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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny The Sorting

18th April 2017:

It was actually quite cool to see the whole first-year journey to Hogwarts through the eyes of someone who was raised in the magical world - mostly because it didn't seem to be hugely different from Harry's experience in the books! I really liked that Emmeline was still so awed by the sight of Hogwarts (both exterior and interior) even though she was raised with magic because it just really reinforces how stunning the castle is, and that it's not just cool for people experiencing magic for the first time.

I really loved the mention of Sirius's sorting causing the hall to go silent. It's funny, he's my favourite character but I had never really thought much about the actual event of his Sorting before. I can totally picture a silence like that happening.

It was funny that the four friends ended up in separate houses like that! One for each house. You know, in the books we don't really see very many strong inter-house friendships because there's so much focus on the Trio - so this fic kinda got me wondering how friends from other Houses hang out, since they don't have a shared common room! I assume that this story follows the friendship between these four so maybe I'll continue reading and find out your ideas about inter-house friendships!

Great work!


Author's Response: Hi, Kayla!
Thank you so much for another great review! :D

Glad you enjoyed Emmeline's POV :) I'm sure seeing Hogwarts for the first time would be impressive for everyone, it is just stunning.

Glad you liked the detail of Sirius' sorting! He is one of my favourites as well :) I think everyone would be shocked seeing a Black sorted in Gryffindor.

I really want to explore how their friendship develops in here, despite being sorted in all four Houses. Maybe now that Liar is done I'la find some time to go on with this... I have the second chapter up, btw... :P

Thank you so much again!
With love,

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Review #2, by nott theodore The Sorting

18th April 2017:
CTF Review

Hi Chiara! I suspect that I may be missing some context or familiarity with these characters since I've not read Seven Years Later yet, but I still really enjoyed reading this. I feel like I've read so many stories about these characters- about the Marauders, about the Order, and about Snape loving Lily - but there are so few which focus on their childhood and the beginnings that they had in the wizard Ing world.

One thing that always seems to strike me when I read your writing is this wonderful ability you have to write children. I think it's always something that I find kind of intimidating, to be honest, because I always worry that I'll make the characters seem too old or too young, but you manage to capture them brilliantly. I love the way that you conveyed Emmeline's immense excitement about being at Hogwarts here, her joy at being with friends and the nerves at being sorted into the right (or wrong) house.

I thought it was really interesting that you had the four characters as friends here at the start of Hogwarts. It's so strange to think that something as simple as the houses that these four children are sorted into could determine their futures. Especially when we know that each of them will die in the wars...

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey, Sian!

Thank you for another lovely review, you really did spoil me in that CTF round...

I honestly love writing children so much! I guess it's because I've never really grown up myself... :P

Writing Emmeline's excitement was so much fun! I really love her, she's such a Puff! :D I'm glad you liked her point of view and all her emotions.

The main idea behind this story (and Seven Years Later) was to explore a friendship among people of different houses, and how that would affect said friendship. Yes, it's sad to think that they all will die in the wars eventually... :( Hopefully I'll get back here and try to write more of this...

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #3, by Remus Lupin The Sorting

8th March 2017:
It's me, Remus, back again for a bit more of your stories. This one looked interesting too! I remember this event happening, all those years ago, but it's interesting to see it through the eyes of one of my classmates. Emmeline was always such a Hufflepuff, so it surprised me that in the beginning she didn't expect to be in that house, and even thought they were a stupid bunch! Well, she did learn the error of her ways and eventually became quite proud of her house.

It makes me sad though, that each generation of Hogwarts students comes in with that assumption. Gryffindor is clearly the best house (I admit I am slightly biased), but Hufflepuff is a good house. Some of my best students were Hufflepuffs - they definitely worked a lot harder than some Gryffindors I know *cough*James*cough*Sirius*cough*

I wonder what the hat was thinking about when it sorted Sniv-- I mean, Severus. I remember James was surprised that Severus' sorting took so long, but underneath all the unpleasantness of Severus, he eventually did a lot for the Order that few ever gave him credit for. I may never really like him, but I'll grant that his double act during the war was essential. Don't let Sirius hear that I said that.

Another great piece of writing. I give it an Outstanding.

