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Review #1, by LilyPotterEvans1976 An Unmistakable Absence

7th October 2016:
Aww he's so cute, trying to cheer her up with food, such a good boy Harry, hehe. Loved this chappie, and i'm happy that it's going to become more Harry/Hermione in this fic, thats my ship and i love it :)

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Review #2, by LilyPotterEvans1976 A Big Fight

7th October 2016:
Awwe, poor Mione. Ron was a git then. Always thought so. Good chapter so far.

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Review #3, by Dirigible_Plums An Unmistakable Absence

29th July 2016:
Hello again!

After a painfully long time, I have come to review this entry of yours in the AU Challenge. Sorry for the long wait. I have no excuses to offer except that I am a pathetic waste of space.

Can I just say that it seems like your least favourite things (Harry/Hermione and Ron bashing) are some of MY least favourite things too?! I'll be honest, it made me a little nervous to read on, but your writing was as flawless as usual. :)

It was both interesting and heartbreaking to read about Hermione's emotional response to Ron leaving. By this point in the war, she didn't have much left other than Harry and Ron so to lose something so explosively must've hurt. You translate that perfectly. Speaking as a writer and not as a Romione shipper, this aspect of the fic really was important to me because it simply would've been unrealistic otherwise. Though this is a Harmony fic, completely ignoring Romione would've been an injustice to all members of the Golden Trio.

That being said, as this is only two chapters in and very slow-burning, there currently isn't much to qualify it as an AU. Of course, you address this in your author's note by explaining it will follow canon for about five chapters or so before moving away from it, so it is understandable. And at the end of the day, it was still a lovely read.

Thank you for entering this into my challenge! :)

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hey Plums!

Thanks for taking the time to run such a fun challenge. I really enjoyed exploring the AU category a bit more.

I am so glad that you hate Harry/Hermione and Ron bashing too. I mean really, Ron is a good person, so I never quite understand the level of hatred for him.

I definitely felt like I had to incorporate the breakup of Romione for this fic to make sense. Skipping it would've been a huge failure on my part.

Yeah. I had hoped to have more written by the deadline, but alas, life has gotten in the way. It definitely will go AU in the next few chapters though.

Thanks again!


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Review #4, by Dinthemidwest An Unmistakable Absence

3rd July 2016:
This is so well done! Please update-your story is paced so well!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading this! I'm hoping to start updating again very soon!


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Review #5, by marauderfan An Unmistakable Absence

12th March 2016:
Kaitlin! I'm sorry for my sloth-like reviewing speed, but I'm finally here to review your entry for the Your Least Favourite Challenge!

Fluff, AU, Hermione/Harry, Ron bashing, AND novella length? You really left no stone unturned here, well done. So yeah, this is great so far. I know we're pretty much just within canon right now, but you've set it up well to develop into AU, and you've already demonstrated how close Harry and Hermione are even if it isn't romantic at this point in the story - but the potential is there.

Most of all what stands out to me is your wonderful characterization of Hermione. She is so true to character - there's a lot going on in her head, and after Ron's departure she's an emotional wreck, and frustrated because she can't find a logical reason Ron would have left. Of course she would turn to logic, and be upset when it fails her. And how she kinds of hides her emotions behind the tasks she has to do.

Your characterization of Harry is great too. He's always been really awkward about anyone showing emotions, but he does try to be a good friend, and I could feel the discomfort he's experiencing here, especially when he mentions there's just the two of them left. And then both Hermione and Harry just talk about things they have to do rather than addressing the elephant in the room because Harry doesn't talk about his feelings and Hermione can't process hers yet. It's really true to character and I love how you've written both of them so far.

So essentially, you have a wonderful grasp on these characters' canon personalities - this feels like a missing moment so far - and I look forward to seeing this diverge into fluff and AU.

Kudos to you for taking on all of your least favourites for this challenge! :D Stay tuned for the results, which I hope to have up soon.

Author's Response: Hello my dear!

No worries at all! RL always comes first and it sounds like yours has been busy.

Whenever I get a challenge, I try to follow the prompt as thoroughly as I can. In this case, I took pretty much everything I dislike in fics and decided to make it a big story.

