yes, I personally think EVERYONE deals with some sort of self-esteem issue at some point in their life, and I really wanted to show that here. That, despite what outward appearances may seem, everyone's fighting their own demons. But, even if they're scarred and wrinkly or crying and heartbroken, every single person on this planet is beautiful. That's really the message I wanted to convey here and I hope it came across well!

Dawww! Thank you SO much! And you're making me blush, reading again about how you'd heard great things about this! Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by to read this, and for this incredible review!! ♥ *Squish*

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Review #4, by teh tarik Happy Anniversary

24th March 2016:
Hello Jayde! ♥

I'm here to read and review your entry for the Epistolary Fic Challenge! Thank you so much for participating! ♥

Aww, Jayde, this is an absolutely beautiful fic!! You've captured Arthur and Molly's relationship so flawlessly, and I love how you started off your story with the two of them in their older years, celebrating their anniversary, and how Arthur's letters take us all back years and years into their youth.

The letters he wrote have got to be the sweetest things ever written. They're so simple but honest and adoring, which is so Arthur. And Molly frets a lot about her appearance, even when she was in school. I love how Arthur just sees through all her physical "flaws" and embraces her as the wonderful, strong, maternal woman she is. Yet at the same time, he doesn't just dismiss all her worries and her fretting; he actually acknowledges her worries and comforts them. He's got to be the best soul mate ever??!!

And the letters...I think it's brilliant how they all end with the same sentences, or variations of that sentence. Every time Arthur tells Molly she's beautiful, he's affirming her inner beauty, her character, everything that makes Molly Molly. And I thought that was so very sweet. I loved the structure of the letters!

And I also enjoyed how different the letters are from each other, despite being structurally similar. They depict Molly in her extreme happiness, her insecurities, her grief at losing her brothers (and later, Fred)'s pretty much huge segments of Molly's life (and their relationship) in those letters! ♥ I am SO glad Arthur chose to show Molly those letters after all. Things with such beautiful sentiment shouldn't be kept hidden forever.

And that final letter is the perfect ending to this story. There's so much love, so much contentment, so much's an incredibly satisfying ending, and the best kind of happy ending ever.

I enjoyed reading this, Jayde! Thank you so much again for participating, and congrats on writing such an amazing story! ♥


Author's Response: TEH! ♥

Thank you SO much for hosting the epistolary fic challenge, and for stopping by to read and review this! Your challenge really pushed me to write something that I'm quite happy with and that everyone else seems to be enjoying a lot, so THANK YOU! *hug*

Awww, thank you! I'm so flattered that you think it's beautiful and that I captured their relationship well! And I'm really happy that you like the 'travel back through time' aspect of the letters! Honestly, the Anniversary bit was added in as a bit of an afterthought, but I'm SO happy that I added it in!

Eeek! I'm so thrilled that you think the letters are sweet and very in-character with Arthur! I was really, really trying to keep him in character and I'm happy that paid off! Yes, Molly does fret about her appearance a lot, but as you said, Arthur sees through all that while still managing to acknowledge and confront her insecurities. I think he definitely is a great soul mate!

TEH STAHP IT you're making me blush! I'm just on the verge of happy tears reading that you like the structure of the letters. Yes, that was really the main point of what Arthur was trying to accomplish with the letters: to affirm one more time, despite where they are in life, despite what she looks like at that moment, she is still beautiful in his eyes. I was really, really trying to convey a universal message of "You are beautiful, no matter what" to my readers, and I really hope that came through in Arthur's reassurance to Molly, but in case it didn't I'm planning on going back and adding in an Author's Note at the end ASAP.

Thank you so much for your comments about the letters being different from each other! As I said in the last paragraph of my response, I really wanted to show a message of "you are beautiful, no matter what", and I thought the best way to accomplish that was to show various moments in Molly's life, during ALL of which Arthur STILL thinks she's absolutely breathtaking. And yes, I agree, things with beautiful sentiment should never been hidden forever!

AWW, thank you! ♥ I'm so happy that you think that the final letter is the perfect ending to the story! And I could just flail at reading that this is the best kind of happy ending ever! ;( *squish*

I'm SO glad you enjoyed this! Thank you again, so much, for creating this challenge that really pushed me to write something like this, and for this amazing, squee-worthy review! ♥ *squishes*

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Review #5, by victoria_anne Happy Anniversary

20th March 2016:
Hello beautiful Jayde!!

Oh... No, no, I'm fine, I've just got a bit of dust in my eye, that's all... *sniff*

Jayde!! This is incredible! I have always always loved Molly and Arthur's relationship, and to glimpse the years through his letters was just an amazing read.

This is just so real, ya know? How Molly is self-conscious (for herself and for him) even after all these years, and it's so nice to know that Arthur has always thought her beautiful, and that after all she's been through, the extra scars and wrinkles add to her life story and make her the person that she is and and and... Ahh! It's just so beautiful!

I'm trying to think of something to write to make me sound like a deep and intelligent reviewer, but you have just blown me away Jayde, I have no words other than ones I have to gush.

I just feel everyone who has (or is) been in a relationship can relate, but it's still refreshing to see it from both sides, if that makes sense. The love Arthur has for Molly is just so inspiring.

Awesome story, you wonderful writer, thank you for filling me with warm fuzzies xxx

Love Bianca

Author's Response: Bianca!! ♥

Thank you SO much for stopping by to read and review this! I can't tell you how much it means to me!