Author's Response: Hi, again, my love!
I guess you remember that day very well. I mean, I would remember my Sorting very well too, if I ever had one... (still waiting for my Hogwarts' letter... I guess the owl supposed to deliver it got lost...)

Emmeline is such a Puff, I agree! I guess a lot of people come to Hogwarts with that assumption, but I know she will get to love her house eventually. (And I have to disagree, Gryffindor isn't the best house, Hufflepuff is better :P But I guess I'm biased too)

I think there is more to Severus than the regular Slytherin. He had a few Gryffindor traits as well (I know you don't like to hear it, but it's true). Don't worry, Sirius won't hear that from me. ;)

Thank you so much, Professor. :P

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Review #4, by TreacleTart The Sorting

19th May 2016:
Hey Chiara,

Here for another hot seat review! Sorry I'm cutting it close to the deadline, but work has been so hectic.

So I read the first part of this story awhile back. This was really nice to get an idea of what happened between their first meeting and their last. It really fills the story in and makes their friendships more believable.

I really enjoyed getting to see how nervous Marlene was on the boats and then that moment when she opens her eyes and sees the castle again for the first time. It was lovely. After having just read the stunning description in The First Kiss, I found myself wishing you'd push your description of the castle when she crossed the lake just a little farther, but I still thought it was lovely.

It was nice getting to see how Marlene felt about everyone's sorting. I liked that Severus' wasn't just a quick cut and dry Slytherin. He always seemed to be a mix of things to me, so I could see the hat taking some time to choose.

The only little bit of confusion I had here was the separation between the segments. At first, I thought it was going to be rotating POVs, but then I thought it was the same person, so I didn't really get why it was separated.

Another lovely read!


Author's Response: Hi again, Kaitlin!

I've been willing to write this story for a while. I loved the "Seven Years Later" quartet and wanted to explore their friendship more. And I'm so glad you're liking it so far!

Aww... so glad you liked Emmeline there! She's such a Puff! :P Well... you can't pretend too much description from me, I think I used too much descriptive energy in the First Kiss, you know... :P Glad you enjoyed it anyway! :D

I agree, I'm quite sure Severus wasn't easy to place. I believe Slytherin is the house that suit him best, but he does have qualities from other houses, too. Especially Gryffindor. Happy you liked everyone's sorting through Em's eyes!

Ah... I guess I'll have to read through the chapter again, because I can't remember how I broke it and why... I guess I was just trying to separate different settings... My mind works in segments...

Thank you for stopping by and for another lovely review! So happy you liked the chapter! :D
Tons of love,

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Review #5, by MrsJaydeMalfoy The Sorting

17th May 2016:

(First off, just let me say that I know I still owe you a PM response, I haven't forgotten, I'm going to do my best to get that done tomorrow, but first I wanted to leave you these reviews! And now let's get down to business :P).

HAPPY HOT SEAT AGAIN. I just wanted to stop by and make sure I leave a few reviews for you as my own personal way of saying 'Thank you' for all of your generous contributions to the site - people like you are the reason we're still here and it's SO appreciated - THANK YOU! And now, on to your review!

THERE. IS. MORE. TO. THIS. STORY. Holy cow! I haven't even started reading yet but I looked at the summary and thought YES!, so I just had to share that with you before I begin reading. :P

*Scrolls up and reads*

Oh, I just love this, Chiara! First off, I'm pretty sure I've told you this before, but your description is just amazing. Reading your description of the castle was just breath-taking and honestly, it made me feel like I was seeing it for the first time right along with the four friends.

I love how close they've all grown in the short time they've known each other. That's very realistic, it's just how young children are and honestly it just seems like these four were just MEANT to meet up and be lifelong friends, despite their differences.

I loved seeing their sorting, and I especially loved Emmeline's sorting into Hufflepuff, how she kind of agrees with the stereotype of Hufflepuff being boring at first, but I'm sure her mind's going to change very quickly!

I also think you did a wonderful job with emotions here. You portrayed the kids' nervousness so well, and that is very realistic! Also, when you said she could FEEL the disappointment coming off of Severus about Lily's sorting, I could feel it too and that was SUCH a powerful moment. And honestly, when Severus was taking so long on the sorting I think in my mind he was begging the hat to put him in Gryffindor with Lily.. poor thing. :(

Anyway, I loved reading this and it was great to see more about how this all got started and continued, even though the ending is so sad.