I'm glad Hermione fit with cannon. I always try my hardest to keep my characters in line with who they are in the books. Even when I'm doing AU.

Harry, I think, would want to give Hermione some time to work through her feelings, plus I imagine he's angry as well.

I love that it feels like a missing moment so far. It will slowly diverge into AU over the next few chapters.

Thanks for the review and for the lovely challenge!


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Review #6, by dreamgazer220 A Big Fight

5th March 2016:
Hey there! Here for our swap and the HPFF Review-A-Thon!

So, I decided on this one because you had written it for your least favorite challenge, and I was curious to see what you did with it.

I really like it so far! I think you did a great job of capturing the voices of the Golden Trio, which I always find a bit tricky because we know them so well. I loved being able to see this scene from Hermione's perspective instead of Harry's like in the book and you did a fantastic job showcasing her grief when Ron leaves them.

I was almost going to ask where Harry was - I felt like maybe he should have popped up a little earlier in the story, perhaps when she first came back into the tent. Their scene was cute though, and I loved that Harry respected her wishes to not discuss it.

You have a really great opening here, and I could hardly tell that anything was your least favorite :) Great job! I'm definitely interested to see where this story goes.

Thanks for the great read!

Author's Response: Hey Jill!

Thanks for dropping by!

Ah! The Golden Trio are some of my favorites to write because I feel like I know their voices so well. I'm glad that the grief felt real.

I always felt like Harry was a little unsure of how to deal with tough emotions and it seems natural that he'd be angry. He'd probably need a little bit of time before he'd be able to comfort Hermione.

That's a relief. I was so worried that everything was going to seem stiff and wooden since it's my least favorite.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #7, by One of Challenge Cheerleaders An Unmistakable Absence

23rd February 2016:
hey Kaitlin.

Harry's bacon and eggs wafted around and I followed Hermione. I enjoyed chapter 1 and this chapter. You did a good job how Hermione felt pain after Ron left her. I know you hate writing about that. It's an excellent way that you described her pain using hippogriffs. I love it. You are really good at writing the character's pain.

I am awed wondering how many writing techniques you have and how you manage to continue so many stories at once. If I were you, I couldn't. You are our queen.

Hang in there (And take rest sometimes for your health).

Author's Response: Hello my dear Challenge Cheerleader,

Thank you so much for this lovely review and for your support!

I'm glad that you could feel Hermione's pain. I really wanted it to feel real. I always try to find ways to work Harry Potter-esque phrases into my stories.

Aww. Thank you so much. I'm hoping to finish up the one-shots by mid March and then really buckle down on all of my WIPS.

I promise, I'm trying to take care of myself!

And once again, thank you very much for your support!


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Review #8, by RavenclawFTW A Big Fight

23rd February 2016:
Hey Kaitlin! I'm here for the swap-- sorry for the delay! So I picked this story out of your incredible selection because it seemed a bit out of the ordinary– Harmony?? But then I saw your AN, and now I'm very impressed with how you're challenging yourself here! You go!

I'm really interested to see how you're going to make this story fluffy after this rough start (emotionally rough, that is, not a comment on the quality)! I'm not going to lie-- I don't love Romione, but this chapter made even me sad about him abandoning them! You've done a really nice job keeping Hermione in character, and I especially appreciated how practical she was trying to be, even during such a trying time. That's Hermione for you!

I also liked how you portrayed their final argument-- I can totally see where both of them were coming from (especially given how the Horcrux messes with Ron), and it was really in character. I think you've done a good job starting with the characters acting really believably relative to canon, with it surely just getting crazier from here.

Harry was depicted really well as well-- giving Hermione time before approaching her, not pushing her into talking when she clearly doesn't want to, and keeping his head on his shoulders about the grim reality of their situation. To be perfectly honest, I kinda ship Harmony-- like not in an active way, and I would never undermine the wonderful JKR with it, but it makes sense to me, and I really see that in this fic so far. They already have such a firm foundation for their friendship, so the transition to something more makes sense. (But also I am very on board with the importance of strictly platonic relationships between guys and girls...just want to put that out there, cause it's one of the big problems with Harmony to me.)