Awww! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry (or get dust in your eye :P), but if you had to cry, I hope it was in a GOOD way! *hug*

!! Thank you SO MUCH for such a kind compliment! I'm so flattered that you think it was incredible and that you liked the letters! This was written for the epistolary fic challenge, so they were meant to be a pretty big part of the story!

I'm so happy that you think this is very real! Yes, I think self-esteem issues and scars and wrinkles are very real, but they don't make anyone less beautiful or special and they really DO make us the people we are, and that's exactly the message I wanted to convey here! And Awww Bianca, you're going to make me cry! ;( I'm so pleased that you think it was beautiful! *hug*

Eeeek Bianca STAHP it you're going to make me squee! I love your gushing, please feel free to gush away! And hey, I think you sound like a deep and intelligent reviewer! ♥

I completely understand what you mean about seeing it from both sides! And yes, I agree that Molly and Arthur are really an amazing couple, and their love for each other is just so wonderful and exactly the kind of love everyone longs for, you know?

Thank YOU, reviewer, for filling ME with the warm fuzzies!! ♥


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Review #6, by Diogenissa Happy Anniversary

6th March 2016:
(For the HPFF Review-A-Thon!)

HAI MUMSY—GUESS WHO? }:-P . See I told ya I was going to come on over and review this and my first thought is: WHY DOESN’T THIS HAVE MORE REVIEWS—I MEAN SERIOUSLY WHY?!?

I’m coming to really enjoy and appreciate Arthur/Molly stories more and more I read them as I love both of them, their characters are just so fantastic in general from Arthur’s child-like and endearing fascination with Muggle things and Molly’s strong, protective and mature love for those that matter to her—they compliment one another so very well.

I absolutely love how you open this—watching a tired (I mean tired in terms of age) man in Arthur searching for his wife to give her his gift and the journey even though its’ in the house is exhausting but yet the renewed sense of purpose when he sees Molly is lovely—like a hero who has fulfilled his quest. That was so sweet and cute!

’You shameless flatterer…’ -- THIS made me laugh, it was just too cute! I can just see that interaction between them!

These letters—WOW Mumsy this is just unbelievable! I LOVED the lyrical quality —each letter finishes with a variation of the story title it felt like I was reading and feeling a song and was so very real and perfect. I also LOVE how you’ve taken us on this journey from the beginnings of their relationship all the way up through old age. I think my favorite letter is the one labeled ‘1981’ – I felt my heart breaking so hard here and had to wipe my eyes.

You always have this HUMAN quality to all of your stories—you chose very real , very powerful events that hit and pull the heartstrings in all the right ways and illustrated the ups and downs that both life in general and marriage can bring. They have been through a LOT but to see it come full circle in that final letter and the way you closed it was PERFECT. I love how he calls her Mollywobbles at the end even though he initially was afraid to say it.

Mumsy this is a gorgeous story and it’s going on my favorites. You did a fantastic job with it and it was so very real it melted me. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story and good luck in the challenge!

Love Always,
Karen xoxo

Author's Response: Eeek! Another review! Thank you so much, lovely, both for reading and reviewing my stories AND for contributing to the review-a-thon!! ♥

Aww, thank you! That's so sweet! It was still pretty new when you read it, and it's gotten a few more reviews since then! :D

I completely understand what you're saying. Honestly, I think writing this has really given me a greater appreciation for them as characters and as a couple as well. I've written stories that had them in it before, and I have a one-shot dealing with Molly's feelings after Charlie leaves, but I've never featured their relationship or them as a couple, nor their lives before the series started, so this was a really eye-opening experience for me. I learned a LOT about how much they've been through together, and I'm just in awe of them both now! You're absolutely right, they DO compliment each other perfectly!

I'm so happy that you like the opening! That part originally wasn't going to be a part of the story, so I'm so glad that I added it! :D And I wanted to squee when I read that you think it's sweet and cute that Arthur had a renewed sense of purpose when he saw her, even though he was so tired! *Squish*

Haha! I hadn't intended for that 'shameless flatterer' bit to be funny, but a lot of people have commented on it now, so even though that wasn't really intentional, I'm glad you and everyone else have liked it so much and that it made it easier for you to envision their conversation!

Awww Karen STAHP it! ♥ I'm so happy that you liked the letters! I didn't really intend for them to seem lyrical, that wasn't done on purpose, but if it seemed that way and you enjoyed it, I'm so glad that it did! And thank you for your comments about the journey through their relationship! Yes, that letter from 1981 was quite sad, and honestly, I think it was one of the hardest to write, I spent the most time on it. But, if it was your favorite then obviously all that extra time on it paid off! ♥

*SQUEE* Karen!! ♥ Thank you SO much, I'm so flattered that you think I do a good job with emotions and giving my stories a "human" feel to them! *Squish* And I'm so happy that you thought the ending was perfect!!

GAH! Thank you so much for the favorite! I'm so happy, you've really just completely turned my day around with this review, and your favorite! Just THANK YOU!

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Review #7, by MuggleMaybe Happy Anniversary

28th February 2016:
I'm not crying. Really, I'm not. I've just got a little something in my eye...

You've captured Molly and Arthur beautifully. You wrote them with so much tenderness and I just ADORE it. Really, Jayde, this story is too lovely for words. I admit it: I am *literally* crying from how touching this is.

Best of luck in the challenge - this is a brilliant one-shot!

xoxo Renee

Author's Response: Aw, I didn't mean to make you cry, lovely! *squish* I mean, I definitely wanted to hit you in the feels, but no crying! ♥

Awww! Thank you SO much for your amazing compliments, and for stopping by to read and review this at all, you didn't have to so the fact that you did is just so sweet!


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