Well done, dear! ♥ *squishes*

Author's Response: Jayde!!!
Aww, thank you so, so, so much for stopping by!!!
I love this site so much! And I'm only glad that I was able to give my little contribution. It's nothing compared to the dedication and effort you and the rest of the Staff put in everything! Thanks to you!

And no worries about the PM. I answered only a couple of days ago. Take all the time you need. *hug*

Ahahah! I'd been thinking about an extention to Seven Years Later for a long time. And then you came and said you wanted to hear more about the quartet and I guess that's what convinced me in the end! :) (I'm not sure when I'll be back here, though... I'm pretty focused on Liar at the moment...)

Aww, thank you! That's actually funny because I struggle a lot with description (I feel much more comfortable in writing dialogue) but I guess my writing has improved since I started. :D Anyway, I'm so glad you felt that way about the description of the castle. :)

Yes, I guess at the age is much easier to simply bond! I love that you think they were meant to be friends! It's such a cute thought!

Emmeline will come to adore her fellow Badgers! How could she not? We know we are awesome!!! :P

Poor Severus... I'm not exactly sure what happened between the Hat and him... I think they were both quite conflicted... but Severus is foundamentally a Slytherin, I'm convinced of that. It is sad that they were separated, though... :(

Thank you so much again for this lovely review! I'll try to get back to this story in not too long, promise!

Tons of hugs and love!

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Review #6, by Unicorn_Charm The Sorting

15th May 2016:
Chiara, my dear! I've come by with another Hot Seat review for you! And on another new story! (I was going to do the next chapter of TLATN, but I read this summary and was so intrigued).

I love this quartet! It's such an interesting combination of people, Lily, Snape, Emmeline (who I love!) and Edgar. I've never read anything with the four of them together, so I'm super excited about this. Not only that, but the brilliance of you having each one in a different house. That's such a cool idea! I really can't wait to see where you go with this!

Emmeline was the most adorable thing ever. Her excitement when she got off the train was so cute! And I loved how nothing was able to bring her mood down. Not her fear of water, slipping on the way down to the boats, or Edgar briefly irritating her. I mean, going to Hogwarts for the first time, I'm sure it would be next to impossible to kill a bad mood when that's happening. And I was so glad that she opened her eyes and didn't miss out on seeing the castle for the first time!

I loved when they were walking into the Great Hall together and Ed started to go off about Hogwarts, A History, and Em was just like, shut up hahaha.

One detail that I LOVED was when Sirius was sorted! Not only because it was a mention of Sirius ♥ ♥ but because of the reaction in the Great Hall. I never really thought about that, but the Blacks were a prominent Pure-Blood family, who had all been sorted into Slytherin. I'm sure everyone just assumed that he would be another one, so when the hat called out Gryffindor, it was probably a huge shock to everyone - teachers included. Just brilliant!

Aww Emmeline, not all Slytherins are bad. Promise! :p

Oh she shouldn't be disappointed to be a Puff! I really hope that she comes to love her house and realize that Puffs are amazing, loyal, fun and wonderful people. They're not bored at all!

I'm truly excited about this story! I really hope you update soon. I can't wait to see the other POV's and where you're taking this story. The whole idea is just so unique and I can't wait to see the life you breathe in to all of these characters. Such a great chapter! Please update soon!! ♥

All the love,

Author's Response: Hi, Meg, love!
Thank you so much for stopping by again!!!

Ahahah! I know you love Emmeline! :P This story is an extention to my one-shot Seven Years Later, which basically focused on the idea of a friendship despite different houses. I chose the four characters there, and then I decided to explore their friendship more and write about their years in Hogwarts.

Emmeline is such the quintessential Puff! :D I'm glad you loved her excitement! I would definitely be like that as well! :D And yes, she couldn't skip that beautiful sight!!!