Your writing is great as ever! Very clear and to the point, but the imagery is quite evocative and I could picture all of this really well. I'm kinda excited to see where you take this, even though I know you're probably not excited to write it! :P

Thanks for the swap! :)


Author's Response: Hey J!

Hahaha. I know, right?

Hermione is definitely a practical woman and that's one of those things I really appreciate about her character. She stays strong through all of the rough moments in cannon, so I enjoyed getting to showcase some of that.

Even when I write AUs I always try to keep the characters as cannon compliant as possible. I want my stories to make sense within the world that JKR created.

I'll have to politely disagree with you here. While friendship is a good basis for a relationship, I thought it was nice to not have the main heroine and hero get together. That's why I love Ron/Hermione is because Ron isn't supposed to get the girl. He fumbles, makes mistakes, is awkward...basically he's human. And Hermione loves him for that. Anyway, it's a killer for me to write Harmony, but the challenge requires it so...I'll give it my best shot.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Thank you so much for the review!


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Review #9, by victoria_anne An Unmistakable Absence

22nd February 2016:
I'm baaa-ack!

Aw man, poor Hermione. Your descriptions of what she's feeling are flawless.

"For the first time in her life, she failed to find a reasonable answer." - I like this, it's very Hermione but it runs deeper than that because the problem she's facing is emotional, and you just cant fix that with magic.

Aw good ol' Harry, sweet dependable Harry, putting all those years of making the Dursleys breakfast to good use!

Oh, never mind, Harry ruined it by saying the wrong thing. The poor guy is treading on thin ice here.

Okay, I'm really excited for the rest of this now. I can't wait to see what you come up with and how you diverge it from canon!

Love from a not-so-secret Challenge Cheerleader.

Author's Response: Hello my dear Victoria!

Thank you so much for your support!

I'm glad that Hermione's feelings came across well.

Ahh! I'm thrilled that you noticed that line. It's one of my absolute favorites in the story.

Harry definitely is sweet and dependable. He does have a tendency to put his foot in his mouth though.

This is going to be an unusual AU in that the actual events will stay relatively cannon compliant with minor divergences. It's more the relationship and how that affects things that will make it AU.

Thank you again for all of your support and encouragement.


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Review #10, by NPE A Big Fight

20th February 2016:
Hey Kaitlin,

I hope you're feeling better. I realised I hadn't reviewed any of your stuff for a while, which is pretty remiss of me. I felt you deserved one. As did this story of course :)

Yeah, I respect how you went for this. I get that you dislike all the devices in this story but you pulled them off really well so I couldn't even tell.

I thought this was really thoughtful and had this air of bleak but emotive hopelessness about it like in the books. Yet how you showed it really meant it had your own take too.

The only CC I can think of concerns the limitations of AU and novellas so I don't think it is fair to cite them.

Keep going, you're amazing :)


Author's Response: Hey Nick,

I am feeling much better. Thanks.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

I'm glad that you think I pulled this off even though I dislike the individual elements. That's definitely my goal.

I do try to keep things cannon compliant (even in AUs to a certain extent), particularly with characters. I always want them to be recognizable.

I have those same concerns. I find novellas to be an incredibly awkward length because you have such a short time to make so much happen. We'll see if I can make it work.

Thanks again for the lovely review!


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Review #11, by Mr Penn A Big Fight

20th February 2016:
Hello TreacleTart. Its Penn here with your LONG promised review swap. I am really really sorry for the delay this took. Simply no excuses upon my part.

Coming onto the story, taking a part that happened in an actual book and reinterpreting it while doing justice to the original is clearly one of the trickiest bits to write about. I can very well say that you have done it with great aplomb.

Ron bashing is something I really shy away from. (He is easily the most underrated character in the story)

A Harry-Hermione pairing even for light-fluff is something I find difficult to digest. (It's so refreshing to see a male-female relationship that only blossoms into friendship for a change)

You could not have chosen a more difficult bit for your challenge and if this first chapter is anything to go by, you are gonna give everyone a run for their money.

You have neatly maintained a balance on the heartbreak that Hermione feels when Ron leaves. Not less that it feels superficial but not so manic-depressive that we feel that we are reading a different story altogether. Kuddos for that.

Ron Ron... *sigh* We can't really blame you for this one but do you really have to be such a jerk?

