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Review #1, by DougA The Path to Harry

22nd February 2017:
Excellent. Sometimes I get "book" Ginny and "movie Ginny confused, but I remember a scene from the Chamber of Secrets where Ginny, despite not being able to speak around Harry, stood up to Draco for him at Florish and Blotts. There are a couple of movie scenes where Cho is mentioned to Harry and you can see Ginny almost snarl. I really thought Bonnie Wright captured the fiery little red-head at those points.

As to hubris and Echoes From the Chamber, something was said in the author's notes about medical problems, so I assumed "he" maybe passed, which was why it wasn't finished. I really loved that story. I love yours, too

Author's Response: Thank you. I do love "Book" Ginny, though, I will never blame Bonnie for how she approached the character on screen. It's not her fault so of Ginny's moments were not written in.

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Review #2, by Paige The Path to Harry

14th August 2016:
Omg!!! Amazing story. I love how well u summarized it all without too much fluff. (Though mini fluff stories would be awesome) gonna stalk ur stories now

Author's Response: I love my fluff. I do have a few that I have written which have been posted on here.

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