Ahahah! I'm imagining Edgar and Emmeline's relationship as a sort of reversed Ron/Hermione. Glad you found that bit amusing, it definitely amused me as I wrote it!!! :D

It would be a bit of a shock for everyone, a Black sorted into Gryffindor... I can totally imagine the astounded silence after his Sorting.

No, of course they aren't! ;)

Ah, she will learn to love her house soon enough! She was disappointed at first, because no one really give much thought to Hufflepuffs... but I know she'll love it there! Talking from experience! :P

I can't promise you a quick update... I'm pretty much focused on Liar at the moment... But I'll surely get back to this story! Thank you so much for this awesome review!!!

All my love,

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Review #7, by Diogenissa The Sorting

31st March 2016:
Hello lovely, most beautiful Chiara!

I am here for the March Review Exchange (sorry it's taken me a bit of time to get over here--I had no clue that Quidditch would attempt to eat all of our souls! :-P ).

Okay the very first thing I -HAVE- to say is that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE minors, -especially- minors when it comes to both Death Eaters and the 1st & 2nd Orders of the Phoenix--all of them get little to no love so I am very happy to see that you are choosing to do so here in this story!

I love the initial camraderie shared between the four friends from the get go (and what a grouping--Snape and Lily, Edgar and Emmeline)! I thought that the choice of scene was perfect for a first chapter and served very well as an introduction. I liked how you took both Edgar and Emmeline and put them in the last 2 remaining Houses, rounding it out and solidifying that perhaps their friendships will be tested as a result, my hope is that they will of course, stay friends (Edgar--how anyone could name their child 'Edgar' is beyond me but that's just my thought, anyway I digress :-P ).

As the Sorting Ceremony continue and we got to our heroine, I was sitting here the whole time thinking 'she's going to be a badger, she's going to be a badger' (that was literally what was running through my mind :-P ) and when it turned out she was, I was like YES! It is my hope that she will grow into her Hufflepuff-iness (is that even a word?! o_O). You did an amazing job building up the tension within the Ceremony and I was really excited for each of them as they go through this together.

Overall a lovely story with characters not often written about, which I find refreshing. I'm keeping this on my reading list and will anxiously await the next chapter--can't wait to read more! Thank you for sharing it and very well done my love!

Love Always,
Karen xoxo

Author's Response: Aww, Karen!!!
Hugs, tons of hugs, mountains of hugs!!! :)

I love minor characters, too. Even if I rarely venture in that direction myself... I always end up writing about Remus, not sure how it happens... :P

Anyway, I wrote about this quartet in my one-shot "Seven Years Later" and I decided to explore their story more in detail... That's how this story came to life.

I'm glad you liked their bond so far. Their friendship will definitely be tested, but they'll do their best to stay friends. That I can promise. ;)

Ahahah! Well, wizards (especially purebloods) aren't known for their names' tastes, are they? The Bones are no exception. Edgar makes me think of the butler in the Aristocats, and Amelia of the witch enemy of Uncle Scrooge... Do you think JK was thinking of evil Disney characters when she chose their names? :P

I think I made it quite evident that she was going to end up in Hufflepuff... I was actually a bit scared it was even a bit stereotyped... But, well! House pride, right? And she totally will grow into her Hufflepuffiness! (Yes, that's a word! And if it isn't, we should make a petition to add it to vocabularies!!!)

Oh, you have no idea how happy I am that you enjoyed this! :D I really hope that I won't have you wait for too long... (right now I'm more focused on "Liar", and I must confess I'm having some trouble figuring out chapter two of this... It should be in Severus' POV, and I find definitely simpler to write Em's rainbows-and-butterflies reality rather than Sev's depressing one...)

Thank you so, so, so much again for this super lovely review! You are wonderful!

Love, hugs and kisses,

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Review #8, by 800 words of heaven The Sorting

12th March 2016:
Heya! I'm here for our review swap! I'm a sucker for a Marauders' era story, so I couldn't resist this one, especially when I saw that the first chapter was written not from a Marauders or Lily's point of view, but Emmaline's. I was intrigued to see things from a minor character's eyes for a change.

I really liked this first chapter! You've introduced the four protagonists, and I assume that the points of view will be rotating between these four? It will be especially exciting to read the different perspectives not only because they're different characters, but also because they're in different Houses. How will their friendships change, and what sort of tensions will arise? We already know what happens between Lily and Snape, but with Eddie and Emmaline in the mix, I'm interested to see what kind of spin you put on it.