I am really looking forward to how you blossom the fluff between Harry and Hermione here, considering you hate to pair them up just as much as I do.

Sorry for the delay once more. I shall be doing a few extra reviews as a little peace offering from my side.

Great work TreacleTart


Author's Response: Hi Penn,

No problem. RL can get in the way. I completely understand.

Thank you so much! I was truthfully quite nervous about that because this is such a well known portion of the story.

I totally agree. I think Ron doesn't get nearly enough credit. It takes a big person to walk out and then return after realizing it was a mistake. It was really hard for me to even imagine re-writing that.

Again, I totally agree. Hermione/Harry is possibly my least favorite pairing in all of fanfic for that exact reason. But this is the least favorite challenge, so here I am.

Thank you so much for saying so. I certainly intend to try.

Oh good. I never want grief to feel over wrought or contrived, so I'm happy that you commented on that.

It's going to be tough. I can tell you that much.

Thank you so much for the review!


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Review #12, by POKE A Big Fight

20th February 2016:
omg you're so good at writing and at challenges, you should be writing right now! If I was you and was as good at writing and challenges as you are, I'd sure be writing. But I'm not, so I guess I'll just review...

At first I thought that your "least favorite" featured here would be Ron because of the bashing, but I think it's quite clever how you turn that around and draw attention to the negativity of Ron bashing, as difficult as it is to read. Unlike fluff! Fluff is super fun to read when done conservatively, and your general reluctance to write fluff creates a good balance here. And even more kudos for writing this as a novella! You're really taking this challenge to heart and I commend you for that. I think I can see the finish line for your challenge-challenge, and you're sure leaving yourself with some good WIPs to focus on then!

I personally really enjoy Harry/Hermione stories. I'm not a shipper by any means, but I think that there is an inherent intimacy to their relationship and I enjoy seeing the bounds of that tested.

I am very interested in the time you chose to set this story. There is a lot of potential here of things we did not see as readers as Harry and Hermione made their frustrating travels, and I'm excited to see what you come up with, and how far into AU it will venture.

It was really hard to read Hermione's pain here, but I endure it along with her in the hope that things will get fluffy soon!

Anyway, fabulous work on this. I'm sure that you're doing more fabulous work at this very moment. If you're not, I suppose that's okay because you're reading this review and that makes sense. I'm going to wrap it up so you can get to writing.

Good luck!

Author's Response: Hello there!

awww *blushes*

I'm glad you liked the switch on the Ron bashing. I actually kind of love Ron as a character and so it breaks my heart to see how badly he gets treated in fic.

Fluff can be fun, but I prefer it tempered with a bit of reality. The first couple chapters aren't very fluffy, but it'll get there eventually.

Novella length is seriously the worst. It's such an awkward length, so we'll see how that goes.

See the thing that I have against Harry/Hermione as a pairing is that there's something so beautiful about reading a guy and a girl just being friends. It's so rare in literature that I hate to change it.

So this is going to be a sort of vague AU. A lot of the events in this will follow cannon, but as the story progresses, Ron's absence will have more and more effect.

There will be a few chapters where Hermione isn't 100% herself, but as the story progresses, the fluffiness will happen.

I am almost always working on stories! I promise. If I'm not physically writing, then I'm plotting in my head.

Thank you for the lovely review and the motivation to keep going!


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Review #13, by victoria_anne A Big Fight

17th February 2016:
Hi Kaitlin!

I'm a challenge cheerleader, by the way! Congratulations on your hard work so far and I'll be with the others cheering you to the finish!

If this is the kind of stuff you don't usually write, you could have fooled me! The descriptions are amazing - I could picture everything and the scene was well set up with a time and place.

I hope you don't dislike this enough to abandon it! ;)

Author's Response: Hi Victoria!

Thank you so much for cheering me along! I really appreciate the support.

Hahaha. That's the goal. To write it in a way where it works. I really sincerely don't like the stuff that I chose to write, so perhaps I'm trying to convince myself that it can be done well.

And no worries! I've never abandoned a story so far and if I thought I would, I would've never started it. I plan to complete everything I have going on. :D

Thanks again so much for the lovely support and comments!


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