I do have one question about the point of view. Is this Emmaline recounting her story from a point in time when she's much older, or is she telling the story as it happens to her (but just in past tense)? There were parts that read like one or the other, so that confused me a little, but other than that, this was very enjoyable!

This is such a lovely start, and I'm curious to see whose point of view we will be seeing next! Thanks for the swap :)

Author's Response: Hey! Hello, dear!
First of all, thank you for the swap! It's always a pleasure! :D

I do love Marauder Era stories (well... I suppose it's quite clear from my penname and the stories on my AP... :P) I'm glad you found Em's POV refreshing! :D

Yes, my idea is to rotate between the four. I'm planning on writing from Severus' perspective in the next chapter, but I still have to start working on it... I'm still not sure how their friendship will develop through the years and how being in different houses will change their relationship. And I can't wait to find out!

You know, you are totally right about this... The fact is, I'm not sure myself... On one hand, I think the story would work better from a retrospect perspective, on the other I like it to be a as-it-happens thing, because it would emphasize emotions more. I think I tend a lot to mix the two (one of the reasons I tend to avoid first person perspectives) but I never realized until you mentioned it now, so thank you for pointing out the issue. I'll edit the chapter and try to adapt it to a retrospect perspective.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this start and that I made you curious for what's next!
Thank you so much for the swap and the lovely review!

Much love,

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Review #9, by pathfinder The Sorting

6th March 2016:
For the Review-a-Thon

Hi Chiara,

Based on how you started, it sounds like a really interesting concept - following members of all four houses from the first person perspective. Since the houses are largely isolated from one another throughout their time at Hogwarts, I think there could be some challenges depending on whether you are staying with Emmeline’s POV throughout. If you are, it may get harder and harder as time goes on to pull in the other members of the houses since Emmeline will tend to group with other Hufflepuffs (exactly as the marauders do.) If you decide to jump from character to character throughout the story, it might require some clever transitions to make sure the story acts as a continuous narrative rather than four different stories (and I know you are up to that challenge, reading some of your other writing).

I thought your conversations flowed well and your character development is well done. The foreshadowing about Snape’s silences was fun also. I also appreciated the time you took to edit this - I couldn’t find any errors at all (or maybe you just have a great ‘beta...) The only cc I might add is to address more the emotions that Emmeline was feeling - the nervousness, etc. - during the sorting. Since this is set in a first-person perspective, we should be seeing what she sees and feeling what she feels.

I’m also encouraged to have you tackle the perception of Hufflepuff as a ‘boring’ house and I hope you come to have Emmeline appreciate how awesome ‘Puffs are! Overall, this looks to be a great start to a very fun narrative. I look forward to reading more.


Author's Response: Hey, Drew!
Thank you so much for stopping by, it was a great surprise (which reminds me, I totally need to get back to your story... I will... I promise...)

I'm glad you liked the idea behind this! This story is an extention of another story of mine, Seven Years Later, in which this quartet organizes to meet again once school is over (not spoilering more, just in case you wanted to give that one a look). Anyway, my project is to change perspective in each chapter, like you guessed. And to keep their friendship alive, despite the necessary division (because obviously they would group with their own housemates...) Hope I'll find the right balance. It is a bit of a scary challenge, but hopefully I'll be able to get through with it...

Aww... Thank you so much... I'm glad the flow worked, and the character development, too! And, yes, I do have a wonderful beta! If the grammar was ok, that's totally Ysh's merit!!!

I think I understand what you mean about Emmeline. Her voice was a bit too cold in a few passages, wasn't it? I might get back and work on it...

Don't worry! We both know that Hufflepuffs aren't boring at all, don't we? ;) And I'm quite sure Emmeline will realise that soon enough!

Thank you so much for all your appreciative comments and the lovely review! Really hope you'll be back for more (once I'll manage to post a new chapter...)

Hugs and love,

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Review #10, by MuggleMaybe The Sorting

1st March 2016:

(I think it is probably a tad belated for you, but I promise it is still the big day in this part of the world. :P )

I was intrigued by this story when you mentioned it to me the other day, so I am excited to have finally read it. First Year stories have a special place in my heart. I'm not sure I've ever seen Ed or Emmeline used as central characters before - definitely not in a longer piece. What a cool idea! I love how you've taken these four characters and made them a group - and then divided the group into the four houses. It's going to be so cool to see how the characters and their relationships change as the story goes on. Speaking of characters, I like Emmeline so far. Her backstory seems intriguing, with the semi-magical childhood and her fear of the lake. I'm eager to get to know the characters better,

Your description of the castle really captured the magic of Hogwarts, a very important thing for a first year story.

Looking forward to chapter two!

Author's Response: RENEE!!!
Thank you so so so much for this amazing review and the happy anniversary wishes! And yes, I read this the day after my anniversary, but it was still a great surprise and a beautiful way to start the day! Thank you so much!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story so far! And I love to read/write children, so I can totally feel you! (I'm actually planning on covering all seven years in this. It's a bit scary project if I think about it, but I hope that I'll manage, a little at a time...)

This story is actually an extention of my other story Seven Years Later... Dunno if you've read it... Anyway, I first introduced the group of friends in that story. :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed Emmeline! I really want to make each of them as close to their house archetype as possible. Hope they won't turn out too stereotypical... Can't wait to get to know them better, too! :P

And I'm also so glad that you liked the castle's description. I was really worried about it!

Thank you so much again! You are so sweet!!!
All my love and hugs!

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Review #11, by princesslily_36 The Sorting

23rd February 2016:
OMG CHIARA!!! *wipes away tears of joy*

You dedicated this to me?? I'm so overwhelmed with joy right now! I can't stop gushing. I think this is your best work/idea till date :)

I know I've already told you how much I loved it but it deserves to be made official on the archives too!

Firstly I have to fangirl about the mere idea of this tale - the concept of bringing together people from four different houses - highlighting their similarities and differences and seeing the world through each unique eye is just wonderful!

Emmelines PoV was really good - though she's a pure blood, her reactions to Hogwarts was such a typical 11 year old. I liked the voice you used here - the characters seemed quite unique and age appropriate. Especially that part where her name is called out for sorting!

I loved that part where Edgar starts quoting Hogwarts A History and Em asks him to shut up.

Also, the students' reaction to Sirius' sorting - a touch of brilliance. I loved that there was a silence following that. You managed to slide in canon references and instances very nicely and weave it in with your story.

Like I told you, I am so interested to read more - I want to know how you're going to portray JiLy through the eyes of Lilys friends :D and also, will we see more of Remus and Sirius *blush* ? I know you said not much, but it's always lovely to see them give a cameo once in awhile :D

Looking forward to the second chapter. You're awesome as always My lovely beta/betee :D


Author's Response: Aww, Ysh!!! *hug*
I'm so, so happy I made you happy!!! You are awesome and you deserve it!!!

I'm so glad you liked the idea behind this. Actually, the idea is not so new, since this story is sort of an expansion of my one shot "Seven years later". Have you read it already? If not, I think you might enjoy it! ;) (even if it isn't my most mature work...)

I'm so glad you liked Em's POV!!! :D And that the characters' voices felt authentic and interesting! (I love to write children... :P)

Ahahah! Edgar, the know-it-all bookworm! I had fun writing that bit, too! :D I'm seeing Edgar and Emmeline's relationship as a reversed Ron/Hermione sort of thing. Can't wait to explore their friendship more! :)

I think a Gryffindor Black would be received with stupor. To say the least. That's totally my headcanon for Sirius' sorting... Can't you imagine it to happen that way? I'm very glad you liked it, and in general the references to canon. :)

They will totally appear! I mean, they are the Marauders! They make themselves noticed, don't they? :P I still need to figure out how, though... As for Jily... There is still time for that, I think... We'll discover it together, I suppose. ;)

Looking forward for chap two, too! Your enthusiasm makes me want to keep going! (If only I didn't arrive home at 9pm every evening, too tired to do anything except eating something and going to bed...)

You are so wonderful, my lovely beta/betee! Thank you so much again for all your support! It means so much to me!


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